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: Are you getting the whitescreen / blackscreen issue? We're seeing player reports both on live and on PBE, which is very, very odd. Beginning to suspect that there was some kind of Mac OS update that has resulted in issues, which is pretty tricky to figure out.
I don't know if it was the software update I updated mine today despite having the issue happen 1-2 days ago. Keep up the handwork guys hope you can get this fixed soon!
: Mac can't play PBE and NA, I have the logs here Rioter please help :(
You aren't alone dude it has been happening to me as well. I just really wish they would address this issue its extremely frustrating. I even deleted pbe and reinstalled the live client multiple times and it still is not working. #FeelsBadMan
: Heyo, we pushed out a fix! Please let me know if you're still getting an issue. We got some results internally where some testers had a black screen on Mac, but others did not have issues. We weren't able to nail down a root cause before the end of the day, so that build is on PBE today. If you get a black screen when trying to load into game, please send me your logs!
Im still getting the error on pre but i haven't checked live servers yet.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}


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