: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Bewitching Miss Fortune Prestige Edition!
This skin is so damn ugly. I honestly wish you'd just scrap the Prestige skin. I don't think you could make the white/gold color scheme work for a Halloween skin. The colors just don't read as spooky. And why is her outfit so different from the regular Bewitching skin? I was expecting a fancier dress or something like that, not a half-naked Miss Fortune which we already have. Oh yeah, and her face for the splash arts are definitely wonky.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Chromas!
Y'all should really consider naming Xayah, Rakan, and Zoe Fallen Stars or Fallen Star Guardians. Since I suppose the only language Riot understands is $$$, think of it this way. You could sell the light forms as variants and develop Fallen Star variants for other Star Guardian skins. Boom, new variant line that would sell like hotcakes. It really bothers me that you're not changing the name if you're sticking so much with the corrupted Star Guardian theme. 2019 really is the year of disappointments from Riot.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Rakan
First of all, I'm disappointed with the direction the Star Guardian line has taken. It just doesn't seem like a good idea to make turn a popular skin line with such a specific look into something different. I get you want to expand the Star Guardian lore and all that, but these new skins don't read a lot like Star Guardian. Xayah's skin looks like a Dark Star skin in regards to color scheme. Rakan looks like a Death Sworn skin. I'd rather have bright and cheery Star Guardian skins but I know it's too late for that. The ABSOLUTE least you could do is change the names to something like Fallen Star Guardian or Fallen Star. Grouping them together under the same Star Guardian label would be kinda confusing since the new skin designs are so dissonant from the rest of the skins. Even Syndra, who's supposed to be the dark and edgy (possibly evil?) one in the Star Guardian looks like a Star Guardian but these new 3 don't. I'm rambling lol. Just name them "Fallen Stars" or something then we'd be good lol
: The names for Rakan Xayah and Zoe should be different, they have a very different look compared to the other Star Guardians. And I was expecting to have more colorful/bright skins in this years installment of Star Guardians but these skins let me down. We have plenty of dark purple skinlines, so I'm hoping in the future that we can receive more skins with the white+color theme of the usual Star Guardians.
I agree. I was hope for the standard "bright" Star Guardian skins, but if they're gonna go with this darker aesthetic then at least change up the names. It's so obvious.
: For the names please change to Fallen Star Xayah, Fallen Star Rakan and Fallen Star Zoe, those names fit way more than Star Guardian and would sound amazing!
Yes, there is literally no good reason for y'all NOT to do this, Riot!{{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Hi Bees, Whilst changing the names of these skins to something cool like Fallen Star would be awesome for these skins specifically, we chose to keep them as Star Guardians because the skin line name defines the universe that they live in, rather than dividing them into their own sub-category. This is the same policy we did with PROJECT, Pool Party, etc. Even though they might be different and/or evolve each year, we try name them by the universe that they live in, even if there might be a more descriptive title we could use, as it helps to group all similar skins together. Also, deep down within their hearts, Xayah and Rakan are still Star Guardians ;)
That argument makes no sense. Arcade and Battle Boss skins are obviously part of the Arcade universe, but we can easily tell them apart because of the whole heroes vs. villains thing. And what about Cosmic skins vs. Dark Star Skins? You literally have a mishmash of the two in Dark Cosmic Jhin??????? Do you think people will get confused if the new skin set gets named Fallen Stars or something like that? (Neeko being the obvious exception) With the name "Star Guardian", you know that people expect white magical girl uniforms with bright colors and a cheery, cutesy aesthetic since that's what you've given us over the years. Honestly, keeping the Star Guardian name for Xayah, Rakan, and Zoe is even more confusing from a design standpoint. Calling them Fallen Stars or Fallen Star Guardian (if it's not too long) make more sense for this new darker aesthetic. Plus it sounds sick AF!{{sticker:sg-syndra}}
: I think the in game looks pretty nice, but it does seem like there are too many colors going on. My main problem is with her face in the splash art. The eyebrows are too thin and the smirk seems strange and not in character. She's lacking many traits that identify her as Neeko such as her lizard pupils and scales. The face shape is also kinda off from her other skins. https://twitter.com/EraiViolett/status/1166199957537222656 Something like this post shows more what I expect Neeko to look like. Ty!
I'd like to second this. Her face is just too uncharacteristic of her personality.
: The thing that stands out to me the most that I would like to see get changed is her face in her splash art. Her eyes and her eyebrows look very off to me and she's missing her iconic scales on the apples of her cheeks. https://i.imgur.com/57RLKfG.png
: I'd like to add my comments along with the others who have. I've been a Yasuo main since 2014, and while I'm not an insanely skilled player, I've played more than enough games of my favorite champion to give some comments about new content for it. My initial thoughts for this skin were in the realm of disappointment. This wasn't because of a new skin, but because of the theme. Every Yasuo skin except maybe Odyssey is incredibly serious/edgy, and while this does go with Yasuo's lore; I personally have been hoping for a goofier skin for a long while. Arcade Yasuo could have been a fantastic way to do that. This brings me to the next topic, being that "Battle Boss" is supposed to be monsters or big bad guys, not just people with pixelated VFX. That, along with the seemingly lazy model design, color palette, and splash art leave me feeling like this isn't a skin worth buying. Let me clarify though, the splash isn't poorly done; it just doesn't look like Yasuo. I did play the skin on PBE and it feels fine. No issues there with gameplay besides the really awkward walking animation due to his lack of baggier leg apparel. What I would love to see happen is either having this skin cancelled or seriously revised. I understand creating skins that will make money, you must go for champions that are popular. I just wish that you would have selected a better theme for Yasuo. Warring Kindgoms is a wonderful theme for Yasuo. Pool Party would have worked wonderfully for a joke skin. I simply don't see Yasuo as a battle boss. Hopefully my comments can help you make the skin better or come to some conclusion as to what to do with it. I feel as though my thoughts are fairly common on the subject as other fans have been sharing concerns as well. Thanks for reading.
Honestly, y'all should just rework the skin from Battle Boss to Arcade. The Arcade theme would fit him better anyways.
: This skin needs some changes as it doesn't fit Yasuo in any possible way as he looks more like Rakan with a samurai . He needs a demonic style which will go well with Yasuo as well as the skin as this Battle Boss Yasuo looks more like an Arcade Rakan. Moreover, the colour scheme used for it is too flashy for a Battle Boss. It needs more some darker colours for not make it look like a hurry design of a cosplayer.
Lmao, I didn't wanna say it but he does look too much like Rakan. And I agree about the color scheme for this skin. I think the colors are too saturated. Plus the model just looks plain bad to me lol.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Caitlyn Prestige Edition!
See, this is how to make a Prestige skin! I'm still mad about the dumpster fire that is Prestige K/DA Evelynn though :(
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battle Boss Yasuo!
Why Battle Boss Yasuo instead of Arcade Yasuo? He looks less like a Battle Boss and more like an Arcade skin. I'd say to make him look more like Battle Boss Ziggs by giving him a pixel-y face? (idk how to describe it.) But if you can't get rid of the human face, color it whitish-bluish like Battle Boss Brand's face and maybe give him some glowy eyes.
: I do loved this skin SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much ♥ Everything on her in game for me is amazing ♥ The only thing doesn't worked for me, was her splashart, cause looks more like Vi than Kai'sa .-. So I tried to look out what made me this impression and did some changes: https://imgur.com/GXH7tkv To look better what I changed: https://media.giphy.com/media/J2a1Ys88TjMFEpmPbc/giphy.gif
Ahhh, that's what was bothering me about the splash art; she does look a lot like Vi.
: Hiya! Please try her out again today, we made sweeping changes on almost all VFX and lashers.
Q looks better, but still a little too yellow for my tastes. The color of her W filling up still looks too saturated to me, but I do like the pink after it's fully charged. I personally liked the original gold of the lasher tips. Maybe you can revert to gold, but empowered E tips can be blue? In and out of Demon Shade I think the empowered E blue glow is too strong and is too high up her lashers. I think you should just confine the glow to the tips and to much less of the length of her lashers than is currently on her now. Can't wait to see the color and outfit changes!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition!
Finally had a chance to try her out. Here are some gripes I have with the skin. **Outfit/Model** Her dress and the interior of her lashers are wayyyyy too yellow, in the splash and in-game (in and out of Demon Shade). https://imgur.com/a/AbMj9IZ Her hair looks fine when out of Demon Shade, but when in Demon Shade her glowy hair obscures her *iconic* shades which I think is a big no-no. I'd prefer if y'all would change her hair so it doesn't fall in her face, but if not then make her hair much less glowy in Demon Shade. I agree with the comments that say they prefer Evelynn to have reddish hair. I think it'd give I bit of contrast to the skin. https://imgur.com/a/IVI8tpB In the base skin's Demon Shade, she had a nice balance of things going on the upper and lower parts of her model. For the upper part, the fur of her outfit looks like it glows like her hair and shades. For the lower half, the eyes are drawn to the lasher tips. In the Prestige version, I think the hair glows too much, obscuring her shades. The back of her jacket looks too plain; maybe add the K/DA logo or a heart on the back perhaps. For the lower half, I really think y'all should rethink having her dress glow so much; it makes her look like she has a golden baboon's ass. https://imgur.com/a/rs5IzhN Out of Demon Shade, the base skin's outfit is sleek, sexy, and visually interesting to look at. I love her asymmetrical skirt with gold accents, and it is cohesive with the upper half of her outfit, with her plain black top with gold necklaces. To prevent her look from being too monotonous, she has the sleeves with fur as well as fur around the back of her top. The Prestige version's current outfit doesn't give me much to look at. I like her jacket, but the back of it is too plain. Maybe there can be some designs on the sleeves of the jacket as well. I think the garters are a nice touch, though they could be placed a little lower since the dress blocks it out. Speaking of the dress... it's bad. Please stop using that crappy golden yellow color; it isn't flattering on *anyone*. This dress is so boring to look at as well. If you want to keep the dress, change the color and add some cutouts to the dress to make it pop. I say throw the whole dress away though. Go with a strappy, skintight romper and add a little fur somewhere in the outfit. And for the love of God don't make it monochromatic as hell. https://imgur.com/a/id4zEQ2 Ooooooh, almost forgot about her face. What's up with her face looking drastically different from base K/DA? **VFX** I'm sorry, but her Q spikes look piss yellow. Thought y'all learned your lesson with Ahri... The heart that fills up with her W also has a gross looking gold color. Too saturated and bronze-y/amber looking. https://imgur.com/a/U0u5OOP I'm also not a fan of the dusky blackish-brown color Evelynn is in Demon Shade. https://imgur.com/a/87PPHz9
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition!
Hey Riot, I truly don't mind Prestige skins being essentially glorified golden chromas but *please* stop going with this piss yellow gold color on Prestige K/DA outfits. This is the same ugly gold color you had with Ahri and it's just disappointing me. I wouldn't mind the color if there wasn't so much of it in the skin. Even then, surely y'all can pick a more pleasing gold color, right?


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