: Ryze Update Gameplay Discussion
Liking the new FX and kit :] but... ... STOP RIGHT HERE. Could we at least get a rework like Alistars and Kassadins? Pizza feet are still there and his animations are still 2009 class and wonky. Is there a chance we can delay this and get him atleast a new model and new animations? Honestly Morgana deserved a full VU but if not that she could have gotten one similar to Kass and Ali. or is this not getting in the way for a VU...?
: Veigar changes hitting the PBE Soon
Wait what? Stops on the 2nd unit hit? So does it travel through the first minion or can he get 2 minions in one Q?
: Give DJ Sona a ^^ face on her helmet when she laughs and dances?
it makes me happy seeing a lot of positivity about it :D thanks guys
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: Ahri PBE feedback 2/2
q mana cost should be the same as live lategame and foxfire range should be the same as live to be honest :c
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: I was playing and noticed some things. 1) Her Left hand is broken in the Joke and Taunt, not sure if elsewhere too. It doesn't move properly and even goes upside-down (see attachment) 2) She looks incredibly top-heavy in her human form. Could you perhaps give her some armored up boots instead? She has a lot of mass but none below the hips.
: Azir Q Bug-Crash
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: Little dark line near nashor's den. (new SR)

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