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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Firecracker Jinx!
The skin grew on me so much and it probably will for others who end up buying it. Fireworks=Explosions and Explosions=Jinx!
: League of Legends Faction Icons? ( Idea )
Maybe one day they will do this for a special event just like how they did the role icons for team builder and such
: {{champion:53}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:114}}
URF got eaten by WW sorry D: and his death timer is broken
: Honestly, i think this is a terrible change. I haven't had the chance to test out the new Ahri yet, however all the comments in related forums appear to be the same; she lacks damage and the removal of the amp on her E, and the removal of DFG makes her weak. **Not to mention in laning phase against 'all in' champs (Kata, LB, Fizz, Akali) she wouldn't be able to punish her opponents for their mistakes/ be able to trade**, wasn't this the whole point in Ahri's charm in the first place? As well as an escape and turn around tool, it's what makes playing her fun, you can make some really nice plays with her. I think she was perfectly balanced before, especially since she was nerfed last year. She's a champ that requires skill...You can't just face roll. Leave Ahri alone. I don't see the point in changing her Q either, since her E and ultimate gives her enough escape as it is. Is there a possible way to make this change more balanced?** E.g**. Giving Ahri her own item that she can upgrade/stack to compensate- that once it's fully stacked becomes an active, therefore giving her something to work towards late game. Since taking away some of her essential assets would most likely make her well.. Not playable. Or even it being something smaller, like the E amp with a smaller %. Or lowering her E mana cost and the CDR on her ultimate, **Something that won't make her too vulnerable, but not OP in season 5** I was only able to start playing Ahri again in season 4 when Rito buffed her Q a little>.< Rito ples, stop it.
I like the current Ahri a lot also( explains my overbuying of all her skins) but don't knock it until you try it. I see where your coming from with the all in detail but her q giving her a bit more mobility can correspond well with her w and ult. It's really disappointing hearing about the e though {{item:3070}}
: Riot said that they didn't want to introduce that sort of thing to brand new players. I agree with that decision. Warding is important but mechanics are far more important. Here's a quote: "Some of the things we specifically chose not to include in Intro Bots tie into our goal of giving players a manageable learning curve. Our new recommended items page for new players removes trinkets and support items, because as important as they are to long-term success in League of Legends, vision and map control shouldn’t be priority focuses for a novice. Last hitting was a tough call, yet it’s still something we believe should be taught after players master even more basic skills. Trying to teach a brand new player all the skills of a level 30 Summoner risks overload and neglects foundational learnings, so in this mode we’re focusing on the basics while we explore alternatives venues for teaching the advanced stuff." From this Developer Blog:
Well that makes sense it would be a bit overwhelming. thanks for the support though!
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: [BUG] When using a pot, selling, or undoing something it says "purchased !" in chat.


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