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: Not at launch. Future remains uncertain ;)
: UPDATE: Our current plan is to bring him back in the future, after his sale period, as a hextech exclusive skin for 10 gemstones (subject to change).
Give us a limited edition border please. There is no telling that we bought it to support charity if you bring the skin back in the future.
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.8
Rageblade gold was increased last patch by 300 because of range champions, any plan to give it something in return for melee? IMO instead of increasing the gold it should increase the stacks up to 8 for ranged and half for melee.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Empress Lux!
: Known Bugs & Issues Thread: Skins Viewer
Maybe it's too early to ask but can we have the option to view and pick wards skins from the skin tab? And give us the option to share the skins page in public/with friends like Elophant.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Championship Ashe!
Can we have a limitd edition? I mean a border on the splash art like Riven?
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lancer Zero Hecarim!
Not the one i was hoping for but hey a new loot skin :D Does it cost 10 Gemsstone as well?
: Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode available shortly on PBE
Why is Master Yi not in the list, that's so mean. I guess I'm not gonna have any fun.
: FEEDBACK WANTED - Alpha Strike
Riot Exgeniar, i played against doom bots which is the perfect game mode to test Alpha Strike and i noticed that there was Ryze ulti's all over the place. I tried many times to stand over Realm Warp and Alpha Strike to go untargetable but it teleport me once Alpha Strike animation ends. Is this intended? Sorry i haven't played many games this season so i don't know how the new Ryze works. I wish my LoLReplay works, but doesn't seem to work with this PBE patch.
: If Master Yi during Alpha Strike, there are one of few things that could have happened: 1) A Dot 2) An ability didn't respect your untargetability 3) I messed up 4) Lag Did Hecarim E you while you were Alpha Striking? That could be the case.
Nope, just R to finish me off, but i still believe it may be DOT. I will play more games later and this time will make sure that i record the gameplay.
: Do bugfixes count as buffs? I'm curious to see how these changes affect him, and I'm sure the balance team is as well.
~~Not really~~ Depend on the champion, someone like Yasuo win rate increased by a lot just by fixing a small bug. But for Master Yi is different, the problem with alpha strike was sometimes he get hit by ability's like Lux and Riven ulti when he is in mid Q. By the way this is ''sometimes'' and didn't happen all the time.
: Yes. That's once I validate everything happy and good.
I played on the PBE a min ago and so far so good. There was a moment when Hecarim ulti me when i was i Alpha Strike and it killed me, not sure tho i was low around 50-100 HP, DOT may have killed me. Unfortunately my LoLReplay was outdated and did not record the game. ~~Can we except Master Yi buffs or changes, especially when Assassins rework hit live. As i heard pink ward no longer reveal stealth which mean Master Yi will suffer from this, since champions like Akali will go stealth for the whole Highlander duration and nothing can be done. Even right now he feel someone weak who rely on RNG, either your team has to do well or you lose. According to EUW, his win rate in 46.31% with over 350 000 games played this month. ~~ Once again thank you for working on the Alpha Strike bugs.
: FEEDBACK WANTED - Alpha Strike
Are you going to fix his Q sound? The sound seem to be cut.
: Taliyah feedback thread
Why not make it so that E knock her up just like Ziggs? She feel really weak against assassins because she doesn't have any escape.
: New Bloodrazor is So Bad
Agree, i wonder why did they replace the old infinite Devourer before Sated came out.
: MYMU - Zyra discussion
My opinion: The Q was really weird to use and the passive make no sense with the W.
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
Why can't we QSS his ultimate anymore? Is that how it should work or is it a bug?
: Cant rename rune pages or item sets
Same problem i'm having on live Server, no idea why Riot never fixed it. It's been like this since the last 4-5 patches. If you change the name don't save it and go to the store or something and it will ask you if you want to save it.
: Hey thanks for the report! We're looking into it now.
Yep, can confirm
: Your position in queue: Over 9000
It's normal, PBE is a small server. Since URF came out a lot of people trying to Login at the same time.
: Regarding The Yi nerfs in the 4/8 patch
I had a small dialog with the Rioter who is currently working on the Master Yi nerfs, he said that he's still working on it and the changes are not final. Also i shared with him some of my ideas to balance Yi and he said that he will keep them in mind. I don't think posting on the forum is necessary any more, no one seem to care about Master Yi currently, i'll cut my hand off if Riot even care or read any of these posts. If they want to nerf him go ahead. They have right to do what ever they want with their game. When i said no one care about Master Yi i meant no one ever play Master Yi, only those who main him. The only reason he is popular right now because some fkers play what ever is OP. I will still play Master Yi even if they nerf the shit of him.
Riot will be so mean if they released other modes on the PBE and not URF.
: Splash Art Changes Feedback
Most of the splash art got even worst i agree with that and few of them are unnecessary, like Pax Sivir, there was nothing wrong with the old one, all they had to do is fix the blurry background just like Uncle Ryze splash art and make it sharper.
: Global Splash Update Incoming!
I hope Headhunter, Samurai and Lonia Master Yi in the list.

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