: PBE Doom Bots crashing my computer (featuring questions about leaverbuster on PBE)
Hi Johnny, I'm Snake. I had this problem (everything is same, only hard reset helped me out), at first try at new doom bots. I tough its only for me. I my pc have a problem, but happy to see, not. My pc is a lot stronger (i7 3770 with water cooling, gtx 970, 8gb ram etc, have over 500gb free space, and strong internet 130down, 20upload speed). So riot cant say the pc have problem. I tested out with heaven, other games and live server in lol, its not chrashed. But, i havĂ­ the freeze after everybody at 100% before i logged in, (or i could logged in but cant see). After reset my pc, and start lolpbe with administrator i could log into game and end it. Idk whats fixed it, maybe administrator start? Maybe, but i wont say it for sure.

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