: What if Tahm eats a Tahm who eats a Tahm who eats a Tahm who eats a Tahm who eats a Tahm who eats a Tahm who eats a Tahm who eats a Tahm who eats a Tahm.
: 'One For All: SR' featured game mode coming soon to the PBE
Will there be buffs and nerfs specific for just this game mode, the same way we had some for URF's second run?
: Hey all, Got some time to test him out this morning and talk with the playtest team. We definitely feel his presence in team fights is way higher than he was previous to these changes. My current concerns lie within the consistency of his laning phase and if he's just bit too soft there. Here's the changelist you guys will see in the next build: **Q** * Mana cost reduced to 30 from 40 **W** * Slow is now 90% at all ranks from 40/50/60/70/80% **E** * Slow adjusted to 90% for 1 second from 99% for 0.75 These changes are aimed at making combo'd Q's pretty much guaranteed. We want to ensure that there is still ample counter-play to the Q when used alone, but we're pretty happy with Darius making it much easier for himself if he uses up his other resources successfully. Overall, we don't feel Darius is far off balance-wise in either direction, so we would like to take small steps at a time. We're also really interested in how Darius progresses over time as people get used to the new Q. Thanks guys.
I'm glad with the mana buffs to Q, the 25% lower mana cost will definitely be appreciated and make the ability more spammable, allowing for more plays. Please keep looking into tinkering with it, though. The ''Vi-style charged Q'' seems so good on paper. If you make W's slow a flat 90%, and the AD scaling is also flat, what is the point of me ever putting points in W if all it does is reduce the cooldown? This sounds like a really poorly scaling ability, once I hit level 13 as Darius, all I'm getting from levels is 10 more AD on Bloodrage, and that sounds kinda boring.
: Darius PBE Changelist and Feedback
So, to submit some feedback as well, would love to get a response on some questions. Base stats: I overall like the focus on AD and health, it primes his tankiness. However, given how the new Darius wants to stack his Passive even more, I fully understand the need to nerf his attack speed. Yet, 4->1 on top of the base AS nerf feels excessive. His swings feel more damaging, yes, but also a bit too sluggish for my taste. I am not sure if the AS regression compared to Live is absolutely necessary, but I would actually love for him to get more AS per level, or just a base AS buff, to improve his overall rhythm. It especially gets felt around the time you get BC since you find yourself with a necessity of constant MS to let you autoattack and chase targets. P: I don't mind that it's physical, and I like how the numbers on Bloodrage allow Darius to play around with tanky itemization more-so. It definitely helps his worst case scenario, losing hard and being forced to build pure tank just to survive, it still gives him a chance to make a comeback if he gets those 5 stacks. Q: I'm a bit 'eh' here. I know why you gave it a cast time. I know why you made only the blade stack Passive. It's fine, and that really reduces his oppressive laning. However, considering his Q is no longer instant, could it have a lower mana cost? For something that has effectively become a skillshot, knowing Darius's mana pool, shaving off 5-10 mana off its 40 cost would definitely allow him to put it into play more. Another idea I had for his Q was making it like Vi Q. Holding it down charges the damage to maximum, and if you fully commit, the whole axe procs his passive. That way, it resembles Sion's Q. Players can use it instantly, or with at least 0.25s casting, for minor damage, but proc only on the blade, or go the proper path, charging it fully, to gain an extreme benefit of full damage AND higher bleed area. That could be played around with, given Darius already also gets 10-30% missing HP back on champ hits, but I think it might give him an improved feel. W changes: Feels the same as before, except it no longer ruins the faces of autoattacking champs! Woo! But I think it's a bit too plain, same as his E. Maybe I'm just used to overloaded skills, lol. E: I always hates this skill since Darius becomes a pull bot but with the bugfix and smoother cast time, I guess it's not as annoying as it used to be. R: PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KEEP THE FEAR, it's so nice to see Darius yell and fear a mob away from him. However, could he also gain some sort of fear effect on champs too? Even if it's 0.25s , clearing people away from his ulted target would be a neat use for R.
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
Mordekaiser W is bugged. If there are no other allied champs in the game, it cannot be cast. However, you can cast it on an allied ghost created by his ult. After the ghost expires, Mordekaiser should be able to cast W again, and it allows him to self-cast as well. After this usage of W runs its cooldown, it will be back to normal and unusable.
: Yeah. Personally I was thinking something like this (attached). I've been checking my scoreboard more than the minimap thingy as you have stated; I think I've been mentioning this since HUD came out but well... (´・ω・`). Riot please listen to this one and only thing that now needs to be fixed,
I approve of this. I just want to be able to see my CS @ X minutes in the top right corner of the screen and this way I enjoy it.
: How will Rylai's affect Annie's tibbers
It's an AoE burst on cast so 40% for 1s then you get 20% for 1 because his sunfire effect is AoE.
: Uncertain. Still pondering on the Spell Vamp exact details so I'm not really sure. It feels like it should - but that's just because currently it feels like Gunblade is kind of a catchall - 'I have no idea what you're doing - but it sounds like you need leech.' item.
I love how the new spell vamp effect on WotA reads but it just reminds me of how Swain and Irelia's ults used to heal for their base damages pre-resistances and how that got nerfed very fast. Not sure if the effect nowadays would be similar, but if not, I wouldn't mind seeing those two's ults get a similar pass.
: I have some thoughts in this space - but I wanted to do an isolated Core AP pass. I do have some ideas for Gunblade though. I'd remove the lifesteal and spellvamp and essentially convert to a global damage steal from all sources of damage - which I think fits better the concept of Gunblade entirely. So like No Lifesteal No Spellvamp Unique Passive: You heal 12% of the damage from ALL sources of damage you deal, including items. Which creates some interesting synergizes with characters with strong on-hit magic damage and procs.
Would that affect Ignite as well? I remember how a long time ago damage amps in the game used to affect Ignite, but stopped, lowering poppy/vlad/swain's pick rate.
: To be fair, it might not be in the long run. However, currently Luden's is pretty much a giant AP ratio on a stick for your spells - and so I want to see if some kind of identity for it can exist with its current model. I will admit, Luden's is a concept I have to be particularly careful around - since I was fairly fond of the DFG design. The thing that I'm focused on amplifying current patterns rather than remaking them - as we've seen far too little of their actual identities to know what is particularly problematic (it's all been hidden under a giant burst AP damage blanket.)
I just tend to find that the %MS on Luden's has invisibly pushed up the MS of several mages ahead of their competition, not severely, but they do feel safer now that they have 395 MS rather than 370. That does put them on comparable footing with their natural enemy, bruisers and assassins, so I'm not sure how to feel about its effect in the long run. I rather like the concept of Luden's passive, a Shiv that's accessible to mages is a really nice way to give someone better waveclear, for example, as well as stronger poke, but it's just the passive effect of increased MS that's attached to the item which bothers me. You've managed to keep the DFG design and feel with the Shiv passive, but I do think the MS needs to go (to another item, definitely) and be replaced with something just as beneficial. I have no suggestions as to what it may be, but the change from 7% to 10% make me afraid it'll tilt even further into empowering poke casters, which pre-rework Nidalee proved to be, well, not quite my definition of fun. I would much rather it had some way to round out poke mages (5% CDR maybe?) rather than make them even harder to chase down. That's my 2 cents on the matter, at least.
: [5.13] Core AP Items Pass
I have a single question in terms of Luden's; If you say that it's an item more suited for poke mages, why does it come with such a high movement speed boost? From my experience, poke mages give up mobility for long ranges and zone control, which Luden's entirely offsets by both giving said mages higher poke power AND improving their mobility. Why is that acceptable?
: Ryze Update Gameplay Discussion
The one thing I dislike about the new Ryze is that old Ryze was a lategame powerhouse precisely because his passive scaled extremely well with CDR, which he hit late-game. The new Ryze has no such scaling and thus is the same regardless of game state. I do not like the fact he lost his hypercarry status. That's what happened to Cassiopeia as well, and you can see how much backlash happened because of it. I know that if Ryze's new passive scaled off a constant 4s rather than a scaling 4s, it would be overpowered and require tuning in other parts of his kit but please consider a way to keep Ryze's late game strength. You're already punishing his early game bully potential with that Q change, and it's perfectly understandable given how broken a point-and-click nuke is, but if you also remove his late game scaling, what is exactly the point of picking Ryze?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Challenger Ahri!
She represents fully armored body with boob window, right?
: Ability Bar and Buff Update - Feedback Thread
It's possibly asking for a lot, but is it possible to have an option to swap those 2? I would personally prefer to have buffs and debuff front and center, above my abilities, aligned right and left, whereas things like Pyromania can be on the side because I can track those via my own champion's visual indicator. Basically, effects that come from my champ are more often than not already visible on my champion (so I can shove those to the left corner), whereas those coming from other places (champs, towers, baron) are something I cannot see as easily and would appreciate to have in the center. If I have to be fair, I primarily want this for the debuff visibility.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Captain Volibear & Constable Trundle!
: Vayne bugfix on PBE
As someone has played Vayne as his Main ADC for a while on NA, I really like hearing that her AS will end up getting buffed. The global nerfs to AS itemization in S2 really hurt her ability to do as much damage as before, which was the point of that change, it affected all ADCs' power but Vayne more-so. Even if I am not that good of a player, I have been struggling with doing much with Vayne because of her AA-depended CSing and her early AS being really low, compared to the amount of waveclear present in ADCs currently. Thus, the changes to BORK and this AS/level increase lead me to believe her autoattacking power will increase well enough to let average Vayne players like me fight back in lane!
: So what are AP midlaners that do not benefit from AD or building tank supposed to build for MR now? I realize that the MR on Athene's may have not been it's core intention, but it was the ONLY viable option for MR on some AP midlaners (Abyssal and Merc treads do not incorporate well into many AP mid builds). For example, what MR item should we build now as Brand, Anivia, Ziggs, Lux, Syndra, etc?
I'm sorry if it sounds dumb but why is Abyssal an issue to fit into a build? It lowers MR and gives AP, which is still a huge damage amplification, while also building out of Negatron and giving good MR.
: Patch 4.5 - Itemization Changes
Will of the Ancients was entirely unused just because of the changes to give it MP5. I believe this will make it a staple among manaless casters. Does this mean the re-surge of Kennen, pun intended?
: ... You took my preferred name...
: Doran's Shield
While the usage of Doran's Shield in the bot lane has increased a lot, I think it's entirely because of the changes to Doran's Blade. The blade gives 20 less HP, and its health regen mechanic is only 3 hp per AA for ranged champs. The 8 AD is entirely negated by the 8 AA damage reduction on shield. In order to out-heal the Shield's current 10 HP/5 (=120hp/min), you'd need to attack 40 times in 60 seconds. And then you're still behind due to the flat HP difference. The 8 AD would have to give a really big boost to the chosen champ's abilities via AD scalings for it to make a huge difference. I'm surprised every single AD carry isn't starting with a shield instead of a blade. Winning trades is pretty much a given with one. So I'm seeing these nerfs as entirely justified. The HP hit puts it on line with DBlade. The 10->5 for HP5 seems a bit too much. That drops the necessary autos for DBlade to keep up down to 20 in 60s, or 1 every 3s. That feels like it would give a bit too much leeway. If that happens, then DBlade will automatically become better, given that the AD on DBlade might also give power to an ability via scalings. As for the use of DShield on mid champs, I can't really say. It was my go-to item for Zed, given that he's manaless and melee, as well as extra vulnerable to creep harass if he manages to close in on the enemy mid with a well placed shadow and begins to autoattack them with his superior AD. The HP loss will make him easier to burst, but the biggest issue will be the HP5 loss since energy regen is kind of a constant. Without energy, it's unsafe for him to get close to autoattack so picking up a DShield for passive regeneration is a lot safer. I'm no pro but these are just my 2 cents.
: Skarner Rework Back on PBE
Wasn't W supposed to go down to 14s CD? Anyway, I'm glad the AS bug regarding Q was fixed, the AS steroid on Q was way too little before the buff to it.


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