: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Valiant Sword Riven Prestige Edition!
* Bong sound when Q3 hits an opponent is kinda annoying and distracting *on both skins. * "Faces" on wind slash that are probably placeholders on the Prestige skin. * Auto Attack sound happening before the actual auto attack goes off (Messes up with fast combo) (Not sure if this is actually a thing I just heard from /r/rivenmains). * Start of recall animation looks like Riven is ulting (Pay 2 Win?) *on both skins. * When E is used a yellow animation Almost the same as {{summoner:4}} appears on both skins BUT mostly on the NON prestige skin. * Using Taunts while Blade of the exile (R1) is active makes the NON ulted sword appear while the 'aura' is still on (I know this is a thing on the NON prestige skin, not sure about the prestige one but it probably is). The prestige skin is gorgeous, very nice work.
: An update on Championship Riven
1. You Guys should update the recall animation of the skin. 2. Fix The Bugs of the skin: > _"so I've tested the championship riven skin AWESOME updates to it's animations guys really good job! but I have 3 bugs I wanna report:- > 1-Broken wings animation while slashing a unit has green particles(same as battle bunny riven) > 2-This is a new one ;) her 3rd q gives a 1st q sound effect then 3rd q sound effect > > 3-ultimate second cast (wind slash) has 1st q sound effect when hitting a unit > > P.S the green particle cluster Im talking about is under a focused unit Please fix "_ from The Technomage's comment here
: An update on Championship Riven
I have 1 Question are both Championship Zed & Championship Riven going to cost 975 RP Each?

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