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: Hiya! We didn't realize the issue with the RP/Blue Essence stuff :( our bad. I will try to get someone to change this ASAP, but I'm not sure when someone will be available. Worst case, we'll lower it Monday. Thanks for reminding us ^^
: Riot Points And Blue essence
: [AR URF] Golden Spatula Club.
I have same issue error code 1, and in store i see it 1250RP, Riot do not give us RP, how can we buy it?
: Missing Daily RP?
: Lunar Guardian Warwick Skin unavailable in store
: Yes, it is a bug. Unfortunately, now that the skins are already live and no longer need testing, this will be a low priority fix.
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: I could not the any new skin in store
i have the same problem, can not see winter wonder skin, do you fix it now???
: Skins deleted from client?
i have the same problem, do you fix it now??
: nvm just change from 'show by release date' to anyth else

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