: 1 IP Skins?
Cannot buy the Spooky Gangplank skin though
: Veigar E doesnt stun
Just played a game and yeah, it won't stun, no matter how many times and when you pass it.
You report them after game, Rioters will do the Tribunal work on PBE. Also, as far as I know, if someone is really toxic, they will just ban that account from PBE without notice.
: Camera lock Bug! [Doesn't Unlock]
This only happened to me, when I alt + tab out the game and than when I come back, it stuck, and cannot unlock it.
: [General]- Experiencing substantial Bugsplats
Just got like 3 times in a game, my whole team was d/cing and reconnecting, so we got beaten up like hell, casue the enemy team didn't get any. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/sections/200381604-Technical-Support fun fact, there is no page behind this link imo
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: Two bugs on Sona da DJ
I posted in the other thread aswell, I do not have the icon either (I bought it on the 9th of February). I can dance /w her, but I can't turn on or off (the button doesn't appear) the music when a DJ Sona is on my team.
: DJ Sona Can't play the music
Well, not only that, but I when she's on my team, I can't see the button or sing near her portrait (as the info bar suggests), so I can't turn it on and I can't hear it. Some of my teammates could toggle it on/off, but some of them - including myself - couldn't. This is also persitant, i never see it, no matter what. If I play Sona, it's okay, the music plays etc. Also even though I bought the DJ skin, I didn't recieved the summoner icon that comes with it. Anyone experienced the same things?
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: Items that crash the game.
Boots didn't crash it for me, pots did.
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: [Bug] Red Card Katarina featured item, unavailable to buy
: One For All: Mirror Mode Enabled on PBE!
Some RP stipends would have been nice to be able to test battle boost. Anyhow I really like this new feature
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: Rune Bug
: Have you tried to buy the full Rune Pack for 10IP?
Yes, and it's buddeg too. I got more than the max numbers of runes
: [Client]Rune Purchases Not Working
Yes, finally someone else making a topic about it. Here's my topic about it: http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/R0uMAiGE-shop-bug-freshly-bought-runes-wont-appear The problem I described there is still persist. RIOT pls fix this. I can only hope people with the same problem will also open a topic or post here...
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: Client of PBE not starting ?
: Problems with connecting to the chat
: Game Loading
same here, but repatching (or repairing) fixed the problem here
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: Bots stuck in custom games?
: (2/11 edit) Summary of PBE leveling, IP/RP and pricing updates
any progress? I'm left with like 2k RPs, cuz no stipends caught me off-guard, which means I can't really buy new skins anymore if they be available on full price (intended live price). alright, just saw a red comment that the new ones will be available for 1 IP
: [Suggestion] PBE specific
You are right, this would be a nice thing on the live servers too, I only made the topic especially for PBE, because the maintenance and shutting down the server is more frequent.
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: IP/RP Refresh
well I didn't get mine yesterday/today, maybe some problem occured or idk
: How to deal with Toxic players on the PBE
: [Rune related bugs] Shop, combiner, etc.
: !!!Major!!! Runes overflow
I had a problem like yours, I opened a thread, no answers, no solution so far. http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/0ZRMq6AE-rune-related-bugs-shop-combiner-etc Also there's another topic about bugged rune stuff, no aswer there aswell. http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/g3bMTTp5-client-shop-pbe-starter-kit-runes-bugged
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: [CLIENT: SHOP] "PBE Starter Kit Runes" Bugged
Kinda same problem here, i already opened a thread, but no aswers yet http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/0ZRMq6AE-rune-related-bugs-shop-combiner-etc
: Ban due maintenance!
Because they still didn't finish the maintenance. Usually takes up to 1 or 2 hours.
: [summoners rift] Mass Dc's
Apparently others having the same problem aswell, but they spamming the forum with new threads. :(
: [summoners rift] Mass Dc's
I can confirm this problem. Last game I got kicked out nearly every 2 minutes. So annoying. Always getting the window "bug splash".
: My (Extended) Team Builder Feedback! Ver 2.0
I liked it too, but thought it'd up for like at least a day. I'm sad now :( Hope we can test it more in the future! :)
: This was temporarily enabled because there was an issue with the "Accept/Decline" dialog that we weren't able to solve quickly enough on Friday. We're looking into the issue now, but in the mean time, we enabled the "old" version that still works properly.
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: The PBE Site
I'm using chrome too and it's working just fine
: [POLL] Team Builder
: [Suggestion] Log out and exit options
Any other ideas? Maybe some more votes, if you like this idea! :)
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: Only three promos?
: [Aram Trade] - Trade on Aram have bug
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