: > [{quoted}](name=MojitoMannen,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=cPbM8Yu0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-04T05:50:08.899+0000) > > ??? Just don't be a ranged bitch lmao or you could also... **_~~walk around the windwall~~_** Very funny you cant walk around hiswind wall bcs if u try it you are faster death than u can say A! What do you think my team and we tryed yesterday? In late game he have 0 CD on W and can cast it endless. And this is unbalanced, but i think riot know this.
Sorry to necro your post, but i was just making fun of you for complaining over a utility ability which doesn't do anything but block projectiles, and in urf too.
: AFK punishment
It's sad that people do afk, but i don't think we should be that mad about it. In the end of the day it's a Public Beta Enviroment. If someone has something to do and they don't have the time to test out a new feature anymore, power to them. It's simply just not Riot's job to make sure we get the best chances of winning a PBE match.
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??? Just don't be a ranged bitch lmao or you could also... **_~~walk around the windwall~~_**
: i agreed with u up to the point where u brought up the cannon. Then i completely disagree. it has made the game 100x times more fun. Just nerf elder. Thanks. URF is supposed to be op and quick and people get fed. that's the fun of it. You'll get fed one game and you'll like it. If you wanna utilize your kit more, then play normal, let URF be URF please..
That's not the point, i want URF not ARURF. Cannon is ARURF! It's just enabling ending at 10 minutes, and i just don't want to play a game against people who only play until 2 items. Also, i simply just think not having urf as a gamemode where you can fully utilize is simply idiotic. There are so many champions that are are for example full AD, but have ap scaling on a single ability. Not being able to go full AP in urf and spam that one ability because some dude with full lethality jinx pressed W is just not what URF should stand for, but that's exactly what ARURF is doing right now.
: Agreed somewhat. Also when some enemy who just got 3 or 4 kills dies finally, a punishment for that death doesnt exist, because the cannon puts them instantly back in the fight. But maybe if they nerf some champs with -20% dmg or sth like that its enough so they dont get fed too fast
This would also be completely acceptable, i came up with the 50% because i knew that even if i said 20% someone would say 10% ^^ And yes, the cannon is a part of the problem.
: yuumi should be banned from urf
I think entirely banning her would be too harsh. Maybe just an overall change on how heals work in ARURF would be better. (Maybe something like that they buff their champ with 10 scaling ad or something instead of a flat out heal)
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: Change URF "Heal Embargo" to "Action Embargo" instead.
I fully agree with this. Lethality and the like has simply gone out of hand. Urf is spamming abilities, yet you die in one.


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