: Remove shield from Kaisa's ultimate and make its cooldown significantly low.
I think they should instead lower the cooldown a bit and increase the range, but reduce the shield size a bit (it's not nearly as insane as a lot of people are trying to make it sound). They should also make the stack you get from ally CC the same range as the ult (So enemies only receive the stack when you're in ult range). This will help her engage better and will help tone down the complaints on her shield.
: Bug with E of Kai'sa
This is a know bug that they are fixing don't worry. You can refer to this post to see what bugs they are aware of: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/3wmYEZbW-kaisa-bug-pbe-bug-thread
: Conqueror bugs with Illaoi
Wait so your telling me the Illaois that are one shotting tanks on PBE aren't getting their full damage output... {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: I think Kaisa's W should have a small slow.
I agree with the slow on her W. In itself it feels like an ability that should slow.
: Because classes are designed for specific purposes? ADC's are designed for team fighting, bruisers/fighters are designed for 1 vs 1ing. In what world do you think that it's okay for an ADC to beat fiora 1 vs 1 when fiora is the strongest 1 vs 1 duelist in the game?
You have a very warped view on game balance. As I said, if Fiora can pretty much automatically win any 1 v 1 just because she's Fiora she would be brutally broken. No champion in the game should be stronger than the other in a theoretically even fight just because they play a certain character. Yes counter-picks exist, however they only contribute so much to a fights. If a player lost lane just because "Oof it's Fiora, I guess Iose EVERY 1 v 1" Fiora would be the best top laner in the game, because she would force the enemy jungler to pretty much babysit top. Oh but what about if Fiora is only good dueling late game? Well that's still not fine. Late game is typically when people are just about on even ground with items, and adc's (The champs that are meant to scale) should most certainly be able to 1 v 1 a Fiora. You are on near even ground, and you have no right to automatically win a fight just because you play Fiora. LEAGUE IS NOT ROCK PAPER SCISSORS. Yes bruisers/fighters are meant to 1 v 1 because they have the tools in their kit to help them do so. But that doesn't mean, again, it shouldn't be near impossible for an adc to 1 v 1 them. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: The 20% true damage vs squishies is hardly a noticeable buff since most bruisers were already dealing true damage to them through arm pen or abilities? Your point about zoe is fair, but the only solution I see to that without nerfing bruisers is to just not give the true damage to ranged champions, or the true damage ranged champions get should be half what Melee's get. 2-8% true damage like you're suggesting is shit because it doesn't achieve the objective of what the rune wants to do. Bruisers are supposed to beat tanks 1 vs 1 at all stages of the game, that is what there class is meant to be good at. If you Nerf the true damage to much then tanks still reign supreme 1 vs 1 in the early/mid game and bruisers are no better off. I don't think 20% true damage is OP, as I already said the damage you deal to squishies as a bruiser is literally unchanged with this rune. Bruisers were killing them fast before and they'll kill them fast after it makes 0 difference.
2-8% true damage is fine, if they increase the bonus ad that you get from the rune bruisers will be able to still kill tanks and duel well. In it's current state even with the removal of the ad bonus it's unhealthy. Even with the ranged debuff you suggested it won't fix the issue at hand (Which will make a few bruisers horrible compared to others, IE Graves). Tanks will be able to start bringing it. Junglers will be able to bring it at times. The issue is that 20% of your damage being converted to true damage when the game already has enough snowball/burst is unnecessary. This rune will already be hard to balance and it's not the solution we need to bring back bruisers. It will cause more harm and won't make bruisers that much more viable. Bruisers getting more bonus AD at the price of insane true damage will make it so tanks and squishies alike aren't permanently color blind (And their will be a difference will squishies, it will effect the resistance you get from Zhonyas, Merc Blade, etc. Making a squishies die even quicker than necessary at times). The issue is you're not seeing Zoe as a prime example of MANY cases. You need to look at how the rune affects other champs not just Zoe and Bruisers. Think about how universal the rune with be with 20% true damage, even with the ranged debuff.
: Icons 9999999 Rp's? Old icons?
Those Icons and Wards are Rioter exclusive.
: This rune is literally beyond broken, I have no idea how they even let this make it to the PBE. Yasuo is literally an unstoppable killer machine right now, not to mention illaoi and her tentacles and Master Yi with that insane attackspeed + Passive + the true damage he already has on the E Renekton his empowered W, procs it 3 times in one ability. Deals about 80% of an adc's health in just one attack + a stun. They wanted a bruiser keystone but they made bruisers basically assasins now.
_Ahem_ Zoe with Conqueror. {{champion:142}}
: New Keystone Conqueror
{{champion:142}} Zoe btw (It converts magic damage too kms)
: The true damage isn't the problem, the problem is how the bonus AD interacts with bruiser ability scalings. Since most bruisers build a mixture of attack speed and AD they naturally have high AD scalings to compensate, but since they get free flat AD they are further empowered. Just remove the Bonus AD off the rune, 20% true damage alone is strong enough for bruisers to shine.
I heavily disagree, the true damage is a much bigger issue. 20% of your damage converting to true damage is absolutely insane, so much so at this point even Zoe could run the rune and nuke people faster than ever before (And yes you have to be four seconds in combat but Zoe can just ult auto then E and wait a bit). Increased bonus ad and reduced true damage (around 2%-8%) would be much more healthy.
: https://i.gyazo.com/thumb/1200/591fd22b2a03cca6e190f7ef38022221-png.jpg Get rid of this stupid shield on Kai'sa, it's just giving her the power to 1 vs 1 champions she shouldn't be able to. I Played a game as fiora the enemy had a kaisa and she straight 1 vs 1'd me late game which shouldn't be possible. Nothing to do with Kaisa's damage, just there is no way for fiora or any bruiser/assassin to output Kai'sa health bar & a 1.5k shield worth of damage in the span of the 3 seconds it takes her to kill me. Late game she has like 2k health and a 1.5k shield, so 3.5k total health lol. It's literally impossible to beat her 1 vs 1
Pray tell sir, why shouldn't an ADC be able to 1 v 1 a Fiora late game? And you say you can't 1 v 1 her no matter how much damage you do, but I have to disagree. To have 1.5k shields requires a lot of items (highest I've gotten is 800 in a 30 minute game). And your point may be that you feel like you couldn't kill her, but if the game was designed as Blank champion A can't fight Blank champion B late game even if Blank champion B is equal or ahead in items and stats. Sorry if I misunderstood your argument but it seems to me you feel like Fiora should automatically be able to win any 1 v 1 late game. Even if she's the "Duelist" that doesn't warrant her being able to win nearly every 1 v 1. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: I'm not sure if this isn't already mentioned, but using I think whatever her black chroma is called.. I forget the name. on occasion she becomes invisible with only shiny particles after dying, especially after using her Unevolved E. Side note: please nerf nasus.. Trinity force + Thornmail and he two shots our tank while standing inside taking tower shots and not dying.. (maybe lowering the CD on his E to give him a weakness again?)
IMO Nasus isn't an issue right now, it's the new rune. It makes certain tanks and bruisers brutally overpowered (Illaoi, Newly Buffed Darius, Nasus, etc). In a few games I've played against, especially Illaoi and Darius, they do more damage than a fed Zoe sleep Q combo in the same amount of time. Since they tend to build tanky they can just stall out the time till it activates and then go on a massacre. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}


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