: am i the only one need wait nearly one hour for the login queue
You are not alone. What bothers me is that it continually estimates my wait time at 1-2 minutes. 1-2 minutes away from login for an hour. Wish that would get fixed.
: I'm not sure where Riot is taking this either, Merc and Maw doesn't need the Lifesteal. Ruunan's doesn't need the Crit and Rapid Firecannon & Death's Dance needs to be reworked. Ravenous is weaker than ever with the new addition of Titanic and needs to be buffed to put the two on par. Rift Herald is both a smart and dumb decision, they're making laning phase end at like 6 minutes with the new buff. I don't know, I find this Season's Changes are the most absurd out of all the season changes we've had so far.
I agree Mercurial Scimitar doesn't need lifesteal. However, I kind of like the idea for Maw of Malmortius.
: hang on * potential trouble last hitting a minion wave * tankish * huge burst potential * aoe blind like effect * execution ult * dash that can go through most walls * tower shredding this sounds more like a jungler than an adc to me
I was finally able to play a game on the PBE as jungle Graves. My bot lane stole the krug XP from me and I still was able to clear red. I went and did river scuttle and it was fine for the rest of the clear. Of course, vs humans they may also try to get the scuttle in which case you'd lose, horribly. There are a lot of things I'm probably doing wrong (especially mastery wise) but jungle clear speed and health seemed fine. So it depends on how he skirmishes and whatnot. His CC when ganking is restricted only to Smokescreen, which is not that great.
: We will be looking at how this change will affect Kayle and evaluate what to do. Our intent with this change is not to nerf Kayle.
How confident are you that it will be every fourth hit as opposed to every third hit? Also do you plan on reverting the 60 -> 50 damage nerf on Sated Devourer? I understand why the 1.0 -> 0.66 nerf as it grows will probably stay since you want Devourer to have less early game power, but with the Phantom Hit being reduced to every fourth from every second hit that's a significant mid and late game nerf. Obviously you intend for there to be some reduction in power with this change, but are you sure you want it to be that much, particularly if a ranged champion manages to sate the devourer?
: TT - No monsters?
Queues are insanely long right now (and basically always) for 3s so I haven't been able to test it. Was this in queue or custom?
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