: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Heartseeker Yuumi!
My only complaint with this skin is that "Sweetheart Yuumi" would be a better name than "Heartseeker Yuumi". We know you've vetted Sweetheart through the language team since Annie has it, would it be possible to switch? The green glow effect from the heal lasts an oddly long time, is that noting the speed boost? I don't notice an effect like that on the base/battle academia, but it is nice to have if that's the case. I like this skin **a lot** and it has amazing chromas. Good work skin team! (Now if we can keep on the balance team...)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Xayah
I mean at this point I agree that a chroma isn't satisfying but since these are 1850 skins you could have put a toggle in to begin with. One transformation does not make something "ultimate" tier, hell, apparently three transformations doesn't count as ultimate anymore if you look at how Gun Goddess MF got price cut. If you wanted to make these really special they would have had a toggle and light VFX from the beginning. Since you *didn't* do that what you need to do is create a full variant with recolored VFX and sell it for a discount similar to the Blitzcrank Lancers, Leona Eclipses, and Pajama Guardians. Like, Chroma is not going to fix your problem. Your problem was only releasing one actual Star Guardian (Neeko) and a bunch of edgelords. Making villains for the Star Guardian line up is cool, but people want... Actual Star Guardians... not just a pack of villains.
: The thing that stands out to me the most that I would like to see get changed is her face in her splash art. Her eyes and her eyebrows look very off to me and she's missing her iconic scales on the apples of her cheeks. https://i.imgur.com/57RLKfG.png
Her current splash really needs her cheek spots and the mascara/eyeliner added back in because she doesn't look like Neeko without them. Please Riot, even if you won't fix the pupils, fix the cheeks!!!!!
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: There actually is a very nice build cheat sheet made by Scarra that I have been using as of late. Tells you everything you need to know about all combos [https://i.imgur.com/kL0sOoB.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/kL0sOoB.jpg) And if your looking for what each type of class dose [https://i.imgur.com/u2o7hTv.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/u2o7hTv.jpg) shout out to Scarra for doing an amazing job
I have a cheat sheet for building items as well but the problem isn't knowing what the classes do so much as knowing which individual champions can utilize which items. Like, what items do you want on a Kassadin vs a Morgana. They're both sorcerers but you can't build the same items on them because Kass doesn't use mana, so putting say a spear of shojin on him does nothing at all. The other thing is when is spell damage useful? Some casters cast frequently like Ahri or Asol, so it's obvious, but are spell damage items useful on champions like Lulu? She casts frequently but is she doing any magic damage? It's very unclear. Basically I want to know what items are dead items on what champions, it's easy to make trap items that do nothing and items are so important in this game that it's very easy to lose just by building inefficient items, (assuming you get any to drop to begin with.)
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: TFT Bug&Feedback megathread
I had a strange bug in one game where the new item that does damage on spell-cast was activating from an enemy player's benched Lucian. I don't know if this was a graphical glitch or what but the item was clearly casting thunderbolts from the bench, not a champion on the board. Feedback wise I think we need way more information given to players via tooltip (potentially with a toggle so it isn't overwhelming if some people don't care). Odds especially would be nice. I really like the idea of a countdown timer for the carosel so you know when your avatar is ready to go. I'd also greatly appreciate the ability to move the camera around on the board, I've had it get stuck in places where I couldn't see the enemy HP bars which is not great and had no way of fixing it other than waiting for the next teleport-load. My last feedback is that item RNG is extremely off right now. Way too many games I'm ending up seeing one player have two completed items before the second carosel and everyone else with half an item or one item. RNG over which items people get is fine but being extremely behind on the item curve really sucks. Also the item that downgrades a unit's rank seems flat broken and should probably be removed. I've seen that thing proc three times in a round and it feels very auto-lossy.
: Janna changes are a direct nerf. Is this intended?
Yeah this poster is exactly correct. Shield is always the last skill we use because you took away pre-shielding by giving it decay. These changes do not make any sense for the current state of Janna. I'd be happier if they were simply pulled and she was left as is.
: [YUUMI FEEDBACK] D1 Enchanter support main
I agree her lane phase is just really poor and it feels like you're making your ADC 1v2 when you play her. She's most similar to Sona except all of her buttons are worse and she has 50 less AA range. If she ships like this I'm just going to play neeko and get to plat off all the poor suckers playing Yuumi, which makes me really sad because I love everything about her aesthetically and her W has so much potential to make her a cool champion. I really love the idea to give her a stronger CC while detatched for some gank protection in lane and to give her incentive to detach later. She should have moments of vulnerability and skill expression and I don't see either of them right now.
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