: Can you remove leaver buster from the pbe?
I wish riot can honestly grow some balls. Oh someone afked or dc'ed in ur game boo hoo. Well sorry if ur that soft skinned don't play the fucking game either toughen up or leave its sad to see that this game is in control of sjw fags and losers that get picked on irl idc about toxicity cause I have balls and I can handle it unlike these beta cucks here complaining that leaver buster needs to be here
: Ok, so I played a game vs bots with this bad boy. I have some first impressions and a few slight bugs/issues to share. ~~________________________~~ **What I particularly like:** *Sound Effects:* The sound effects are absolutely amazing for this skin. Especially the Q, it's just a joy to listen to. The basic attack (without passive) sounds somewhat out of place with all the awesomeness surrounding it though. Really this is a minor thing, but if it's possible to change the basic attack sound to something similar to the other sound effects, it'd be so awesome. *Particle Effects:* Don't have much to say about this one. But they're still great. They match the theme and do a splendid job of amplifying it aswell. ~~________________________~~ **What I like less:** *Claws with Unseen Threat active: [Image for reference](http://imgur.com/hCNFLlh) (Left: Unseen Threat down. Right: Unseen Threat active)* The claws look great, however when Unseen Threat is active, they lose the texture that make them distinguishable as claws/blades. Which is a shame, because they look very nice (especially evolved Q has a very unique design.) With the detail that's on the skin, they look weird and out of place, as it's just a shape that's attached to his arm. I'd prefer/suggest changing the Unseen Threat indicator so that the texture of the claws are visible while it's active. Perhaps by having it pulse over the blade, rather than cover it completely at all times. *Void Spikes: [Image for reference](http://imgur.com/aNVBeuR)* Compared to Classic and Mecha Kha'Zix' void spikes, Guardian of the Sands' feels too static. Classic and Mecha's void spikes are dynamic since the individual spikes/missiles spin around eachother, making the skill feel much more alive. This is something I believe should be shared with Guardian of the Sands. The particle is made up out of a center crystal, with two smaller crystals at it's side. I'd prefer/suggest to have the two smaller crystals spin around the center one. EDIT(29-8-2014): Looks like the crystal spin around their own axis. However I still believe in what I said ~~________________________~~ **Some bugs/issues:** *Evolved Active Camouflage model change resets after death: [Image for reference](http://imgur.com/lCkrG1B)* When Void Assault (R) is evolved, Guardian of the Sands' model changes color to feature more black colors. However after respawning from death, the color change is reverted to normal. *Clipping on Run cycle:* [Image for reference](http://imgur.com/WilLbw8) There is some slight clipping between his Evolved Claw and Evolved Wings during his Running cycle. It also looks a bit like his wings are detached, maybe because what is supposed to be attached to his back seems so small. I'm not sure, can't quite put my finger on it :( *Isolation Particle on Minions/Monsters: [Image for reference](http://imgur.com/oSb99Yv)* ~~The Isolation Particle on Minions and Monsters is still from Kha'Zix' Classic skin. I believe this is something that's overlooked?~~ EDIT(29-8-2014): Fixed in today's update *Isolation Particle layering/clarity:* [Image for reference](http://imgur.com/GY47Hhl) Kha'Zix' isolation particle is layered on top of pretty much every object in the game. This is something that's true on all his skins. Though on Guardian of the Sands the particle seems to be larger, perhaps because the border/edge is thicker than Classic's or Mecha. On this skin it felt like it's blocking my vision on what's beneath it more so than on other skins. At the same time, the only identification for what target is isolated is the border itself (Classic has lines running towards the target, and Mecha has the targeting reticule). I'd prefer/suggest to make the border of the particle thinner, and provide some additional particles to better indicate the isolated target, perhaps by using the same swirling sand particles, but travelling closer to the target. Or having a small sand tornado surround the target (though this might cause a different identification issue).


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