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I don't understand the Riot choice on Yuumi... She got 32% winrate in master now. When this patch come out, i believe she's got 18% winrate maybe... She's got 1-2%, popularity in master and 3-4% in low elo, and Riot go to nerf her again and again and again... Why Riot nerf again low champ and let's some strong champ be in god mode again more... Ps: CD on E and cast, is very the most ridiculous idea ever made... Maybe Riot can understand, Yuumi is totaly dependent on her "E" to be a support?
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: Well she sucks until she and her adc got like 1 item then she starts getting out of hand slowly until lategame you make your adc invincible if you play her properly. I think she needs a little bit more early power but she isnt useless at all, she gets insane throughout the game and can be a huge winning factor when paired with any champion who has solo-carry potential.
Yep, but in laning phase she's really usuless... If you said "in late game..." You never see the late game if you lost your lane... If bot loose it's really complicted to step up in the game. A game can be ending in 15-25 minutes. For me she can be outplay by all support. For me she can't solo carry... Lulu was really to strong, nami too, janna and soraka too... It's my idea, i main supp, i can what i make in all situation, and when i see Yuumi, i cannot... What did you make if you can't protect and help your carry in bot? On him your not target, cool but you can't "AA", for a supp "AA" is extremely important, if you jump out you die because you have 400 hp and ridiculous defense. If your carry die, you die, it's free double kill in botlane, if enemy carry is in 6-0-0 your game is over. A good support need to be good at 0 minutes 00, not at 35 minutes... If enemy have brain they stomp the botlane and stomp the game, if i play VS Yuumi in 2 week, i can just i take free LP, electrocut + ignite and the botlane just going to cry. No attack power, not cc, heal usuless, big CD, ULTRA-squishy, for me play VS Yuumi is same than have an enemy AFK for the next 30 minutes...
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