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: First Impressions of Hextech Loot
> [{quoted}](name=Nixtarma,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=iaN2g4gz,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-13T22:46:32.897+0000) > > I just bought a bunch of chests and keys (about ten). These were my thoughts: > > 1. They seemed to be strongly biased towards skins. I got one champion shard, and the rest were skin shards (with two ward skin shards). > > 2. Of the skins, two were legendaries. This seems like too much. > > 3. I got the Season Three Championchip ward. Was legacy content intended to be here? > > Finally, I would really like it if there was a mass open button. It got repetitive. > > > EDIT: After opening some more chests and keys: > > 4. I got a rare gem. For the price of one chest + one key, I got... one chest + one key. Do they always drop that? Is there any benefit to getting these at all, or do they just waste my time? > > 5. The right side of the scree is empty more often than not when I am using it. This makes the whole interface seem kind of empty. > > > Thanks, > -Nixtarma 1, 2 - the loot tables are definitely something we're iterating on. 10 is a pretty small sample though, i'd expect to see more champion shards. 3 - yes, legacy content is intended. Do you think that ward is good or not? 4 - you should have got a rare gem PLUS a shard, so it should have been pretty good value. If people are getting JUST a rare gem then that's a bug, let us know. 5 - Agree, we're looking at how to make that balance of the screen feel better when there isn't a crafter on screen
: Question about Hex Loot
The loot table can give you champions and skins you own. if that happens, you can disenchant them for essence, or you can reroll. Rerolls are guaranteed to be something that you don't own (and will be the permanent version, not a shard). There are reasons that this can be good for you. DJ Sona skin shard gives a ton of experience and if you didn't' get it because you owned her, it would be worse for you.
: Couple Hextech Quality of Life Changes
Volume is something we'll definitely address. Bundling chests or having a quantity is something we'll probably do, but we're looking at how people use the system right now before we make any changes.
: Chest Unlock Sounds
Yes, agree on this, we'll address, couldn't quite get it addressed for PBE. Thanks for calling it out.
: Reseting loot permanent?
We're watching this - aware that it's a problem, seeing what the easiest way to address is (re-adding them or just granting ip/rp) We did set chests to 1ip so getting those to refresh your account should be pretty quick.
: Hey, I'm Toby, i'd like to know what you guys mean by ''We're going to be performing a partial inventory wipe of all PBE accounts in order to test the crafting system.'' I know this means everything we bought will be gone but will you guys give it back after or do we have to spend another 2 hours buying every single champions and skins again ? Like will you guys give us back our 'older' account or will it stay resetted ? Thanks for the answer! Anyway I wouldn't really mind having to unlock everything again, but it's just to know! -Toby
We're not going to automatically add all content to accounts - we're looking at adding RP/IP for those that don't have any left.
: I hope you won't delete the runes or fix the shop. Finding the proper runes with the shop bug (no names shown) was painful.
: Uhhhh please give RP/IP if you're going to do this or make EVERYTHING cost 1 IP because somethings like bundles and such are full price and a lot of people probably don't have the RP for it from older accounts
: Any way you could enable the legacy content (as it would be wiped off existing accounts) in the PBE store? I've accrued a number over the years that come in hand when champion updates or skin update go out and I'd hate to just lose them all without a way to get them back.
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: I believe you only get mastery points in Normal Summoners Rift (Team Builder inclusive). However, I have also been playing Blind Drafts and not receiving any mastery points. To my knowledge we should be receiving points but instead, Riot may have removed it from the PBE.
Should be working in blind pick and draft pick (normals). We'll take a look!
: It's really cool and all, but testing it on PBE is rather difficult since it takes quite a few games to get anywhere with it. Would you guys consider tweaking the numbers a bit so "obtaining mastery" is quicker on the PBE? Also, it was mentioned on the announcement page, that more tiers of mastery would become available later. What exactly might this entail?
We'd rather not do this if possible because we want to test the authentic leveling experience and that data is potentially much more useful for us in avoiding false bugs. We'll take a look if this doesn't look likely though. Thanks for the feedback!
: Post game grade didnt laod
We had some technical issues with the champ mastery service that stopped the grades appearing in the first wave of games played after the server came up. It should be working now. Sorry about that.
: Rammus icon?
Hey there, We're testing end of ranked season on PBE this week. The new summoner icons weren't available when we ran a test yesterday, so we granted another icon during the test process. Apologies for any confusion. -Riot Mirross
: I can confirm that this change is now active: I just played 2 normal blind pick games and they counted towards removing the restriction.
Great! This change went on last night. Anyone with restrictions should be able to remove them with blind pick games now. -Riot Mirross
: I am also restricted as part of the test, and I have to say: the queue times for normal draft are already punishment enough ;-) Just now, I waited 60 minutes in queue, and still no game was found! Is this as expected? If so, playing the required 3 games on PBE will take some time. (Which is no problem ofc, I'm happy to help :-)) But I'm wondering: what's the best time to queue up? Is most of the PBE population in US timezones? Any other options to prevent having to queue for over an hour?
Hi, We're going to make a change to PBE today so that normal blind pick games will count against the restriction. This is for testing on PBE with the low population - we're still intending to require players to play normal draft games when we roll this out on live servers. -Riot Mirross


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