: holes instead of towers
Ditto, and even what the other commenter said about minion/monster HP bars bugging up. I wasn't going to care, but then I might get into a smite war so I ended up reconnecting (takes 10sec here) which fixes it
: Wow you really know your shit, I half expected myself to disagree with this as "Another case of a challenger player thinking that means he's knowledgeable" I agree with everything you've said greatly except for Steraks, the base AD increases your Trinity Force damage, I build Trinity Force, Steraks, GA on champions like Skarner and Vi and it feels really good, I think Steraks is in an okay spot, and while the AD isn't that great, it has a unique and wonderful purpose. Trinity Force Fighters surviving long enough to get multiple spell blade procs off. Add in a GA to give resistances and add to the unkillable style build. It's not OP but it's definitely a very strong 3 item combo. Just gotta get there, luckily Steraks isn't too expensive but is rather really cheap.
Challenger players ARE knowledgable ? its just us challenged players who cant understand them I thought that was common sense


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