: The second thing is a bad idea. If he can craft potions without leaving the lane he will be broken, because of his sustain.
broken?? he has to pay for that. it's not free sustain
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: Urgot Bug and Feedback Thread
He's nice His passive seems very very strong combined with W E needs more range,even if this means you have to reduce the damage. Ultimate has low damage,why? doesn't even seems to be an ultimate
: Thornmail Feedback
the damage is so bad now and grevios wounds is not enough OLD THORNMAIL Enemy adc auto attack 800 My bonus armor 169 (thornmail,sunfire,runes) Damage returned = 800*15%+169*25% = 162.25 Damage taken (assuming enemy has Lord Dominik's Regards and gets all 20% bonus damage from HP difference) = 320 Enemu Heals for (the bloodthirster) = 64 Enemy takes 98.25 damage NEW THORNMAIL Enemy adc auto attack 800 My bonus armor 144 (thornmail,sunfire,runes) Damage returned = 25+144x10% = 39.4 Damage taken (assuming enemy has Lord Dominik's Regards and gets all 20% bonus damage from HP difference) = 338.5 Enemu Heals for (the bloodthirster) = 67.7x0.6 = 40.6 Enemy takes no damage
: Why do you see it as a problem?
let's say you want to use W and you are assassin (so you move while casting)...in the time you apply W he has moved,probably in the wrong direction Also would be nice if he auto attacks the closest enemy champion immediatetly after Q
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: Galio Feedback Thread
Why Galio wait so much to attack after using the taunt? He taunts be he does nothing even if the auto attack is active.
: Riven. Jax. Fiora. Holy even Gp can 1v1 him. Just be better than your opponent.
no they can't because in the time they try to do something darius will build stacks to kill you with ulti. Or let's take level 1-3. He just watlks to you and start fight with auto attacks and Q. He can't lose vs any melee. He can be kited by ranged but it's a different story. Maybe late game there are champions that can win vs him even 1v1 supposing they are fed like Darius (not less not more)....maybe tryndamere,maybe kayle,maybe Fiora. But they all have to activate their invulnerabilty in the right moment to block Noxian Guillotine
: Maybe she isn't supposed to beat Darius. She's strong against squishies who are more susceptible to her true damage, since they don't build health. Darius isn't a squishy, and could even be considered a counter because Camille's W (Tactical Sweep) tends to have her position in the butter zone for Darius's Q (Decimate). That's an easy way to lose the lane for yourself. She'll never go completely out of style while her ultimate essentially makes her a better Jarvan IV, and can deal true damage on top of it all.
it seems noone can beat Darius,he's just op. Noone can fight him....do you think it's fair? Please tell me a melee champion that can stay in lane without having to try to dodge every single Q Because when Camille hits enemies with W is good if you can dodge 50% of her W you are ok..if you dodge 3/6 Darius's Q you are forced to go out of lane because you took 3 of them. After he gets 1 kill lane is over,he will just kill you every time...auto attack Q and R. He has sustain,low mana abilities (why not increas Q mana cost???) OP health regeneration base. Please again...tell me just 1 melee champion that can stay in lane vs him takig farm without problem mid lane and not only under tower. Apart from Renekton that is maybe the best in lane but he's not Op because in team figths he loses much of his power.
: Riot tends to overtune champions on release so people can fall in love with them. It seems Camille was no exception. If you truly wanted the best for Camille you'd be able to accept the nerfs. Maybe after this patch goes out she won't have a 75%+ ban rate, and you can actually play her.
win rate 48.5%...so op Try to 1v1 vs Darius and tell me who is stronger and who needs nerfs to damage. They could nerf mana and maybe range of E but not damage of Q and stun (second hit...the true damage..her most important ability). It's like to cut 30% of the damage of Noxian Guillotine. After these changes noone will ban her because there is no reason to doi. Of course she can win games and do good,every champion can do. Her second hit with Q is so predictable that can be countered by champions like Fiora,Jax,Shen and even Teemo. They can all block auto attacks. Fiora can revert her stun. Darius doesn't need to do anything. just Spin W and dunk
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: So on the beta client,you cant add bots into a custom game ?
: Window client is too big and i cant minimize
you can choose 3 different resolution in settings
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: [Assassins] Talon feedback thread
Another,different,way to allow him to arrive to his target would be changing his ultimate into a mobility ability: Damage removed Cooldown dratically lowered (15s at level 3) He can pass through units This also helps what you wanted to do:"reduce his big AoE damage" At the moment you just reduced W and R damage putting it into the new passive Put some (not all) lost damage into W This makes sense also for "clear wave fast with W and roeam with E" losing 360+160%bonus AD seems huge but it's not He can start with an AA while invisible instead of using Q to close the gap. The Q can be used when enemy try to escape,to close the gap again He can sticks more to his target
: [Preseason] Itemization Feedback Megathread - October 19th
Edge of Night is nice but honestly 1.5s to activate night's veil is too much,while duration is too much too! 1.5s---->1s 10s---->6-7s
: [Assassins] Katarina Feedback Thread
i like the plays that can be done with the new W. i like that now Katarina's players need more skill what i don't like is the distance the knife falls down from the first target. it's too distant so she can't activate the dagger even using shunpo in the right point (on the enemy) IF this is intended because you want Katarina to HAVE TO move to pick up the dagger,then the radius MUST be buffed a bit Using W on herself,at this distance she doesn't hit the gromp :| https://s11.postimg.org/np633uboz/Immagine.jpg
: 1) Totally an option. If Talon is on the weaker side, but not in the damage department or especially when behind, this is a good place to add power. 2) This is intended, but admittedly it might be a bit short. The goal is that Talon has to use his E to get in position for his Q. He has better flanking tools than practically anybody else, so he should depend on them to get to his target. 3) Yeahhhh I feel you on this one. At the end of the day, this was just a line we discovered we couldn't cross. There's a certain length of terrain that, if crossable, made nearly impossible to play against.
i know n°3 would be too much but i said anyway. Ok so i'll expect buff for the slow! About positioning with E. It can be good in jungle,but not everywhere!how much is the range now?? Also you have to consider that he was blinking behind enemies,so their path escape (when walking) was to stay close to Talon for some seconds. Now they can disengage more easily,and this added to less burst and less range of his gap closer....mmm :( So what about giving him bonus movement speed **after **using E instead of speeding up the animation when he build more movement speed? This way he can cross a wall mid goin in the river (or bush) and came out faster to focus the enemy back line
: [Assassins] Talon feedback thread
I don't know about damage,but for the other things he seems ok. Just 2 small things 1) The slow now last 1s down from 2s so maybe it could be stronger. i know it's already stronger than live but 2s at 40% = 1s at 80%,also because now only the second hit of the blades applies the slow 2) Range of leap seems too short. He's not blinking anymore so now the movement is slower,he can be hit during the process and he can be stopped (poppy,veigar). This is OK,but also reducing the range is not fair 3) E is nice to roam but big walls can't be passed..i mean,it would be nice to be ablie to use it from tribush to gank bot lane (blu side).
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
Yorick used to have the best sustain in the game and now it's really low. Is it possible to improve the heal? maybe lowering the damage About wlakers0 IA. i think they should be able to pass the wall created with W
: Her Ult can block off an exit to an entire lane with relative ease and distance. Her Ult is really only useful in top and bot lane, but it is large enough that a good portion of champions can't dash through it.
eeven allie can't,so it can be useless or even worse if you have allie that can't go through when enemies can Her ulti has negative things while TF ulti has not,and i consider TF not strong enough since in lane he can only feed after reacing 6 (enemies get damage,he gets a "global" ulti once every 3 min!). He can die 2 times during those 3 min And this new champion is the same,but her ulti has even shorter range.
: Oh well, the new champion doesn't directly counter another champion. Even though she provides massive control when flanking a teamfight engage, we gotta rework or even delete her because she doesn't directly counter someone.
massive control? where? how? she's a worst Twisted Fate. Even TF in lane is weak vs everyone but at least his ulti has longer range. and he has a good stun it would be ok if Taliyah is bad in lane, but she should have a better passive (more speed) a longer range on ulti...
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: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes V2 (feedback wanted)
i haven't tested so you can ignore what i say but it's relally bad to see a champion that once had auras as signature having that thing nerfed every time you change her.
: Taliyah feedback thread
the mechanics on Q is not stisfying...why the first shards are slower?? and only later (after enemy has dodged) they are released faster?? the damage on each projectile is not so high to justify this behaviour
: Taliyah feedback thread
so they just want very general feedback so they can ignore all the feedbacks about abilities So what can i say?? i'm nervous about her passive,I never feel it is useful in lane and not very useful even for roam I'm nervous to use my ultimate, in lane phase it's never the moment to use it since it has so short range. i see no uses in lane. Even for escaping can be useless since the travel can be interrupted taking damage It would be great to roam but not with this range.
: MYMU - Cassiopeia Discussion
So the W will still be useless once enemies are in your face and it's still too easy to go out of miasma and use mobility abilities Insttead of giving flexibility to where cast W just make all the area from 550 to 800 infected by poison. it it's too big,just remove one circle on both sides, Having large but narrow area is not useful at all.
: ik, he missed the 10% cdr in the second build is all im saying, currently it says 0%, but buying new zhonyas (like his build states) would give him 10%
the builds are made with current items. if cassiopeia improves with new AP items,also old cassiopeia would improve...so changes to the items are not important
: btw zhonyas gives 10% cdr
not at the moment...when it gives 10%CDR it will give 70 AP and not 100
: MYMU - Cassiopeia Discussion
On Live i build Mercury Rylay Luden Liandry Zhonya Seraph AP 718 CDR 25% MR 67 ARM 132 Now without current passive and boots those numbers would be AP 532 CDR 0% MR 42 ARM 132 but i can buy 1 item more. the problem is that no item can give me AP/MR/CDR in that quantity. New Abyssal is the closest one but it's bad on her. 3/4 of her spells have more range than abyssal's passive. Morello can give me 100 AP and 20% CDR but no Magic resistance and in know damage on q and E is more but E needs 40% CDR to have the same CD as in live. with 20% the CD is 0.72. this means that in 1.5s i can use E 2 times,while on live i can use it 3 times so even if the damage is less i can use it one more time
: > [{quoted}](name=RiotRepertoir,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=zecNwqGQ,comment-id=00510000,timestamp=2016-04-21T22:01:08.148+0000) > > Voidlings already ignore unit collision I believe. You are correct. The voidlings do ignore unit collision.
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
Voidlings gain 100% Movement Speed **AND IGNORE UNIT COLLSION** when chasing enemies affected by Nether Grasp or Malefic Visions. Please
: MYMU - Zyra discussion
She needs more damage on Q
: > [{quoted}](name=Mirfak,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=zecNwqGQ,comment-id=003d,timestamp=2016-04-20T08:34:58.091+0000) > > i didn't test enough to say if the damage of the ultimate is good or too bad but overall i like the new passive and W > > Just a small improvement to the W plase: voidlings spawn where the cursor is and not close to Malzahar. Not huge cast range.Maybe 450-500? imho: Voidlings should spawn next to Malz if there is no champion under effect of E or R but if enemy champion is under effect of E or R then every new voidling should spawn at max range in the direction to that "marked" champion. The fact that they have to walk to enemy wastes their very short life time
that is exactluy what i meants. you are suggesting an even more simple solution. In your case the bonus speed is completerly useless while if you give a cast range but not so big voidlings still have to walk but they are not so far from the target.
: MYMU - Zyra discussion
Damage is down,no CDR from W but more plants thanks to passive and it seems they attack better and faster (but i don't know). I can't say if she's worse or better now but i suggest something that would be very nice with the new passive Since seeds now spawns randomly on the ground why not make her Q like Rumble's R and Viktor's laser so she can use random seeds better?
: MYMU - Cassiopeia Discussion
Make Twin Fang's CD like the old one when reset. She's losing so much DPS now 0.9s vs 0.5s it's almost half the damage Let's say Cassiopeia has 600 AP with 5 items (the same items for both builds) On live she buys boots that gives 85 movement speed and 15 magic penetration then she has 30% more AP and 25% CDR from passive....total is 780AP and 15 magic pen (let's not count runes) ON PBE she buys a rabadon that makes her total AP = (600+120)*1.35= 972 and she has 72 movement speed from passive (-13 compared to live) Twin Fang's damage vs poisoned targets with low MR (carries with MR runes but no MR from items) on live is 155+0.55*780AP=584 584*100/(100+42-15)=460 every 0.5s -----> 920 DPS on PBE is 120+0.1*972AP+130*0.35*972AP=687.4 687.4*100/(100+42)=484 every 0.9s ----> 538 DPS And remember that 1) Rabadon's costs much more than boot 2) She is slower 3) She doesn't have bonus 25%CDR
: MYMU - Cassiopeia Discussion
Already been said but i want you to know that we are many. Fixed distance on W is really bad. It makes W useless vs enemies that are already inside the range Remove 1 circle for each side but add a new like of circles closer to cassiopeia. It's too easy to go out of that zone now because it's very narrow.
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
i didn't test enough to say if the damage of the ultimate is good or too bad but overall i like the new passive and W Just a small improvement to the W plase: voidlings spawn where the cursor is and not close to Malzahar. Not huge cast range.Maybe 450-500?
: Taric Visual and Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread
He feels like Taric but the auto attacks are improved,and since his passive is based on AA it's a good thing. HEAL The heal is really weak. With 3 stacks the heal is weaker than before. he's doing 60+0.2AP+4.5%HP while Live he currently heals for 60+0.3AP+5%. Values are almost the same but cooldown si 18s on live and 45s in the rework... Yes basic attacks now reduces CD more (4s and we have 2 attacks) but:45s-8s=37s is still much higher than 18s-2s=16s Taric is a support,he's not constantly attacking minions spamming abilities. Maybe that cooldown would be Ok during long fights if Taric is able to auto attack a lot but in lane is too high for what it does. SHIELD The shield is strange...supposing he has to defend a carry with 2000 HP late game,the shield value is around 240 that is the same base value of Janna's shield but i bet she has some AP too....Taric gives armor?? yes,but also janna gives something else,AD. On tanks it's good...shielding an allie with 4000Hp means the shield has 480 points that is a lot. but i don't think we shold prefer to shield a tank. STUN it seems good overall,the damage,the delay,the range.....maybe 0.25s more at all levels? or just start from 1s at level 1 and keep 1.75s at level 5 ULTIMATE Since the ultimate has a LONG channeling and OK duration it should have something GOOD----> The range: now it's small and would be OK if there is no channel,but since we have a long channel. Or would be ok to remove the channel and mantain the same range but i don't think it's the best solution. You could also stop Taric's movement while he's channeling but the range should hit all allies wherever they are (i mean in a TF,not a global ability) VISUAL I checked only the emerald one and it's nice,i didn't notice any bug or glitch...well the strange thing is that the Leona BOT didn't make any sound when using her abilities,but i don't know if it's Taric's fault or some other bug
: This has been addressed already by RIOT. It is working as intended. Aurelion Sol's passive (Center of the Universe) is supposed to be his primary source of damage in his kit. That being said, they thought about it, and thought if they were going to allow him to hide them, the ability to hit someone with it with zero possible reaction time would be too strong. aka, they would have to nerf it, and they don't want to do that. So long as it remains that the Space Dragon creator of stars cannot hide, don't expect any nerfs to his W or his passive. I personally think the trade off will be fair. He can still ambush from unexpected places via his Comet of Legend (E) and he has a fairly obvious and strong weakness. He still can't be targeted by spells while in bush.
every champion can attack while hidden in the brush. Nidalee spear? Also even if they do damage there is not a great burst that doesn't allow enemies to escape or attack him
: Looking for feedback on Poppy E-Q
is not possible to have faster Q animation?
: The movement speed thematically fits with the fourth auto, running away while you reload.
If he had more range he shouldn't need to run away. They introduced him as a long range attacker, He's not Also Jinx then ha super range?? her ulti has more range than Jhin's and Zap has good range too. Her auto attacks get range with Q....so globally she's "more ranged"
: I have to agree that crits that aren't in the 4th shot feel pretty weird since you don't expect them you can't make good use of the movement boost.
Exactly..that's why the movement speed is something that can be removed to add something else (i suggested bonus AA range since he should be long distance marksman)
: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
i don't think that Movement Speed fits the kit of a slow attack/high damage ADC Please consider to remove bonus movement speed and give him a bonus range He should be a long range attacker but he can't have only W and ultimate if you really want him to act like a sniper. He should be able to stay very far from team fight and have no mobility if he is catched. Caitlyn has 650 range with escape too. Please it would be really different if we had a champion with crazy attack range (of course not base but with items) and be free to nerf other things to balance this strenght.
: Personally, I wish he had significantly more AD from his crit chance and that his crits were limited only to his 4th shot on passive and ult.
No chance to crit but more AD?
: Sadly, limits are a necessary evil. Try to branch out and get make some new friends on the PBE!
even with friends,we can't all take the same champion. I remember the good days (3 years ago) when there are not limitations and ping was under 100 even for europeans
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: Jhin Balance Feedback!
When i first read the spotlight i saw that he is champion that "can attack from long distance".... Attack from long distance is not just having a long range ulti and W! there are many champions with long range abilities...i thought he could keep attacking from distance but after ultimate he just has the W that has a long cooldown....and after that? he just watch the fight? where is the long distance attack???550 auto attack range?
: unable to purchase champions
at least you can enter the shop
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