: I think they look better than the old ones, I still don't like them that much but still, for people saying they look cheap you should take a look at the old ones and you will realize the old ones looked alot cheaper.
My problem is not the effects or their appearance, the size is incredibly large and causes a lot of discomfort when playing. But if you want to talk about how they look good, let's talk about that. In this game with the years were added more and more effects to the champions and spells. Life bars must provide information, but they should never saturate the screen with more effects. This is one of the reasons why other games keep this format of HUD and simple life bar. It does not make sense to saturate the players with other things that should not affect the gameplay.
: I dont like new health bars
In my case the life bars are very large, I have a small monitor and I like that the interface be small. It is complicated because it bothers a lot that you can not change the size of them. It is true that before you could not change, but with that increase in size is simply annoying. {{sticker:sg-janna}} (Google Translate)
: My tips for the new testers
Hi **Syouks** I am new in this foroum, i am from LATS. But I have some questions for the old users. >Is there a right way to make a report? What kind of details i should report? Am I pressed to send out such reports constantly? Days? Mounth? Is there a default format for sending this information? Are images and videos very important for developers? Its a little bit hard for me. Thanks. This answers will help me too much.

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