: Morgana Gameplay Feedback
I'm generally pretty down with the small tweaks to Morgana. I like the ult change a bit - it makes it a little more usable, and while I agree with a lot of the sentiment that Morgana generally is hourglassing super fast anyway, I feel like this is a fine risk/reward kind of deal - gives you an easier time repositioning a bit and catching up to people if you can do so safely. Incentivizes a little more risky gameplay, I guess, and I feel like it's unfair if Morgana's ult is like super reliable lategame anyway. The W, I'd probably have to play some more to know for sure, but it feels about right. And I concur with other folks that it would really be nice to at least get a little extra autoattack range. Doesn't have to be the full on 550, but at least a little bump would be really appreciated.
: Kayle Gameplay Feedback + PBE changelogs
The cast time on the ult is really oof. It's so clunky. Not being able to smoothly maintain autoattacks on a champion like this is just super jarring and super unpleasant.
: MYMU - Vladimir Discussion
Long time Vlad hater checking in. Gotta say, when I first saw this update I was about ready to flip some tables at how... not reworked he seemed. But actually playing him a bit on PBE and getting a better grasp on how his new abilities work changed my mind pretty quick. I'm kind of annoyed at his Q still being so... blargh, but I do appreciate that at least now there's SOME gameplay around it - he can only ~~instill me with the rage of a thousand suns~~ zone me off my creeps for 2.5 seconds instead of just all the time. The E being blocked by minions and yet also giving Vlad bigger payouts for charging it and investing more HP (and actually taking a RISK, something that I feel Live Vlad very rarely has to do) is cool for both Vlad and his opponent. If I make him blow that big blood ball and miss, I've actually made a play. And that is phenomenal, being able to "make plays" against Vlad. The heal on his ultimate is another cool thing - It's a HUGE heal if he manages to hit a lot of people. But not so much if he doesn't. All in all, I think while I still won't be lining up to take my poor hapless Jax into the Vlad matchup, this is a much better take on the character that stays true to at least some of his original concepts, so I think it's quite a good rework in that regard. Better for everyone involved. I will still be delivering the bill for 6 years of therapy necessitated from encountering Live Vlad to Riot, however.
: Yay mini-Sunfire! Quick questions; * Are Warrior-based junglers or bruisers going to end up building this too? (Specifically Vi and Jarvan; those two seem like they would love building this + Brutalizer and being ok) * Is anything for Magus or Devourer junglers going to come up, similar to this? There are few strong Magus junglers, and I've seen almost every champion that could build Devourer building Warrior instead.
Yeah I wouldn't mind a bit of a pass for all the jungle item enchantments. Though Devourer, I think, is gonna be somewhat held back so long as Warwick's ult does what it does. But if we could sort those and Poacher's we might be getting somewhere.
: Tanks on Fire - Incoming Cinderhulk + Gromp changes
Mmm, pairing Sunfire Cape and tank clearing seems like a decent idea. And I like bringing back the old Spirit of the Ancient Golem health bonus, was sad to see that go as it seemed like the perfect thing to make a tank demonstrably tankier than a bruiser. At least, as long as bruisers don't start buying that too... That aside, is this going to have any effect on Sunfire Cape's aura? I assume at least they won't be able to stack.
: Naut Nerfs
It now scales off his maximum HP, not his bonus HP, as I read it. I failed to notice that at first too.
: Maokai Update on a PBE near you!
Is Maokai going to get any new voiceover? Singed didn't in his somewhat similar update.
: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
He's so big and imposing looking, it's cool. I'm really looking forward to his VO. And I definitely think he deserves a Traditional skin. Played him a teeny bit just a while ago, gonna play him some more when I can get some free time tonight. I'm hype.
: Crowd Control Fix Bug Thread
Has this been the reason why it always seems like people can flash away from Lissandra even before her CCs run out? Sounds like what's being described. Glad to see this fixed either way.
: [Summoner's Rift, Health Bars] Health Bars on various creatures not showing damage
Can confirm this happened with me as well, I was classic Viktor. Did also have the Soraka and Azir in my game... And I couldn't attack inhibs either.
: [Planned 4.10] Item Changes (Attack Damage / Attack Speed / Warden's Mail / Support Itemization)
With all this new kiting potential that's being brought about, are we maybe looking at just dropping the move speed buff that Heal provides? I've honestly never really liked it or thought it made sense - Watching someone heal "offensively" to chase down and finish a kill struck me as incredibly counter-intuitive to what the summoner is supposed to do. I much more liked the idea of Heal removing GW - though I know there are extended plans for that. I know without a bonus effect there's not much incentive to take it over Barrier, but I feel that maybe only one of those summoners should exist in the first place.
: Twitch Visual Update Feedback Thread!
I am absolutely in love with much of his script. This has gotta be the first champion that I can just be walking around as and start laughing at because he told some lice he found to just "hop on." And the sheer comedy value of unstealthing in the middle of the enemy team, yelling out "IT'S ME!!!" and dying instantly because you're Twitch will have me eagerly anticipate spectating low elo Twitch games. Also the autoattack animation feels way smoother than it did before which makes me happy. I'm pretty into all of this but I definitely will miss his old ability names. At the least I'll probably always call E Expunge in my head, but I do think Spray and Pray is too iconic of a name to change. I'd much rather hear LCS casters talking about Spray and Pray.
: How to make Sona's Auras FEEL Impactful (w/ Pics!)
: So does he get more mana regen now that his w doesn't give him mana? I feel like Gragas has some mana issues. I like that you get to use w for mana and the synergy between spamming it constantly off cd and using spells in conjunction with his passive. Plus the loss of ad being replaced with something like kassadin's w seems bad. It does sounds kind of op though. Hit someone with q, slows them, then stun them, and then knock them back. Or put your barrel somewhere, knock them into it and stun them, waiting as long as you can to detonate. It seems kind of odd giving him another form of cc. Also want to add that having Gragas stand still and drink gives him a ton of swagger, so I don't like that he can move and drink.
His mana costs are significantly lower. Q starts at 60 and gets up to only 80 I believe. E is lowered a bit too.
: Gangplank's passive to true damage (with reduced values)
The slow is the problem on that passive. If you want it to do more damage the slow has to go. And I assume the slow is going to be going, before too long.
: I'm curious as to why you're moving so much of his damage budget into an attack speed steroid? Given that there are so many attack speed items in the game why focus so much power there? Also, only bad Lee Sins kick an enemy away from their own team; so why incentivze a play that has been deemed bad for so long? About safe guard, instead of making safeguard cost more when ward jumping why not put a penalty on the cool down (an extended cool down.)
I take great issue with the statement that "only bad Lee Sins" do X with their ability with Y number of uses. A targeted, very powerful knockback has a numerous amount of applications and ignoring a great many of them by saying that "only bad players do this" is silly to the point of ridiculousness. Are you not going to kick away a ramped-up Jax from your low-health ADC because "only bad Lee Sins kick an enemy away from their own team?" While I agree that this may not be the best way to properly incentivize using the ability, I think viewing it from the lens that only some of the potential uses for it are valid is pretty wrong in its own right.
: Let's talk about Lee Sin retune
Been looking forward to this. I'll share some of my thoughts for what they're worth. I feel like his passive taking up the primary "space" of his scaling is a bit of a mistake. As many people have said already, he very seldom gets a chance to freely make use of it in the later parts of the game. It's certainly a very powerful steroid - so much so that it's certainly possible that it'd be easier to squeeze in, or rather that his playstyle might shift somewhat, making him less of an all-in-hope-to-god-i-can-kick-someone kind of teamfighter. Hard to say that just from looking at the numbers alone, but just thinking about it, it sounds a little iffy. Wanna get my hands on it and try this out for myself. I really like the E and W changes, however. Lee Sin has gotten away with "such skill" moments of pressing W on whatever is handy to escape far too easily, for far too long imo. I would have run up the cooldown on that thing myself, but this is fine. E is just a silly move that's silly powerful and is one of the primary reasons he can dominate you in a lane from the outset. It being physical damage is definitely a good thing, though I do think Lee Sin in this incarnation would lack any real tools for contending with an armor stacking lane opponent. Lee Sin should be about outplaying and outfoxing people to beat them, and the idea that someone could simply buy 50 cloth armors to negate his playmaking with sheer stats is a little disappointing. That said I also don't think that his outfoxing and outplaying should be as simple and clear cut as "max E, walk up to enemy, press E," either, for that matter. Especially in this incarnation, he doesn't quite have the sheer raw power of someone like Riven to completely resist the opponent's efforts to out-stat him. Maybe to counteract this there could be some form of armor penetration somewhere in his kit? It's likely the other numbers would have to be thrown around a bit to make that make sense, but if it's something he has to "succeed" in some way to unlock then I think that would be cool. If his teamfight capabilities should prove lacking, what about hopping a small AD ratio onto his shield? It would help him to safely stick in more of a sustained teamfight situation without getting blown up immediately, and make use of his big AS passive. It might be a bit overbearing if he can use it too often though, as we've seen again with Riven. As for his Q, I'm ashamed to say I'm just not capable of doing the math to figure out how its damage changes. I'm sorry.
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: [4.4 PBE] Feral Flare - New upgrade to Wriggle's Lantern on PBE
Just from fooling around with it for a little bit in customs, it seems like it may be a little slow to ramp up... There's not that much of a "spike" for obtaining it, it seemed to me, rather you slowly became more powerful over time. And I suppose that may be fine and the point of it. I do however like the idea of a potential infinite scaling item for farm junglers. It makes you really, REALLY need and want to disrupt their farm before they come out beastin'. And that's always been what I imagined as the "counter" to farm junglers, either invading them and taking their farm/killing them, or forcing them out into the lanes. If left to their own devices, a jungler stacking Feral Flare can become an absolute monster that will only snowball harder upon entering the fray and picking up kills or assists. The only real question I have is in the timing of that, and its viability vs. Spirit Stone items (I mean, Wukong with Lizard Elder is kind of already an absolute monster, no stacking required) I'm curious for people who have played around with it more in slightly realer games and who are just better junglers than me (worst in the US), how do y'all feel about it in practice? Do you actually WANT to go down the Madred's line, or do you find yourself wishing you'd picked up a Spirit Stone instead?
: The Adventures of Warwick and the Feral Flare (spoiler: everything dies)
Well you did kinda have 50 kills and it was kinda 50 minutes into the game. Certainly it seems that it can be very powerful when farmed up enough, but I don't think it's going to realistically be THIS strong very often. Does seem like a great pickup for Warwick though, for sure.
: Heimerdinger is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
His special quotes for using his ulted abilities don't seem to play very often, I'm not sure why. They only play if I wait a bit after ulting to use my ability, which is only seldom the case. I'd love to hear Heimer exclaim IT'S GONE MAD when I rush to set down an ulted turret right away.
: Doran's Shield
I totally approve of this. Doran's Shield has been too strong for way too long and I'm glad to see it's getting looked at.
: [Kassasin] Upon death, his W isn't applying the passive damage, nor is the active working.
Just posting to confirm that this happened to me as well. Wasn't sure of the cause til I saw this thread - I really love the new W though I was sad when it stopped working.
: [Trinkets] - Smartcast by wrong key
Ahhh, I totally didn't even see that. I'm still not really used to the new keybindings page. Thanks for enlightening me!
: Sivir Nerf too Harsh
I'm pretty inclined to agree. Looking at how little damage it did to hit one cold at Level 1 was just depressing. I understand this may be a necessary direction to shift her in, but I just feel like the number is too high. This would be a much too heavy handed nerf that really makes me not even want to play her.
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: When is the ''Next Patch''
I'd assume it'll be sometime today but I can't say for sure. There wasn't one over the weekend and there's been a lot of bugs found in this one, so I could see it not being ready til tomorrow. But I sure hope not.
: Avarice Blade and the gold item limitation
Yeah I totally agree. Had the same problem on Master Yi and I was really confused about whether I was gonna be allowed to build a Ghostblade or not so I just went for the IE. It's just not a very clean setup.
: [Feedback] Will of Ancients PBE Changes
I was personally hoping for a more interesting selfish spellvamp item and for WotA to remain an option for supports with a very mage-heavy team. I think that could be a pretty interesting boon to a support's options.
: [Feedback] Trinket key binding
There also seems to be a glitch with it, I rebound my trinket to T but it still activates whenever I do my shift+4 laugh. And you can't seem to smartcast them on T either.
: Thank you for the feedback. Is there anything you feel that the old voice provided that the new one doesn't, or was it just how iconic it was?
I honestly disagree with the majority of people on this voice. I came into this expecting to be disappointed but the new voice is pretty much better than I'd have ever dared to expect. People are very attached to the old one but I feel like it recaptures the feel of the original really well and that people would have complained about it no matter how good it ended up being.
: Cant attack inhibs/nexus and other bugs.
In the game I just played, I as Master Yi helped take out the first inhibitor. But later on when it respawned we found our Elise couldn't attack it - I believe she was in ranged form at the time as well, but I'm not 100%. However Elise (as ranged) and Soraka were the only ones who could hit the nexus.
: A Warm Welcome from Relaunch!
I feel like Alistar on the whole could be relaunched. Upcoming support rework notwithstanding, he seems like a character who should be able to get money and farm up damage if he wanted to. Sure it's an interesting fantasy to get in there and headbutt people, and knock them up into the air, and just take no damage. But honestly just looking at him, how he looks, I don't just see tank, I see tank and damage threat. When I think of a minotaur I think of a great big monster bull just smashing everyone up, not necessarily just knocking them around, but performing a bit of the slaughter himself. Of course Alistar's obviously got a bit of an identity in the game already, but that's just my two cents. I'd honestly probably be just as happy with some gameplay tweaks and a VU as well.
: [Suggestion] Sivir NEW art!
It does look a little over the top. But I would say that I definitely like it more than what we have now. And it's just more matching in general. If anything maybe tweak it a bit to be less ridiculous looking, but I'd honestly be fine with it as it is.
: Combat Text, Ceremony, and Particle Changes!
I really enjoy the new last hitting sound. Feels like I can get a nice rhythm going with it and it's just more noticeable and impactful and everything.

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