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: Well first, ditto what Amy Sery said. But secondly Riot can never use someone elses art in the game, even if they were to say pay the person who came up with it. They will get completely spammed to hell with "ooh use my idea," and people begging nonstop.
Well they can will change the skin im just giving a suggestion on how it should look like :)
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: You seem to have forgotten that its also a delayed skillshot which means it can be avoided and even if you get hit by no veigar is going to have 1K ap 20 mins in it takes a long time to get that much ap its as simple as shutting him down early and avoiding the stun combo.
If its a delayed skillshot then why cant noone doge it ?
: I really don't understand all those Veigar rants recently. Veigar pays **GREATLY** for immobility, squishiness and his telegraphic abilities. Every single ability of his has a delay. Q has cast time and travel time, W has a strong delay, E has windup time, and R has travel time too and people can use {{item:3157}} to prevent it. If you let a Veigar farm up to 1000 AP and do not punish his weaknesses, there is no one else to blame but yourself.
Zhoyna wont help if ur playing like zed or yasuo , or any ad champ ...
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: RP Solution?
I agree that there aren't many people on the pbe But the rp reward i disagree because the pbe isn't for rp its for testing the new patches,champions... + all the skins are 1 ip so u dont even need the rp

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