: In addition to Runa, even if you 'misused' rp/ip from an account made in 2010, you should have had plenty of time to buy everything...
hmmm :P i gifted my friends skins mostly lol. Idk why its just fun to gift and see what randomly pops up. i dont know what i used the IP on? i think there was no rune bundle before
: "I know that we can't ask for x but because I think I am special I am still going to ask for x. P.S. I will mention that you are the best because I think it would increase my chances of receiving x."
I never said i was special, Asking because i need it. What is the harm in asking? and its not that you can't ask. its that you wont give you more. but oh well i see your point.
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: Showdown (Re-)Enabled on PBE!
Some 1v1 feedback (have not tried 2v2): games are short that is cool but the champion select is longer then should make it faster also i dont think its necessary to game the base lol it just cripples your movement another thing loading screen imo would look better if it had animation the base is not needed to be their it just cripples your movements :) i dont think a que is the best option for this game mode maybe just custom game
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: UchihaScar's Yasuo Feedback/Discussion/Etc
: Red Trinket bug
i can confirm this i use the red trinket i see a ward i attack the ward then the ward disapeares before the duration of the trinkets ends
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