: Thoughts from a long-time MF player
They should stick the activate Strut on the E skill and make it uninterruptible for the duration.
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: [Bug] Champion Garen - Upon Death Garen Sword is Misplaced
The same occurs when playing garen. Custom game, Summoners Rift, Level 1, default skin. Went to a tower to die, sword stuck to the ground after I was revived. Dying a second time didn't fix it.
: [Gankplank] Bug regarding wriggles + parrley on SR
Avarice blade + parley displays correctly (6 from parrrley 2 from avarice for a grand total of +8). Wriggles + Parley still only displays the parley gold. It is only a display bug so at least you get the full gold amount. Avarice + Wriggles is not possible because both are gold income items.
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