: TFT Camille needs some buffs
I agree. She is very week. Their are trying to give us the ability to control units, but her ult is really useless unless you have Ranged champs(who she doesn't synergies with(apart from jinx)). Also Camille's Target usually die when Camille ults them. I think that instead of making it so that her ult makes champions who are within Camille's range Prioritise the target rather than the way it is now. It would make her fit the blade master class more. and also would be fun seeing her built as an assassin with other assassin champions.
: Riot [confirmed](https://twitter.com/KateyAnthony/status/1060418527360802817) not to have summoner icons for the Coven line.
Really.... how much work would it take to make one each??
: Whoha, community seems pretty harsh on this one. Personally, I think Leona looks AMAZING. And the pajama Star Guardian idea is really cute! i have a few comments though: 1. At first glance I thought one of the eclipse skins would be for Diana. I thought was a really cool idea to have a duo release since they are sisters: Solar and Lunar eclipse - as opposed to two different Leona skins. (Both look great though). 2. Leona's helmet should be toggle-able. It looks really amazing and it's a shame it only appears on the recall. As feedback in general: you have quite a few champions that could have toggle-able accessories to allow for a little more customization. Alternatively, maybe she gets her helmet and glowing armor permanently after level 10 or something. 3. The pajama skins are really cute but I feel players should get a 50% price reduction for having base skin. Same with Leona's variant, as her outfit is extremely similar.
So to release almost the same skins and sell them for 900 is not harsh for the community? The way Riot acts these days makes me think they are going broke.
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: That's the problem, don't try. Why would you be asking to cancel a skin for Leona who hasn't had a decent skin in a very long time, to give it to a champion that has a lot of good looking skins. Did you think about all the Leona players that are so happy about finally getting a skin ? Did you think about the time and money Riot put into making this ? No, because you want a skin for a champion YOU like. If you want a Diana skin, post on the Live boards or Reddit your skin concept or ideas, and maybe Riot will make it happen, but don't ask for a skin cancellation just because you want that skin for you.
Not sure if you know that Leona will get 2 legendary skins, not one.
: Premade Voice now on PBE!
Why are we not allowed to talk to all of our team(inc non-premade)? I already have discord and skype and use depending on what I feel I see no point in the system to be like that. Its just pointless. the only thing that I could see come of this is to boost performance (By a VERY tiny bit).
: The way you're adding this to the game makes no sense. To chat with your premade team, you already have Discord, Skype, TS3 or whatever, and they have a lot of extra features so there's no reason to use League's voice chat.
Exactly. Maybe the only thing that this system could add is to make game faster by only a very tiny bit. but still very useless
: Will we be able to talk to our team in game if they are not part of our party in anyway? If not i'm not seeing the benefit to this system because everyone that plays in a party already uses discord or something of that sort. I think this is a really good opportunity to allow us to talk to our teammates we are matched with(if we want).
: Please add this feature to full team in game, as you may find people you feel comfortable talking to and end up adding friends... Toxicity is always there but don't let that stop you from doing this, it will help so many players find others whom they feel comfortable talking to and enjoy league!
I don't know why isn't that the thing... honestly why wouldn't i just use discord to talk with my premades instead of using this? I think voice chat should be for the whole team, something like mute button should exist, i don't think its hard to mute someone really. bilzzard released voice chat for overwatch and as far as i know there is little to no toxicity in voice chat. But lets pretend that's not the case, lets pretend that league is different, people are toxic, they swear like crazy on you flame and shout so hard... SO what? I think i should be able to press M and get rid of him? I feel like this feature is almost completely useless right now, because of as I said we can just use discord no? skype?
: Camille- Still too powerful?
She isn't as strong as you think, especially with new keystone. she is the bruiser that get the least from the new keystone. next patch (if new keystone is released) her win-rate will significantly drop.
: So, being that this is "god staff" I feel like "Imagine if i had a real weapon" should be changed. Something along the lines of "They finally gave me a real weapon!" since it's his joke and all...
: Adds a snowball,removes 71 champions?Whichever genius came up with this should be ashamed of himself
I don't know why do I feel like the next April fools joke will be that they are bringing this game mode back.
: Snow ARURF
Chill, People will only play it on normal, not PBE. to try out skins
: Better URF Idea !
And then you cant play Garen, Zed, Fizz, twitch, Warwick, Maokai, shen, etc.
: Poro King and Snow Battle ARURF coming to a PBE near you!
Please riot. Please, I want to play all the champions, We can only play less than half champions now, its just so boring, I played 5 Games of this game mode and all the champions are played over and over again. You lowered the amount of OP champions, so now its only a few, so whoever gets fizz or twitch wins? Most of us want ARURF back, if not, URF! Snow day ARURF? you are just making it worse every time.
: Zoe can redirect her Q while hard CC'd
Maybe its only the sleep thing that makes her like that because it is a new CC type.
: Just feeling like this should be noted (Zoe discussion in the comments if you want)
The only Champions I like in the league of legends are Camille, and what it seems to be Zoe. I tried her one game ( Where we had an afk and I lost lane and the game was one-sided) but overall i feel she is a fun to play champion, Hard to play, Hard to master. I've never RUSHED to try a champion in PBE before Zoe, I felt like i Want to test her, I want to play her ASAP but well, i don't think i can, cause even the jungler want to play her in the jungle, and when it seems like I picked her or someone picked her for me, well, someone dodges and now Good luck picking her again If not auto-filled to support. But of course you cant blame people for that, its just been days since she is in PBE, so expect a lot of pressure on her right now. Anyways, I still think she is weak right now ( I am not sure cause i only tried her once) , her Q is really hard to land and when it lands its only 200 damage in the early game and she have almost no mobility, She gets her mobility only at 6 and its a short TP and Back again, making her ult very easy to counter. about her skin, TBH I dont think its a Very cool skin, I think its just a normal skin in terms of model and animations. But its a really nice skin when we talk about the theme. Oh yea, I don't think you need to worry about riot changing Zoe or something like that, I think riot understand the first impressions on their new champions, its about the same with Kayn.... First people were saying something like "RIP league of legends, champions can now walk through walls" etc. This is because riot is trying to make every new champion unique and different than the others, like: Camille's ult, Xayah and Rakan duo bot, Kayn's E, Ornn's new CC and his ult, Evelynn's R etc. and I don't think zoe is different, she is not OP at all to be nerfed or changed, or have her abilities changed to buff her. The last thing I want to say that doesn't Directly link to Zoe is draft pick. I am concerned about the reasons on why not release a PBE-only version of Draft pick where the 2 teams can have the same champions ? because I think this will lower the dodge rate by a good amount. tl dr don't worry about about the Hype, She is a hard champ so the community will leave her in probably a week, and dont worry about the community reactions because I think riot knows what the reactions would be from the community because it's just like what the community did with Kayn's ability to go through walls. -Not native English speaker.
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: > [{quoted}](name=NA HotLegs,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=HbMlzBAY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-31T22:28:44.417+0000) > > it doesn't synergize with her 2nd Q true damage, I Really still don't know why. True damage can't be reduced or amplified, so debuffs (in this case Press the Attack) and resistances (Armor and MR) doesn't affect it.
Why is it reduced against baron Nashor minions ? Doesn't make sense :( plus sometimes i can feel a different of 30-50 true damage when i hit different enemies. also, press the attack doesn't reduce enemy resistance. it causes them to take 12% more damage.
: Now we need to talk about fervor
True, I main Camille and without Fervor of battle Camille is not the same champion i know. she is much weaker with the new rune, and it doesn't synergize with her 2nd Q true damage, I Really still don't know why. plus she doesn't do harmful damage from any other ability beside her Q. There are also many other champions will miss it, Like Renekton. I don't play Renekton much but i have no idea what he will take as his key stone.
: > [{quoted}](name=KnifeLeg2Head,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=FbclbaXU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-28T18:10:49.497+0000) > > you have practice tool.... and dummies, runes are free, ashe is Lowest BE price champion, why not try it your self. Common sense is not allowed here. {{summoner:14}} {{champion:63}}
{{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:115}}
: Annie got only 19 armor and rengar seem to be health bugged
Riot already knows about that Rengar bug. About Annie, Her kit mostly counter Yasuo, for zed, Zhonya's was always the strongest counter play against him
: Can Ashe Q instaproc "Press the Attack"?
I mean..... you have practice tool.... and dummies, runes are free, ashe is Lowest BE price champion, why not try it your self{{sticker:sg-lux-2}} but anyway, i tried it and it didnt work, it only gives one stack
: Heya, I passed that along to our champ team, too. I know they're working on a ton of stuff right now, but at least they'll have vis that it's still happening so they can decide when if/when they need to prioritize this fix. Thank you so much.
Thank you so much for that. {{champion:164}} Camille doesn't like anomalies <3
: Thank you for the quality bug report. Including the repro steps is very helpful. I'll be sure to make sure this is reported to the right people.
{{sticker:katarina-love}} Can you please look at my post in EUW ? its a Camille bug, Sorry for linking something not related to PBE but i started reporting this bug since patch 7.12! still no fix. I have also included reproduction steps and some videos. [Here](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-reports-eu/QbyE7b2Q-camille-e-doesnt-stun-enemies-if-they-are-dashing-back) Thanks :)
: **Same, http://prntscr.com/h2omsh ** **Also, when W is on cooldown, the same thing happens.**
The bad thing is that it stays through out the game, Had many people Flash on enemy because they thought im very low while I am acually 500 Health, its just too confusing, that needs to be fixed ASAP, Rengar is currently unplayable
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: Victorious graves
I Kind of got scammed with this I climbed all the way from bronze 5 to gold 5 this season just to get the skin and when I heard it was a graves skin I was so sad but when i actually saw the skin ..... i don't even how to describe the disappointment I felt, Pink and white? it feels like a 520RP Old skin I hope its just something they are going to improve, the quality of the skin is really not acceptable.
: The notication about PBE changes in front page in the client will be lit .Also about negative attitude it is a good method for banning people that are not here for helping leage to get better and they are only here for taking free skins and stuff .Also i wonder about runes they will stay like the normal tha we have on live servers or will it change ?
Do you think if people cant get free skins would ever play PBE ? Like 50% of people play in the server are from outside of NA (if not more) meaning they will get much higher ping than their main servers There are a lot of bugs are meant to be on PBE why would someone play a server in which they would lag while playing on and facing way too many bugs just to test ?!
: Can't buy a skin on the champion select screen.
: Its not available, because it doesn't need testing.
i just got it ? i bought the Gemstones before the unlimited RP and BE was taken from us
: More 5 or 10 second after all picked own champion on draft
: i mean, on live server, not pbe, i wanted to know, when its gonna be shiped to live server ? ^^
they said its 7th of November or 8th I am not sure
: How can you verify that a "lot of lv5 honor" are extremely toxic as you can't even check their honor level on live server; suppose you know their live server account. My live server games are 10x better since I reached Level 5 but you are saying the exact opposite for the PBE with no proof
i Can verify that because of the borders people have in live lot of them have lv5 honor however they flame so hard in a game
: What Runes Look Like on "Unique" Champions
Same issue with Camille Press the attack doesn't add damage to her 2nd Q
: Or make 2 queues, one for Honor 5 only and the other for Honor 3 & 4.
I dont think honor has anything to do with Toxicity A lot of people arent lv5 Honor and they are really friendly people and there are a lot of lv5 honor who are extremely toxic
: This is a known issue.
how can i solve it though
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: General Feedback for Loot, and some skins idea!
Even though i dont play Taliyah, I still like her skin Idea For Loot, Its just PBE things man and these are obvious things that riot would easily find (I think)
: 10/19/2017 - Nunu Ult 1 Shot w/ Predator
: Early Few Blue essence and rp
This is not a bug man Just keep an eye on PBE updates They changed the amount you have of RP and BE
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: 12% more damage from all sources doesn't apply to his ult? why?
To be honest i dont know and thats why the should change it :P
: you have edited SFX, what do you mean? SFX= Sound effects If you mean the VOL, well, that is hard to talk about VOL= VoiceOverLines
I played too many games of death sworn zed. and I mean the sound when he speaks (his quotes) there isn't any editing to it, they don't sound like they should. if you compare this to project skins, they've got mechanised voice.
: IDK man imho it's actually better than fervor was. simply put, no ranged champs are really gonna be taking PTA. it's basically gonna be AD caster junglers like Kayn and top laners that go black cleaver or titanic/ravenous rather than trinity force or BORK. in other words anyone who doesn't rely on attack speed. like if you can afford to take PTA on Darius it's gonna be quite effective and do a gd boatload of damage, man. it synergizes with his passive and amplifies his ult (assuming it's within the timeframe) by 12%... sounds pretty gud to me man.
If you mean it increases the damage they take from his ult... then you are wrong just like Camille's Q. it doesn't add damage to it
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