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The problem with adding more champions to TFT is not trying to balance the champions themselves, it's the fact that adding new champions decreases the chance of getting all other champions of the tier that the new one is going into thus causing RNG balancing issues towards what you're likely to get. This means that adding a new champion to the grey tier will decrease your existing likelihood of completing your golden Darius/Garen because the new champion is going to take some of the shop slots that each of them would have normally taken. Later on down the line, they might be able to release an entire batch of champions at once and minimize the above problem by adding an extra shop slot, but even that can only work so well.
: here! maybe the reason for the "unexpected error"
No, because I noticed my friend was marked as "online" during the queue yesterday but by the end of his queue he got in fine.
: Waited 5 hours to have an "unexpected error" when i was just about to log in.
Got off work at 9pm. Start queue at 9:15pm. First unexpected error at 1:00am. Second error at 5:32am (2 mins before this post.) Riot, please fix your shit. I get that this is the PBE and i get that the PBE isn't meant to handle the amount of people that you're currently getting, but this is not the response we should be getting. Longer queue times is a more appropriate reponse than this (even if they are already riduclous as is). At least then, we'd be able to get in on the first try and much more likely get in faster as a result as we'd probably get a single 7 hour queue time instead of 2 or 3 4 hour queue times (8 and 12 total hours respectively).
: Same thing was just having a match and it went good, and against qiyana Next match it got stuck and crashed. after restarting the computer, i could always do reconnect, but got the same crash all the time. On a pre-made, both of us got crashed
What's messed up is i was able to perma-solve it by disabling my AVG. Shouldn't have to do that, but ok.
: Cannot connect to a game
Well, that's awkward. My logs thing finally finished uploading to the file share service so i come back here and it's no longer needed. rip.


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