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: Battle Boost IP edition?
though few of you responded I'm glad that you all did and appreciate the time you took to respond. if any of you have suggestions add them and ill update the post!
: Thanks for the post MightyOak! This may not have been your intention but it did remind me of the need to add Ward Skins to the options! Yeah, not applicable to Howling Abyss but if you were going to play on SR we should try to incorporate ward skins into a future version. Anyway...the thing I like about borrowing from other players is the social aspect of it. Everybody wins, eh? I wonder if anyone would want the option to prevent other players from using their skins? What if a player borrows your cool Headhunter Master Yi skin and has a bad game filled with feeding. Worth? This is a little messy on the technical side b/c of leavers, DCs, etc. Still, thanks for bringing up the idea!
when i was writing this i thought of what to do because like you said, feeders, leavers, and DC's aren't fun, especially when you just spent a decent amount of IP and the game is surrender at 20. these were the three ideas i came up with during writing this and after reading your comment. 1) ***Pay less if you lose*** EX: Player X gets into the game after borrowing the skin from Player Y. after 10 minutes Player Z gets mad at Player X and starts feeding, raging, and being toxic. Player Z feeds the other teams mid lane and then afks, and because of this Player X loses the game. At the end of the game Player X goes to the end Chat room and scoreboard. As Player X looks at his IP it says 80+120 - (N - 1)IP. because he lost he gets refunded an amount of the IP that he payed to compensate for the bad game he had. ( Because Player X lost he only pays (N - 1) IP at the end of the game or is refunded a small amount) 2) ***Pay less if the game is too short*** EX: player X gets into the game after borrowing the skin from Player Y. At about 10 minutes the game begins to go downhill. Player X's team isn't doing well in the lanes. At 20 minutes the team agrees that they most likely can't win and respectfully surrender. since Player X didn't get to fully enjoy the skin due to the short duration of the game he is refunded a small amount of IP (Player X's game only lasted 20 minutes. Player X enjoyed the skin, but feels the game was too short to fully enjoy the skin, and the game so he gets a small refund of what he payed.) 3) ***Paying a Percentage of your earnings*** EX: Player X borrows the skin, at the reduction of 50% of IP he gets for playing this game. Player X begins the game, but player Z just isn't doing well in his lane and feeds. Player Z's lane opponent ends up snowballing and winning the game. at the end of the game Player X gets only half the IP he would normally get because he borrowed a skin (this reduction would exclude most bonuses such as the IP boosts). he feels bad because he didn't get to enjoy the skin, but he still gains IP so it's not as damaging. (During the Skin selection Player X takes a IP reduction for that game, instead of paying a flat amount. at the end of the game Player X looks at the amount of IP he gained, and notices there is a 1/2 sign near the IP box, and that he gained a much smaller mount of IP than normal because he borrowed the skin) ***End Statement***: these were three of the ideas I had to try to help comfort that feeling of spending IP on something and regretting it. I feel as if the first two options might also be an incentive to ruin a game (unlikely but still possible) by trying to rush a victory and being reckless, or by feeding/afking so your team surrenders and loses to get a refund. the third choice I liked, however I wasn't sure if paying a varying percent of IP was enough as a flat amount (EX: paying 90% of your earnings of 100 IP (90 IP) to play Pulsefire Ezreal). ***You no take Skins!*** (in response to Saberprivateer, whom i thank for bringing this up) I forgot to address the no borrowing skins problem. here was my idea on that. you can go to your preferences menu and turn this feature off so others cant borrow your skins, alternatively you can ignore people and they cant borrow your skins.
: The idea is awesome, but the price for the IP needs to be carefully balanced. Too low, eventually the boosts will substitute the cost of the Battle Boost. Too high, and no one will want to buy.
yah, I was worried about that happening, which is why I thought perhaps a percentage of what you got that game might be better. but i worried the price might not be high enough for what you get in return. I'm going to be playing some boosted games to see how much IP you do get in the average Howling abyss Aram to try to think of a decent price. when I'm done I'll come back and let you guys know if i thought of a decent number.
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: Flash Smite bug on SR i think this is the post you were talking about PBEROAN16. thanks for letting me know, i looked for another post about this bug before i created mine, but only went like 4 days previously, which i probably should have gone for more. anywho that is another post about it if anyone is curious.
: Flash Smite bug on SR
i tested this for like 40 minutes in different champions, i noticed it in a real game then tested it in a custom game.
: Teemo's Mushrooms
im not sure if thats the best idea, then you would rely on puttin them in brushes only, and then everyone would know where to scan, the scanner gets large and after its upgraded for 475, you get like 7 seconds of oracles and a minute or so cooldown. i understand teemo shrooms are annoying but its not that bad if you upgrade sweeper. though i wont lie in this season it is a bit buffed.
: Possible Bug=ZIGGS
i played ziggs for about 10 minutes in a custom game, i went around using all sorts of moves on all sorts of things in all sorts of ways but i couldn't get this to happen. if there was more info on how this happened to you i would test it more but there isn't enough.
: Possible Bug=ZIGGS
from what i can understand is that he is saying that he was playing ziggs then he used an ability and he some how died from full hp to none. ill test this out and try to see whats going on.
: The start of Zilean's Q can cause turret aggro despite not dealing damage until countdown
it does this too on Normal servers, not sure if that's a bug or not too though.
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