: 6 Tips about Swain's model in game (and particles) ^^
Regarding 6: I would have loved to have Swain command Beatrice to do the Auto Attacks for him similar to how Azir commands his soldiers. The AA would still work like a simple basic attack but more thematic.
: what if petrified targets stopped miasma in the same way terrain does? that could give her some scary dueling potential at lvl 6, also help tie in her abilities a little more, and allow for some interesting plays.
That actually sounds really cool and would increase the decision-making tied to her ult. Or the W has kind of a minimum to maximum range like 600-800 units
: Syndra W+Q -> E didn't stun Malzahar while ulting me (he didn't have his passive)
That could just be a bug due to the ongoing changes and will most likely be fixed. Yet i dont know why everyone is so negative about the passive changes ... As a Syndra main myself i kinda like these changes very much and on top of that the Q received another buff increasing the AP ratio from 0.7 to 0.75 which is very good. Being able to pick up more spheres is IMO a neat mechanic that suits her playstyle yet it might turn out to be a little bit too OP ...
: Syndra Nerfed damage wise?
Actually, I like the way they changed the passive. However, maybe the increased lifetime of spheres shoud rather be the ult bonus so the Q can keep its dmg amplifyer. The spheres could have a 5 sec duration increased by one second for each rank of her ult thus granting 8 secs in total again. The lifetime could also be increased for each ability maxed out which would be a fifth aspect added to transendence. What do you think? ;D
: Swain's new splash?
Swain's new Splash is actually kinda old already. The first time I found it was some months ago. I'm not quite sure but I think Rito will only add that new splash after the Swain rework they're planing to do. However that will most likely take a lot of time since Taric, Mages and Yorick come first...
: Azir
It is so sad to see this: back then when {{champion:268}} was released, everybody was complaining about how "bad" or "useless" this champion was. Right after Mr. Bird's release I started playing him and really enjoyed that champion. He got some changes and adjustments which I think were totally fine (like a lower direct attack range of the soldiers, or decreasing the Q dmg). But since the day Rito decided to take away the E knock-up/moving his bonus AS/changing the Q dmg mechanic, they went too far. {{champion:268}} 's overall playstile has changed completely and although having him already mastered, you have to start from 0 all over again in terms of lerning. It's almost entirely pointless in starting to learn {{champion:268}} as a new player now because he is going to be changed soon again. Another thing is that his early feels even weaker and you only got the very late-game left. However due to the preseason changes reaching late-game is so much harder now with the upcoming death-timer/minion-push/gold changes AND all AP items are somehow unsatisfying in general. I still like to play {{champion:268}} , he is still fun. But when I play ranked ( I mostly play soloQ and reached plat last season), I ask myself why to pick {{champion:268}} , while there are many other champs that are both easier to learn/play and have a greater impact on the game. {{champion:268}} is suffering from a problem {{champion:60}} had some time ago. Hopefully Rito will fix that soon... Ciao
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
Are you gonna change her E spell as well since it is a pretty weak spell imo with high mana costs, no/barely damage?

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