: It seems to be a bug with just recently logged on accounts. If you have a friend that’s online, get them to invite you
I've been logged in all day {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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: Is there a "Ghost Game" Fix
Same thing is happening with my fiancee and myself, getting Failed to connect when we try to load it
: Can't login to the client
I thought PBE is still down for maintenance
: [Bug} - Syndra E Scatter The Weak interrupts Sion's Ultimate
: You are not allowed to Flash when you W someone
What happened to me is after using a skill, person is already spit out, I can't use summoners spells usually D which I have flash on
: [Bugs] Master List of Bugs (Kalista update)
Not sure if it was added but I've had a bug where when I'm recalling if I open the shop it will make it so my recall has the bar but I don't recall when it's done


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