: I...don't get the point of the Ashe changes. Like, does she only do her base AD in damage when she crits, instead of just her base AD plus her bonus damage from attacking a frozen target? And why are you adding more RNG into this game?
Her damage output is completely unchanged. Instead, her passive "critical strikes" no longer counts as critical strikes, and rather they are simply just a damage increase. This means that her passive should no longer interact with Randuin's Omen's damage reduction versus critical strikes. However, she can critically strike now (it just does not add bonus damage). Instead, it increases the power of her slow.
: [Skarner] – Fractrure(E) Cooldown doesn't get reduced by Fracture's Slow, intended or bug?
I'm fairly certain it is intended that the slow from Fracture is not included in E's passive. Crystallized refers to the particle effect IIRC (meaning they are covered in blue crystal) and you only see this when they are suppressed by Impale or stunned by E's Crystal Venom mark.
: Skarner ult bug?
You are supposed to be unable to AA somebody when they are suppressed by Impale, but you can still Q.
: I'm curious: The cooldown return is related to duration of the stun, so is it reduced by tenacity? Does Skarner actually get any use from the very short 1 second of attack speed? He can't make use of it during his ult (can't AA then), and I'm afraid that 1 second isn't going to be long enough for his AA to reset properly before the buff resets. In that case, it feels like extra power that's there in theory, but not in practice, and that's never a good thing for a champion's balance. Why is this in his E tooltip instead of his Passive, since his R applies it as well? It could be pretty easily said "Skarner gets these buffs when he's in range of one of his spires, and during the time when he has stunned someone" I do like the extra movement speed. I think that allowing him to use his passive more is a step in the right direction. Hopefully you can find a way to tie it into something lower cooldown than his E, though. It still seems like he'll have consistency problems.
I've played a bit with it on PBE. It makes his R significantly more powerful (allows you to pull somebody for a further distance), but it's not very noticeable with his E (1 second is simply not long enough, but increasing the duration of the stun would be foolish). It's a step in the correct direction (and I'd love it there were a way to keep this affecting his R but not his E), but its just not quite there yet.
: No, but he'll still get the cooldown return in that case.
I really like the change to adding a passive onto Fracture, though I feel like the idea of temporarily being charged should be moved elsewhere. Personally I'd like to see his Q take up the stacking mechanic once more. Of course, not as it is in his current implementation. To provide a tangible example, what would you think of this? Crystal Slash: (Added) - Passive: Each cast of crystal slash charges Skarner with Crystal Energy for 4 seconds. While charged with at least one charge of Crystal Energy, Crystal Slash deals bonus magic damage (33%/36%/39%/42%/45% of Total AD)(+20% AP). Charges of Crystal Energy can stack up to 4 additional times beyond the first (5 total). Upon reaching 5 charges Skarner consumes them and grants Skarner Crystal Charge (the buff from his passive) for 3 seconds. Active: Skarner deals physical damage (33%/36%/39%/42%/45% of Total AD) in an area around him. Basic attacks lower the cooldown of Crystal Slash by 0.25 seconds (quadrupled versus champions). Fracture: (Reverted proposed changes for later today) I'd really like to see an effect like this on his Q, and while it would require build-up I feel like it'd be better and more consistent. Plus, Q'ing minions while in a chase has always been an optimization thing for people who play Skarner often (so this would not feel out of place). The build-up for Skarner's Q would take a lot of time early (making this mostly null for ganks), but with a noticeably shorter cooldown as you rank up Q and purchase CDR it would become much more practical later. (To clarify to those who didn't quite understand, the description of his Q above is just an overview of my idea + a slightly cleaned up tooltip).
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
These Skarner changes seem as though overall they'll hurt him more than they'll help. The whole idea of the crystal alters seems interesting (and potentially very powerful), but impractical in most situations. Skarner can use his Q a lot more without as much dependence on attack speed (or mana), and it scales better throughout the game while being slightly weaker in the mid-game (a positive change, nonetheless). His W makes him extremely durable and resistant to burst (which is useful as he is mostly DPS). The E change I love, moving the stun there is definitely a solid change. My concerns lies in his sticking power. As a champion, Skarner has always been about staying on a champion and being really difficult for them to escape from. This rework diminishes this aspect of him a lot. He's lost base movement speed, AND the persistent movement speed of his Q. His stun is also on a longer cooldown the majority of the game (but with a lengthened duration early). If he were given some form of sustained movement speed buff he'd be much more usable. One of the reasons he works properly on live right now is because he has constant movement speed on his Q (and the reason he is weak on live is because his damage is some of the lowest on average of any jungle champion).
: You can totally play as Xerath. :)
So.. playing as Xerath would be playing him in the center? And if so, would it just be base Xerath, or would there be anything different from playing him normally?
: Skarner PBE Feedback/Bugs Thread
Love the changes, the only thing I am worried about is that Skarner might not do enough damage now. Would it be possible to increase the ratio and base damages just a bit, to something like: Physical Damage: 20/35/50/65/80 + 0.6 AD Magic Damage: 20/40/60/80/100 + 0.2 AP
: All Icons are now Urf, Happy Urf day!
Such Urf, Very Urf, Urf (Urfe) {{champion:75}}
: Rengar's Unempowered Q lacking AS, not a fan personally
They really just need to fix his Q in order for this newly reworked Rengar to be a viable champion. His W is much better compared to live (both regular and empowered), his E is pretty good too (no more free harass in lane, but you get a better slow, more range, and a better cooldown). His R is basically the way it is on live but with free MS after destealthing and ferocity generation after stealth rather than during stealth. His Q however, just terrible. At level 1 it is literally only 20 bonus damage. The inherent issue with his Q is that it modifies the damage of your next basic attack, rather than just adding bonus damage like it does on live.
: Rengar Feedback
I completely agree with all of this. They really need to improve his Q, the reason I dislike it is because it modifies your autoattack's damage rather than just adding bonus damage as it does on live. It gives him a bad early game in both top and mid (slow jungle clears, not much damage to trade with in top lane). If it were bonus damage as it is on live it would work much better. Every other change I believe improves him drastically.
: Lets talk Rengar
I like the way they reworked him a lot, except for his Q. The way his Q is right now, it deals modified damage instead of bonus damage which I feel makes it really weak early on. They also removed the attack speed buff (however slight it may be) but his Empowered Q gives 10% bonus AD and a ton of attack speed which is nice for sustained damage. Overall I think he might lack the burst required for him to be an assassin because of his Q doing modified damage in both instances of its use (Empowered and Regular). I do enjoy the short cooldown of it however.
: Xerath's Q and R feel really clunky
With Xerath's Q, I think it doesn't show the AOE of the spell (the width of the beam), but it shows the maximum range it can charge out to (the large circle around Xerath when you hover your cursor over it). I agree that he is pretty good on the PBE now, especially when the only thing he has lost in this rework is a bit of damage on his Ult and free spell pen (Well, there's always void staff).
: Xerath need to be op because no one play him.
And anybody who does play him is usually pretty good at him, and because of this he has no counter play at the moment except dodging the spell that comes after his E.
: Let's talk about Xerath's ultimate
I like the way his Ultimate is ATM, but I feel like it doesn't feel as powerful as it actually is. If they could amp up the visuals and possibly the sound to feel more powerful, like your throwing super-powerful bolts of lightning, that it would look and feel powerful to the player while intimidating the enemy. I enjoy his kit as a whole too, no more blue-buff dependence for Xerath now, and his passive still remains relevant in the late game so if you are low on mana you can attack a wave of minions, as long as you are healthy enough so you do not have to go back. And lastly, he actually has more range and damage than he did before along with good amounts of CC to compliment that all of his abilities are skill shots.


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