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: Isnt a feature per say but a REALLY HUGE PROBLEM LATELY
It's gotten way worse in the last few weeks. I literally can't remember my last PBE game without at least one AFK.
: > [{quoted}](name=Death To Lux,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Q0V4B2Td,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-04-29T15:21:09.251+0000) > > You're clearly on this server for the wrong reason. Please stick to Live. srly lul well why dont u stick to live if u report people leavin games liek yuh self ty
I have not left a single game.
: Player behavior getting too far out of hand (Afk, toxic, etc)
It's gotten so bad I literally cannot remember the last game I played without an afk. I think I'm done playing on the PBE for a while, might check back every couple of months to see if it's improved.
: Its cause they let Brazil to play. And we all know how Brazil servers are. :/
It's because they opened up to everyone. The problem isn't just Brazil, it's people just not caring about the PBE because nothing they do here will affect their live account.
You're clearly on this server for the wrong reason. Please stick to Live.
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: The penalty for going afk and being toxic on the pbe needs to be increased
I'd really like official numbers from Riot, because I'm pretty sure ~90% of my games over the last few weeks have had _at least_ one afk, many of them two or more. The PBE has gotten a lot worse lately, and I have a suspicion it's connected to people hitting Honor 3 and coming here for the wrong reasons.
: The penalty for going afk and being toxic on the pbe needs to be increased
I've been saying this for weeks. Dodge queue should be an hour after first game, two any subsequent dodges. I like your idea of a timer after leaving a game. Toxicity should also be stricter, and have harsher punishments. Any punishment should be applied to the live account as well, except permabans. I don't think a permaban from PBE should also be a permaban for the live account, but it should count in the event that account is ever up for punishment, so if they would normally get a two week ban, if they were banned from pbe that should instead be escalated to permaban. PBE should also be stricter on who can join.
: One of The Worst Decisions Riot Has Made
I don't want to kick everyone that came after that change (some of us do actually test things and report bugs we find), but PBE should be *a lot* stricter on dodging, afk, inting, and flaming, and any punishment should also apply to your main account.
: Hi Mper, There's not really a way to "whitelist" WINE because we don't ship both unpacked and packed executables of the game. It would be a very big security risk to do so. As for the cheating community, we are closely monitoring what they're up to. We are confident in the efficacy of our solution and will address problems as they arise.
Sounds like the usual deal with DRM and other anti-cheat, where it fucks over legit players while cheaters/pirates have no issues. I assume this is coming from higher up and not the pasta chefs, but please try to make them reconsider.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mper,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=LgGojswr,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-04-12T20:02:24.854+0000) > > There are no official plans for Linux, which is understandable with a playerbase share of maybe 0.2-0.5%? > The Mac client doesn't get much love either, from what I can read. > > Therefore I ask if the existing solutions for Linux (especially WINE) are still tolerated. > It looks like the new security update is preventing the gameclient from starting. I feel for you. I suppose you can't get yourself a new computer with windows on it, so all I can do is wish you luck on this.
If it runs Linux, it can run Windows. The issue isn't not being able to install Windows, it's not *wanting* to install Windows.
: Game client security changes now live on PBE
Any update on the performance issues this is causing (and league in general, for that matter, I'm not getting nearly the fps I should be getting on a high-end system, no matter what settings I use)? I also see there's no response on the issue of Linux compatibility.
: Buying skin without losing RP
From testing you can buy pretty much anything individually, but not bundles.
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: Blood Moon Evelynn
Looks like a shitty knock-off of Tango.
: Mana changes coming to PBE today
Spellthief is now dead, while coin continues to give the most gold with the least amount of effort. And not a single support was compensated for the mana issues. Do you even play your own game?
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: Last few patches for me have taken ages to download (15-20 min. as opposed to the usual 2-5) and use up so much disk space while doing it I can't surf the web or anything else on my computer while it does it or it freezes. I was wondering what the dealeo was.
Consider removing some stuff if your drive is that full.
: Maybe not like penality on Live servers but yeah, increase dodge penality should be good. Because man, 25 dodges before going in a game is really really bad. Please riot listen to us!
I think penalty on live server is the only thing that'll work, otherwise people will just play on live while waiting for PBE to cool down.
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: Toxicity
There's a big difference between "kys" and "end your pathetic, worthless life". The former is harmless silliness, the latter should result in an instant ban from the PBE and a chat restriction on their main account. As for the number posted, it's the Suicide Hotline. Find your local alternative and call it.
: Change your PBE Game Video Settings to Match Live might help FPS drop
My FPS are the same no matter what graphical settings I use. I have everything set to max both on live and the PBE, and as others are saying there is a big difference. I regularly get drops to below 50 on PBE, which is borderline unplayable on my 100Hz monitor.
: It's a new form of "store" presentation, think that now they are more grouped and easy to find than going through 100 categories. {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:32}}
The new grouping is nice, except the only thing that shows up under my "Hextech Crafting" tab is a chest, a key, and a token. Not even the normal chest bundles show up there, they're only on the Featured tab.
: New Smart Cast System ( imho )
Are you talking about the smart cast with indicator thing? That can be changed in the hotkeys menu.
: New bars are fine, it just that size is way too big, if they make the size same as before it would be perfect. But yeah, they could be customized .
: It comes under the same way summoner icons and ward skins work when you don't currently own them. They just get added as well. Its like not owning a champion or skin through reroll. I agree all of these items through Loot should be dustable
Ward skins don't get automatically added, but you're right about icons, which annoys me as well. Unlike the emotes, though, icons don't feel insulting.
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: Health bar (PBE)
Agreed. They look terrible, and are impossible to read on the fly, especially at higher resolutions. This feels like change for the sake of change, not because it's needed.


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