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: Can't change form as GGMF on Nexus Blitz mode
i was about to repot that in new post, but you did, i noticed the same, i think we just have to wait util they categorize as "fountain" and then we might change her form
: MINIONS AI in Nexus Blitz
I noticed the same, there are some minions that ignore other minions and they go straight to the torret, and at the middle of the lane they got confuse and they dont know where to go.
: Emotes error
Same here, cant use or change/edit my emotes.
: Victorious Graves Interactions bug
Same bug, was kinda hilarius, recharge with no weapon.
: [Post Game] Past few games not showing stats, only giving the "skip waiting for stats" button
Same here, dont know why is this happening. i hope is not something that may affect for a long time.
: The descriptions for the new runes all say exactly the same in each rune
I have the same problem, all the runes show the same description. and i have no idea about what runes have to use and what it does
: Can't Buy Champions or Skins
Same problem. i hope it's fix soon :) i bought some champs and i have no access to them in champion select.


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