: Kayle Concerns
It might be a bug? I haven't seen any official mention of "aflame" crits being intentional. It also seems to still roll for crits even when hitting towers and is modified by IE which is a bit at odds with how true dmg conversion precedent. I think her normal auto crits might include her passive e damage in the 2x / 2.25x conversion, but I'm not entirely sure.
: New Lissandra Passive Feedback
I'd agree that the passive does a too much base damage or damage overall. The numbers should probably be toned down in some manner, reduced successive damage or a recently damaged from/by condition may be a good place to start. This new passive also does quite a bit more with dark harvest and Liandry's. You uhh might want to keep an eye on that. Otherwise I for one will be playing a lot of Liss support with all the cc effects I can muster. (font of life, ardent, Liandry's) Generally this really rounds out her kit and gives much needed purpose to the rest of her abilities. Being able to gamble on a thrall's damage gives much more meaning to her cc and R targeting.
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: oh about yas and yi. Yes, they're designed to crit, but not their entire damage. Their base damage doesn't crit, only the 100% ad part. Infinity Edge converts the base damage to true damage anyway
Oooh, I didn't know that. I'll add it to the list {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: stormrazor doesn't work on them because they're abilities and yea, illaoi e can redirect true damage edit: ah, you meant about second buff of stormrazor it should work, since they're criticals
Ahh okay... I was more worried about the conversion on non-crit damaging abilities. I still have no idea what they want stormrazor to interact with lol.
: also Illaoi E, master yi q and yasuo q as you said, infinity grabs the whole attack and converts it, even if only one part of the attack crits
Do you know if Illaoi e is designed to transfer true damage? I figured yas q/yi q would convert since those abilities are designed to crit. Did you test them with only stormrazor?
: I think that's very likely the cause, but digging in now. Thanks for the report. Fun times with pushing to PBE a couple weeks earlier than usual {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Weeks? Oh. Objects can only get you so far lol, nothing can truly replace manhours. A virtual coffee to you all, hang in there! {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: On-hit effects are weird. Like GP's parrrley can critically strike and apply on hit effects, *but* it does specifically say that it can critically strike, rather than leaving it up to the fact that it's an AA
I think it's supposed to be separated. For example if you had 100 ad and wits end and you crit, the damage (premitigation) 200 phy+42 magic wits end dmg. The on hit effects aren't (or shouldn't be) modified by the critical strike. The same goes for {{item:3078}} ... As far as GP q, I think it's set to be a melee auto attack with range (and bonus damage). It still applies tiamat and everything but I don't think it procs spell effects like comet even though it triggers spell blade.
: I can see that. Not sure either. Also I looked up critical strike on the wiki and while Blitzcrank's R should not critically strike, his e can since it's more of an empowered AA, but not like jax. It's weird, but it shows it can critically strike.
I think it treats these abilities like an auto where it rolls for a critical strike, but the damage isn't changed because there's no crit modifier for abilities. However with the new {{item:3031}} if the ability "critically strikes" it does a conqueror conversion on the whole attack. And just as a clarification, these "crits" don't do extra premitigation damage, but the conversion does because of the nature of true damage.
: I would hope that aatrox w would proc off it since it's a 3-hit AA passive. It's nothing special, but just a 3-hit AA ability, so it should crit and apply the true damage.
Infinity edge is labeled as "20% of your critical strike is converted to true damage" which shouldn't include on hit effects, but to be honest I'm not sure how a lot of auto attack modifiers are supposed to interact with crit.
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: 5/2 Essence Reaver Effect doesn't work
I think the mana restore is still disabled but it should grant attackspeed on the Essence flair buff as of today.
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: Tired of people in ARAM game mode keep quiting the game inlast few second
I agree that it's annoying but I don't think all of them are genuine dodges. I've had a couple of PBE games break on the transition from champ select to loading screen. As far as people on live, it's an awful problem. Maybe they could lock out reroll points (receiving them and using them) if you dodge in champ select?
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