: I think it's a fair trade. Nasus lack of AOE and his damage relies heavily on his Q. His Q doesn't deal much to the frontline which I expected are tanks and supports. His W can slow down the target but he cant do outputs to the backline (AD & AP) because he has no distance-shortening skill. He is tanky but hard cc can deny him from farming and in team-fight. He is weak in early and mid-game. To be honest, it's hard for nasus to get 500 or more stacks due to the shortening of average game time in which I think he's a little bit weak comparing to the meta champions. A buff for nasus is for sure.
Yup! So faster early stacks and a cap to keep it in check, would get him more roaming ability and allow him to be more involved throughout the game. Not only that, his Q would still be viable late game without needing 300+ stacks. I think a small buff to his E or R would be a nice way to finish it off.... Although you could buff Q damage but remove the ability to lifesteal from it? I really feel that once he gets Tri he's a monster; dmg, sheen, move speed all in one.
: If we do that/ maybe we could make his Q deal AoE damage? Like Tiamat on hit?
I like the idea, but then it might make him stack TOO fast early game?
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AND Azir the grey skin with hobbit soldiers?? :D
: I think the grey health to shield convert should be like: 60%/65%/70%/75%/80%
I'd say even less than that. His kit is pretty much health + armor, so even 80% scaling is too beast mode.. 60% is more than enough IMHO.
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: Severe Stuttering Since Last Patch
Confirming that this is still going on. I'm at 60 fps.
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: Kalista Too Op
with dragon buffs, she one shotted me:/
: Nidalee PBE changes for 9/11
If you're trying to push her to AP, the base AD change is fine and makes sense, but the additional reduction in AS makes her feel so weak during early trades. I was thinking, why not make takedown 100% AP? Also, wouldn't it be better just to keep her Takedown ratios the same and just reduce her "1.5% for every 1%" to "1% for every 1%"? That would lessen the likely hood of AD nid while trimming down her damage a bit.
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: [Nidalee] - E can't heal allies
I can confirm this. Self heal works but doesn't work on any allies.
: I can't connect to the server
"We are having some trouble with the PBE right now, but we are in the process of updating the PBE. Please be patient with us <3"


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