: Urgot Bug and Feedback Thread
My main feedback visually is that his coat is the the same color as his metal and it's not very obvious that it's a coat. Is it possible to make the texture darker?
: PBE Content Being Removed for Loot System Testing
WARNING: THIS IS LONG Some Crafting Questions and Usability notes: Would it ever be possible to bulk purchase keys/chests instead of one at a time? It's currently difficult to assess number of keys/chests needed if you're buying them in the shop. Could we show number of owned chest and keys while in the store? Disenchanting shards into essence currently gives no player feedback. Could an animation or "are you sure?" type of notification be added just for clarity's sake? Does the four chests a month include the ones you buy for RP/IP from the store? It is an arduous process to open chest after chest at the moment [Probably exacerbated by the ability to get a lot at once on PBE] Would it be possible to bulk open the chests until you are out of available keys? Or, if you didn't want to open all of them, set the amount of chests you want to open? In the same way as opening chests, possible actions you can take on each shard takes a while as well. Would a mass disenchant/reroll/unlock be possible? Mark all the one you want and then select one action for them, then an "Are you sure?" prompt that shows all of the shards selected. Shopping icon seems crowded with all the new buttons [Most likely just cause of the "Snowdown/Lunar Revel" shop icon]. Is it a good idea to center it a bit? Would chests/keys ever be giftable to friends? You do not have to answer. Just wanted to bring these points up. I appreciate you guys, the work you do, and I am currently excited for this new system. Have a nice day.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Playing Card Skins!
Hi Katey :) I love these skins all for the most part especially Morde's and Shaco's I had a concern regarding their weapons. The recent change to his daggers seems like a downgrade in visual interest. The shape works for real blades now but it lacks a bit in well "cool" and the new textures seem very flat. If it was to make it have more color variance on the dagger why not give the pink edge to the old dagger model? In addition to that my issue from the start was Morde's mace. I like his model, the proportions are very Dark Souls-esque with the small head and hefty lower body and the furred mantle makes him look regal as well. But when it first came out his mace looked more like a paddle. Maybe creating another set of protrusions rotated 90 degrees from the originals would keep it as both a mace and keep the clubs visual. But as someone who is on a team as the only artist from concept to animation etc. I knew that the pipeline might be too late to change. But with the recent changes to his ability model making it look more mace-like in the exact way stated I was wondering about changing his mace to match in future patches?
: Alistar tramples onto the PBE!
Initial criticisms after playing his base skin in game. His hair, I'd like to see it take up the same space that Black Alistar's hair does. RIght now base skin feels empty on the backside, just a whole lot of flat purple skin, with the mohawk he is currently sporting. In addition to the nose ring. (I'd actually make a case that Black Alistar does Alistar better than default does.) In addition, while I know it will not likely be changed due to the time it takes, his run cycle seems more light hearted almost skipping instead of hulking rage bull of determination. Whether or not this is due to him now sharing the Soraka leg type or not I don't know. Edit: As an addition to the hair thing. I may be wrong in my sentiments. While what I said is true, I just used the Golden Alistar skin and it has the same hair style but works better on him. Perhaps this is because the contrast between white and gold is less than purple and light blue?
: It's unlikely, because animation is one of the more time consuming aspects of development. However, it isn't a bad idea. I can pitch it, if nothing else. :D
Thanks for your speedy reply Ququroon, it is appreciated. If it happens, swell. If not, no big deal. Just gotta wait for a VU or something like that to come along.
: I suppose the alistar skins will be 1 IP right? I seriouly want to check black alistar remain all black as always.
: {{champion:12}} Ali being my favorite champion, there's a few aspects that I felt were missing when I looked at the new model: 1. {{item:1056}} The nose ring. To me, it's as important as his body structure (the body of someone that skipped all the leg days). It's just a simple nick nack, but it is relevant to Ali's character. 2. The roman-like skirt. Given his current lore, he fought in an arena, which reflect on his clothes. I just have a hard time digesting the new "loin cloth". It just feels weird to see that extra bit of leg. 3. The sandals. It might not have nothing to do with the whole Minotaur thing, but again, it's something that attracted me to his entire design. I'm still impressed with the design though. I enjoyed that you kept the blue hair and purple body. In general the whole redesign is pretty sweet and I'm happy the cow is getting some love :) I'd like to know what people think of this. Anyone else share the love for Alimoo? :D
I think you have a lot of people in this thread supporting the nose ring thing. So who knows. Maybe it'll happen. As for the lore/sandal/skirt thing. Don't put a whole lotta stock in that, his lore is fairly old and we have no clue what they'll have planned for him. This loin cloth decision might reflect his new updated lore that we don't get to see yet. Or there may be other factors lending themselves towards removing it.
: Can we get next year full Recall animation pack for all champions who dont have a recall?
I can second wanting this. It'd be nice to have but, a lot of work. So, don't get your hopes up too much. And that was a much better way to ask. :) Good job.
: >"Why are we getting these smaller scale visual updates with no new recall added voice over, etc instead of Karthus levels of work?" Great question! I suggest you read [this devblog](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/champion-update/dev-blog-champion-updates) for more context behind the smaller updates! tl;dr: We get to affect a broader amount of content.
Thank you. I hope it answers his question :)
: Yeah and why are they saying this ´´VU´´! This makes me realy cry. Every update doesnt get new features. We didnt get a REAL VU 1 year ago. And now we are getting this.
See? Just be polite and your questions will be answered. :)
: First of all, I love his new look! But I got some opinions... 1) Where's the nose-ring on his default skin? If he cant have the chains on his arms, at least let him have nose ring! 2) As an owner of Matador Alistar I love the fact that he finally is brown, just like the splash-art! BUT I feel like he is a bit dull, not as colorful and shiny like he used to be... A fresh coat of paint on his clothes and hair would be enough, since right now he isn't as appealing like he used to be.
I agree. Maybe make that gold on his outfit pop a bit more. Right now he's a whole lot of earthy tones with no real contrast.
: I thought Tristana was getting the next Visual Update?
She's also a gameplay update. So it requires a bit more time.
: Yeah and why are they saying this ´´VU´´! This makes me realy cry. Every update doesnt get new features. We didnt get a REAL VU 1 year ago. And now we are getting this.
They will, just be patient. We get new things all the time. Everything is slated under ChampUp or VU because it's easier than all those minor categories they had. And it is an updated visual just not on Sion levels of revamp. Which will most likely happen eventually. Just be patient. And calling someone lazy doesn't really bring that feel when being concerned. I understand that it means you're spirited about it when you act like this but perhaps asking "Why are we getting these smaller scale visual updates with no new recall added voice over, etc instead of Karthus levels of work?" politely. It gets your point across the same and when it doesn't have an insult people usually for better about responding.
: Hi, just putting some of my opinions out there: I think his VU could use a nose ring like the one he had back then, and longer dangling chains on his hands to have the same old feel... maybe have them sway back and forth when he moves as well! He looks kinda... tamer than he did back then, which means smaller size (so if you could make him bigger please). That's all I'm asking :)
I agree. Return the nose ring. The chains I can understand if they didn't do. Long dangling chains require modeling, rigging (longer and more flowy an object the more bones in it), and animation. A nose ring can just be model thing.
: Why do you guys dont give champions a full VU. You guys are realy lazy, because back in our time Karthus did get full VU with VO and recall animation.. Now we get awfull VU like from Alistar and Maokai. And you are saying this is full ''VU''! I hope we are getting some better VU. If Evelynn gets a boring lazy VU too. Then I'm realy mad.
These aren't set in stone either. They're smaller MTUs like Renekton, Singed, Maokai etc. Who will in time receive something more spectacular. They reserve the big groups for big projects like the upcoming Poppy and Tristy ChampUp. It's not laziness. It's them trying to up fidelity in every way they can with allocated resources one piece at a time. If they did Karthus level VU on everything we wouldn't even see these champs improve visually for at least another year or two.
: Alistar tramples onto the PBE!
Rattle Rattle. Rattle Rattle. RATTLE RATTLE HERE COMES THE BATTLE CATTLE! {{champion:12}}
: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
I am very excited for these changes. It'll open up jungle variety causing a more interesting jungle meta, especially for tanky junglers and farm junglers.
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands
I tried him out and he's a lot of fun but here are some bugs: When summoning soldiers if someone is in their range and the summoning animation is going they won't attack and Azir doesn't do damage. Fog of War is lit up after the Sun Disk destroys itself. The Sun Disk's model occasionally pops back up after its destruction. If you cast Azir's ult right before death it goes off cooldown instantly while still doing damage [additional testing required]
: Gnar Bug thread
This isn't really a bug, it's more on the he's incomplete side of things, neither of them (Mini or Mega), at least when I first played, had Haste animations. Other than that, maybe add a few more bones in his tail rig wise, cause right now especially on Dino Gnar the lack of smooth tail curl is noticeable. (it may be too late in production to do but yea..) Further testing and observing is required.
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: Heimerdinger is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
Heimer Bugs: Recall Rocket disappears partway through animation (so does the arm sometimes) Dance smoke particles appear to reset towards the beginning Haste particles for the rocket flash on and off Swag Walk animation appears to slide slightly (Tested for in all qualities) Alien Invader: Head doesn't bounce when walking (like the hair does, it may be on purpose cause it's brain not hair but brain is squishy too) Return recall animation the pants don't go bell bottom like base skin ( only one that does this) Blastzone: You can occasionally see the DINGR through his hair Piltover Customs: Nothing wrong except the default Snowmerdiner: No head bounce (squash and stretch) Love the noises the turrets make


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