: Soraka allows you to play aggressively. She is by no means a passive support. She herself doesn't do damage or engage, but she allows her ADC to play risk free.
yes, you can play very aggressive with soraka, or passive. Point is you can't really get punished as hard with a soraka, making "Cull" an actual option. It was just an example.
: ***
I can't deny the mastery icon looks exactly like tryn, but I still think its a bit too strong, for a guy that crits more often than not even in the early game without building crit, getting 12% lifesteal essentially, Seems too OP. (turns into a gap closing Nasus that can't die).
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: Cull is an inefficient purchase compared to Doran's Blade
The only way I can think to justify getting cull first, is if you know you are going to have an extremely passive lane, like with a soraka support. Otherwise you are risking very poor combat stats in comparision to Doran's.
: Howling Abyss needs a mana regen consumable still, in my opinion.
I never bought mana pots on Howling Abyss, because mana regen is so high in that mode, I would only ever get em if I had a few extra gold kicking around. If you really want mana, get a tear. I have never ran into mana problems on ANY AD caster, least no problem a health relic can't solve. mana pots are rarely worth the gold, just adapt, make your spells count instead.
: Mastery Order
I like the change, no defense, offense, or Utility tree. Instead they all get split apart and reorganized so there is a balance in all the tree's. one might not have any Offensive characteristics in it, or defensive, etc. but it forces you to look around and examine everything. Which is important considering there is a lot of different stuff now. Don't wanna miss anything and get left in the dust...
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
**TL;DR**: I like the new graves, I do feel like he has more strengths than he does weaknesses, particularly in the early game, and since graves has always seemed a little bit snowbally to me, I feel like this is actually bordering on the edge of 'too much', but if (in the ideal situation) the enemy knows how to play against graves he can't do very much at all (idk, I'm conflicted. I feel like he is a little morde junior where if you don't counter pick you are gonna have a bad time). **Explanation**: So far I'm liking the new graves, he may still not have a cigar, but at least he shoots an actual shotgun now (baby steps, baby steps). This is my perspective on graves playing from a support role. _Ranged support_ Laning for a ranged support is actually pretty easy. I can either bully graves, or bully the other support without TOO much fear of retaliation due to his range being lower than mine, and my ADC's (this is the dream of spell thief users). Bullying graves is made easier considering positioning is so important for graves, if he wants to hit the minions in the back, you can predict where he is going to go by looking at your own minion wave. Zoning is also pretty easy for the same reason, he can't do shit if you zone him. For trading with Graves, if he all ins you are probably dead, assuming he gets everything off on you. The play pattern I'm seeing is graves landing a full Q, auto, then going in with E getting improved resistances then firing off 2 autos at close range to do massive damage. You can't really top his damage in that moment, he out damages you, and he is tankier thanks too True Grit. Poke him out, zone him, all in trades are almost never worth **so kite**, unless you catch him with his pants down (aka reloading) even then though he can dash away in many cases. _Melee Support_ I actually should go and play a game against a graves as a melee support first, before writing this, but I'm scaurrred (intended spelling)... Graves has a lot of tools to deal with people getting up in his grill. His autos knock you back, if you DO successfully engage he can E away, and start kiting you instead (Ult is also an escape sorta, and w can slow). I don't see a good match up for any melee support ever (going through the list of melee supports in my head). You pretty much play into graves hands when you walk up to him. Unless you are getting a gank it would appear as a bad idea all the time (and in this scenario you a telegraphing a gank). **Conclusion** Maybe you intended all of this (against a morde x ali? better bring the shotgun) Graves has stood out the most to me in all my games so far, this might be because he is usually in a good spot sitting on good items, and playing well, or I might just have a hard on for graves. I'll keep playing around, observing graves when I see him, but these are initial thoughts after a few games.


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