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: All you need to know to about linking your PBE account to your main account!
> Q: At step 3, when I click, “I want to help!” I am redirected to the Jayce page “Get to testing!” What do I do now? By this you mean text "Create your PBE account!" or another? Because thats the one I have now and they want me to create another PBE account which I dont need as you can see here.
: Riot probably disabled it because it's the end of the cycle :>
Didn't think about it at first because it happened with client open, too bad its the case
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: > [{quoted}](name=Modern BasebaIl,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Wp5VwYnZ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-12-15T03:40:13.467+0000) > > the only problem ive had with the new draft is i could play an entire competitive match in CS GO and be done before i even got into a League match, not even exaggerating i just did it rn The queue time is absolutely absurd. Just had a 30 min wait and decided to leave. Rito fix this...
It probably has something to do with (still) small playerbase on PBE. I'm 22 min in queue, its 12 pm CET and found one game at 15 min in, when one guy didn't pick a champion at all (probably crashed). Wish this queue was a bit more adaptive compared to live servers; we don't need 100% competetive game to make sure everything is working as it should.
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: Shaco Ult Bug (10/9/14 Preseason PBE Patch)
Can confirm, just happened to me like its described by OP.
: i have the feeling, that it is intentionally, that they look in this direction. If you mean that. I think it's good. However the inner turrets don't look into the lane, but against the wall, which should be changed...
Its certainly not intentional. The same bug on old SR was out quite some time ago ([example here]( its ofc only visual but kinda disrupting
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: Intermediate Bots Available In Custom Games
Those flashes to get kill! Those jukes to not be hit by Leona's E (even tho it was developed earlier)! Well done guys ;) And implementing flashes for all bots was great idea in my opinion. But a bit of feedback: IMO Lux bot shouldnt buy sighstone but pure dmg, Leona pure tankyness not Talisman as go-to item but those are my only thoughts and it seems they are corelated to their tags (support/mage tank/support iirc) About flashes - bots are flashing away when they are under certain hp, right? It should also takes into consideration dots (ignite mostly) if using flash is even worth it (but this is something humans even do so its not priority at all) Edit: As somebody else mentioned Shyvana bot is bugged (she wont go b to base to heal up, will derp around even with less than 100 hp) there are still problems with pathing: Both Soraka and Graves were going back and forth trying to leave enemy base but they looped between those two points showed in screenshots Soraka was using her ultimate only for me when i was around 30-40% hp but no enemies nearby - so I wasn't in danger (propably the same will happend with Shen but i'm not sure) and will bots use their teleports? I saw Wukong and Warwick with them but didn't see them using those at all
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: Can't see the forum posts? Try using an incognito window on your web browser!
Small necro but well... i had the same problem but using account protection functions (both SMS and mail) unlocked posts for me, hope that will help
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: no! not a new gamemode right when I'm supposed to be writing an essay!
dont worry its right now super buggy - minions dont fight each other and auto aa of your champion dont work at all... unplayable - banning phase + loading took much longer than game itself ;/
: ARAM no items
The same is happening for SR games not only HA.
: [Game] Unable to enter Summoner's Rift with windows 7
For me its more about your PC than about system. I'm also W7 user and just played one normal blind pick game on SR and nobody was dc/afk during whole game beacuse of crash. And according to your attachment: "000047.111| 568780.0032kb| 25104.0000kb added| ERROR| Failed to load mesh file name<wraith_hit.sco>." This is possible problem but I'm not from Riot Support to be certain what its all about. If u tried to reinstall whole game and its still not working properly... something is wrong. Veery wrong.
: [End Game Match Screen] Some items don't show on list
Something called "WIP" (Work In Progress) as always there are some icons missing at the beginning
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: Change your settings to "borderless" instead of fullscreen. Should let you take a screenshot
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: PBE bugsplat everytime in loading screen!
for me closing lol replay helps, dunno why it didnt help u :/
: Was the E doing damage still, or just playing the animation? Also, was Garen using his E when he died and became a morde ghost?
I got something similar quite long time ago but on normal server it was only animation if i good remmember, ghost was able to dmg turrets, minions etc.
: When some player leave the game earlier than 3 minutes and didn't reoconnected after a mommen.His account it will take ban for 5 days
and ofc he got banned for his disconnect thats not his fault... ok, tyvm for this idea, its tricky to balance...
: [Bug] Can't see my match history
About new match history: here is its preview from reddit (by Pabro) and some another possible changes


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