: [Summoner's Rift] - Arclight Vel'Koz Frozen animation
Just played as regular Vel'Koz twice and when auto attacking it would make Vel'Koz freeze and would stay frozen until you do other things apart from moving around.
: [Loading Screen] New Red-Blue color scheme is not colorblind friendly
IMO the red is too bright, tone down that brightness and it might be a lot better
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: Ascension Bug Report Thread
some of the shuriman champs have a thing they say when they ascend but it is really unreliable if they do say it or not
: With Hecarim {{champion:120}} (arcade skin) , when use the Ascension trinket on a platform, Hecarim become multicolored for about 1 second.
Same thing happens to Super Galaxy Rumble too, the place where he sits goes all weird like that
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Guardian of the Sands Kha'Zix
Love this skin, I really don't know why some people don't like it and that q sound is amazing and just all of it in general is nice. definitely once all the bugs are fixed on it and it is on live going to buy it :D
: ???
See if adjusting the interface size in the options helps, it helped for me anyway
: [Yasuo][Draven] Spinning Axes bounce off Wind Wall?
There are a lot of things that have a secondary action in the projectile that Yasuo's wall just cancels out, this is no exception to it
: [Suggestion]Kha'Zix Leap damage divided
Hmm, This would defiantly be very interesting to use as it also encourages the isolate and destroy play style kha is supposed to have
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: Aether Wing Kayle, Bug On mini map (Blue block)
Every game that I have seen kayle with the skin (not sure about normal kayle haven't seen that since this has been happening) has had this problem, with and against kayle
: Missing pixels on Akali ult
I noticed this with Blitz's ult indicator that comes up. Where there are a few little bits missing that then show the stuff behind the icon back on live servers
: [Battlecast Vel'Koz] - moving trough Baron
Hmm, I tried this in a custom by myself and noticed he does kinda. But I noticed there was a very small collision area but very small, possibly Vel'Koz's hitbox is a lot smaller than the model
: [Fizz] - Eyes are misplaced during Dance animation
: Vel'Koz's tooltips have capitalization errors...
Vel'Koz is from the void like the others are, he is "The eye of the void" and so he has that apostrophe in the name
: Hi!
Hello to you too
: Vel'koz voice not added in yet?
Thats just how it is with new things, Like the xerath re-work sounds to new things will be added at a later date, this is just the basic things that have been done and added to PBE to test before they add them in
: Xerath's Rework Popularity Poll
I find the new xerath ok and can combo the basic ablities alright, but yeah the main problem is the ult, I can see how it can be useful at times but I personally if it was a choice between this and something else for ult I would choose something else
: Toplaners Fighting for Our Fighters.-Open collaboration on Fighters
I agree on the idea that fighters should have a utility type thing to them and then single off opponents for your team to be able to finish up (I often like renek late game being able to tank and then dash and single off an opponent with the stun to be an easy kill for the team) or something defensive if they are the more full tank type so they can defend the team as they initiate. About their damage, i feel that they should be able to do an ok amount but not too much.a bit of damage, but not darius ulting everyone to death with so much damage type of amount. One of the fun things about fighters is that you can be tanky without just being a support type of thing and actually get in the fight dealing a bit of damage to help out. of course the full tanks won't have as much damage but in sacrifice for more defenses. But damage dealing fighters would't be able to be as tanky as them though to be able to help kill, A trade off between damage or defenses depending on what the team needs you to do (damage dealing being around 1 maybe 2 damaging items while the rest would be tank stuff just so they actually do something damage wise in the fight)
: well you got in the game atleast xD
True xD, but this last crash that happened it ended the custom game
: i´m logged in, but the moment i loada new game, it crashes. Just me? Or do you experience the same?
Hmm, tried a custom just a moment ago by myself and I got to lane and then crashed, then got back and then crashed again
: when will PBE be available again?
: Thank you.
Agreement with this here too :D The opportunity to be on PBE has been such a nice time, Thank you riot for this
: I feel that the captain has too much power, I like the idea of the vote kick so the captain doesn't kick random people. To be able to kick anyone without a reason seems a bit excessive.
I remember I was trying to do xerath mid and I joined a team and instantly got kicked off of it
: awesome community
Yeah! I was able to do teemo ap attack speed bot and no one raged at me for it and everyone is usually very friendly. Me and some others tried a double jungle and I wasn't able to connect for a while because the matchmaking thing bugged for me and when I reconnected they were very understanding and let me just safely farm for a bit. I have been enjoying being able to be on the PBE with its great community that I am seeing! :D
: [SUGGESTIONS] Ways of toning down Yasuo
Hmm, well one thing is that people often find the dash annoying and the dashing giving him his shield up, Perhaps they could add a slight longer cooldown on it, nothing big, just a slight thing so if there are minions he can't just spam dash away and then also he will then not get so many sheilds during teamfights. Just thought I'd add this after reading the comments
: Team Builder is coming back soon Tuesday (1/21) at 1:00 - 5:00 PM PST!
I'm loving how I was able to do ap teemo bot and it work xD Anyway, I love the music that plays how all the effects go make it feel epic, I tried renek top first and it all went so well. Everyone worked together as a team and all in all very good, nice work riot :D EDIT: it appears that often you can end-up when the match has been found, then stuck in the match making part without any indication that you are stuck there and have to relog


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