: TFT Yasuo's shield
Did you have yasuo atleast one hex away from the nearest ally?
: [Exploit] Having 3+ Units Beyond Level Cap
ya you can have 3 plus units on the board but it would be at the cost of never being able to pull a unit from your bench or it will automatically snap one back into it. Also you would have low level units that you cant upgrade or your bench would open up a slot and then the extra board units would snap into it.
: Infinite Queue for TFT. How I fixed it, works at least for me.
I fixed my infinite queue timer by just disconnecting my PC from the internet for about a minute and then reconnecting it. League stays logged in and just reconnects but drops the infinite game queue.
: Queue timer bug
I fixed this issue by unplugging my internet for about 1 minute or so for league to realize I was no longer there and then plugged it back in. It reconnects to everything and drops the queue.
: Alright riot, this isn't how wait times work
ya when I logged in after maintenance said an 1hour 45 minute wait time once it updated from 45minutes. 3 hours later still at 1hour 9 minutes and checking logs showed it going down for awhile but its been steadily climbing up for the last hour or so.

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