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: i keep hearing about a cannon of some sorts.. where is it cause i dont think i know it haha :P
It's a reward that you get for winning an event. If you get it, it will be located just outside of the the fountain/store/starting location. The cannon will shoot you where ever you want to go on the map. Pretty much an instant teleport and you don't need a ward/minion you just get sent there.
: I see that a majority agrees with your suggestion, I dont really like it though (and its of course totally fine if you dont agree with me, just keep the discussion cunstructive), heres my opinion: Getting warped back to base breaks the flow of the game. I will be super unfun to be ported back to your base in the middle of an ongoing quadra kill. Its your responsibility to go back and prepare for the upcoming event, thats why you get a time 30 seconds before. I dont really like the idea of the circle ending in the center either. It is totally fine for me to have the zone and in front of the enemy base as long as the turret is already destroyed. Its just a matter of coding to have the circle end at a comfortable spot that is not necessarily the center. Some other points: First event should never be Bardle Royale: Juggernaut, at this point non tanks have less than 1000 hp, and all of a sudden theres a damage dealer with over 3000 hp. The last event should never be Bardle Royale either. If it takes too long, Sudden death will start with 2 or 3 of your teammates on a 50+ seconds death timer.
I agree with being warped back to base disrupting the flow. With Bardle royale I don't mind the mechanics. However when it's a glaring obvious advantage to one team that in itself disrupts the flow by tilting. I don't know that my solutions would make it better, I do feel like it would be more balanced for a reward that can heavily cripple the opposing team. I also agree with your other points about the problem with events and death timers especially towards the 18 min mark. Kinda crappy to watch your inhib get destroyed with 50 sec death timers on some of those late events.
: Nexus Blitz Event Solution
I didn't think of that one. Pretty good idea! Upvote + I think it should be a designated spot (middle of the map would be perfect. King of the hill should always be in the herald pit (minus the herald preferably.)
: These are considerable ideas, I will transfer them to the rioters that made this game mode. If it gets their attention I can arrange a game where you can play with them.
THAT WOULD BE AMAZING! 8D You made my evening! (even if they don't like my ideas haha)
: For People With Nexus Blitz Ideas ! Shoot.... I already made a discussion concerning Bardle royale mechanics. Would you mind taking a look? If you want the short version.... Bardle royale mechanics should be changed to either ALWAYS middle of the map or some other designated location (Herald Pit?). OR Bardle royale mechanics should be changed to in addition to reviving the fallen EVERYONE is topped up to full HP/Mana. And there's more! Maybe you can have everyone teleported to base giving them x amount of time to purchase goods and then they gotta take off or be burned to death. (kinda like a beginning of Hunger games where they're all on platforms until it starts). I've had some really terrible experiences with bardle royale more than most of the events. Specifically with the placement of the center of the ring. I mean come on how the hell you gonna have it on the center of an enemy turret when everyone is level 6 and low af on hp? Same with king of the hill. The idea is amazing but how can you justify putting it in the enemy jungle when everyone is level 6 ish and expect anyone BUT the enemy win? I'm all about a challenge but that's more than unbalanced that's borderline hacking. Simple solution make it ALWAYS spawn in the rift pit. With all the knock around bombs you got around the pit that would make for some interesting skirmishes for King of the hill. (even through in a rift herald getting hit by some random dmg trying to kill everyone would be quite hilarious.) yeahhhh maybe just take out the rift herald for the event lol :) Hope you like the ideas! I love the game mode. Just needs some small tweaks. Like def add bans :)
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: Dark Harvest Bug
It's not just the junglers the whole team can collect them. Had an Ezreal with close to 2k stacks was just shredding. Also saw a disgusting Caitlyn that was absolutely murdering everyone who got close.
: URF bugs
ziggs w has no cd. graves can't AA or use E. MF AA does no dmg. Anivia has no egg passive. Pantheon has no passive. Gangplank can't Q.


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