: Quinn's Status:
I'm seeing no drop in win rate on LoLking, even as her play right is beginning to climb. The 55-56% win rate seems pretty consistent.
: I've posted the same request. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/ByEJNf0W-anywhere-but-option-for-champion-select Your implementation is better though.
Your implementation seems pretty good to me! Good work with the photoshop, that layout looks very intuitive to me. I think my wording in my post is better than yours, but not really the implementation.
: I think Riot won't implement it because it's a bad idea for the matchmaking. Everyone's gonna choose "fill except support or jungle"... Like the actual teambuilder and most drafts. I'm a support main and I don't want to feel forced again to play this role to avoid longer queue times.
I thought about this, but I doubt it's really such an issue, especially if they can only pick one to exclude. Even with two, they'd _still_ be easier to match-make than someone who picked a primary and secondary lane anyway.
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: Poppy Titanic Hydra bug
Same for gangplank. It's a known interaction, not even really a bug per say.
: Poppy Titanic Hydra bug
: TF Nerf Discussion
TF is pretty consistently played in pro play and non-pro play, and has a good win rate in both. I'm assuming that's what it's about.
: Bug: Champions who have 3 strike ability-attack modifiers will self damage while these are active if they have devourer and are hitting an inhibitor.
It's more along the lines of "3 strike ability-attack modifiers causes sated devourer to hit its owner whenever they ability doesn't apply on-hit" Mordekaiser's Q _never_ applies on-hit with sated ghost, so it he gets hit whenever he uses it, be it against Minion, Monster, Structure, or Champion. However, the only time Xin Zhao's Q doesn't apply on-hit is against inhibitors, and maybe the nexus, so that's the only time it doesn't apply.
: He only gets a death, not a kill. #RITO YOU TRICKIN US
He gets his bounty reduced at least! (not shown in the video, but I promise it did xD)
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: First and second q .2, then third q .8 Now it's first and second q .6, third q 2.4 On live that third hit is 2.6. So in all it's getting lowered by .2. Even the flat and ad got lowered a bit. I don't know were you got .8 on all hits because that's wrong.
No, it's doubled, not quadrupled on the third hit. The tooltip was erroneously showing quadruple for a few days, but even then it was doing damage as if it was doubled, for half the damage on the tooltip. I got a video showing the third q doing around 650 damage with 700 AP from two days ago, which works out to .4 AP ratio, keeping in mind it had 100 base damage as well as 262 from my base AD at level 18 (146). The tooltip is fixed now, properly displaying the doubled damage of the first or second hit. And live third hit is 1.8 AP, or 2.6 AP over all three, while its 1.2 AP on the PBE, for 2.4 total AP. You're getting the total AP ratio over 3 hits confused with the AP ratio on the third. Overall, Morde's Q lost some damage when at 5 points, but became much stronger early game. The AP ratio is now always 2.4, rather than 1.4 - 2.6, so it's WAY stronger when you're maxing E first and rushing Rylai's, and until the 5 point in it both the base damage and the TAD ratio are all considerably higher than they are on live. It's actually a useful skill beyond the autoattack reset early game now!
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: I can't tell if you're kidding or not?? Like there is some kind of deeply rooted sarcasm that im not picking up on because A its text or B I just have an inabillity to pick up on it. This post was hilarious and fun read. Great job! But if you're serious....Its a bit awkward.
I'm serious, but at this point it doesn't matter. Warlord's bloodlust will fall out of play, but that's better than it dominating play.
: No. The point of the mastery wasn't life steal. it doesn't give you life seal. it was to keep you going in a fight. Its a nerf. it doesn't warrant compensation. is supposed to be weaker after the change. Warlords is still going to be strong after this change. Don't even think for a second that it won't. You are delusional if you think otherwise.
I'd call you delusional if you think it doesn't give you lifesteal, nor was that the point of the mastery. I guess we'll see if it's too week after this, but I doubt it will see much use.
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: I have to disagree, the way her test of spirit is right now-lasting so long and all, making her tentacles more hits to kill will just make her more annoying.
Her skill set is pretty much useless against ranged champions, and having the tentacles way easier for ranged to kill than melee just makes her balance even more binary.
: Who is stronger? Zed or Talon?
Talon, for the most part. Better synergy with crit which is more important now that AR pen stacking is dead, but more importantly he's not screwed by zhonya's and mercurial like zed is. Zed has real counterplay, which makes him much less effective against decent opponents, especially once they get items. You are correct that zed has a stronger pre 6, but that talon wins if not too behind at 6.
: Illaoi Feedback Thread
I think ranged champions can take tentacles too easily. Considering the large difference between ease and safety of killing tentacles for melee and ranged champs, ranged champs should take longer to kill them. I think 2 autos is perfect for melee champions, but ranged should take 3 or 4. Teemo's shrooms currently have 6 points, but take 3 from melee and 2 from ranged attacks, so they take 2 autos for melee and 3 for ranged; the identical setup for tentacle's would make quite a bit of sense. They're both summoned from hell too.
: Abilitys which proc on hit effects, doesn't give stacks for Guinsoos Rageblade
Are you sure he doesn't get 1 stack on cast? Most on-hit abilities actually give a stack on-cast, whether or not you hit anything. This means ez and yasuo can get and keep 8 stacks outside of combat, interestingly.
: Intelligence Mastery not Reflected in In-Game Stats
Is your CDR stat itself working just fine, with just the description messed up? My CDR stats seem to be working fine in 5.22, haven't tested it in the new patch.
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: Anivia shows it as a crit but it actually it's counted as one, it's just bonus damage. Same for{{champion:30}}and{{champion:16}} . They show as crit hits but are not actual crits.
Aniva's e is reduced 10% by randuins, like it's a crit.
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: Pantheon's Q Crits with Warlord's Bloodlust
For the very first day of 5.22 PBE it did, but the coding made yasuo's q obscene, as he has healing off every target he hit. They changed that in like 28 hours after release. I assume Anivia was able to take it for massive heals on her E too, although that probably wouldn't be game breaking. AoE 15% lifesteal on crit is not good for game balance. You still got your basic attacks! I assume gangplanks barrels don't lifesteal off it either then, as they don't apply on-hits.
: The issue I have with it is not its damage but its usefulness. Now before I said anything else I'm not an adc main, I don't main corki, and infact I rarely play him, that being said I don't see a purpose of having a front-facing weapon on a champion in a role that's designed to constantly be moving. Think about how often an adc is going to be facing his/her enemy in a fight, then apply the damage of his E, the only time I can see the full damage being applied is if he's in melee form and he's just sitting there auto attacking, can someone explain to me how to use it properly?
Indeed. Orb walking properly means you're facing your opponent less than 1/4 of the time.
: yeah, that sounds pretty strong on paper but have you tested the mana strain spamming q out of combat would cause?
Just ended a game 17/3 with it. Build was Sheen -> Rageblade -> IGB -> Ninja Tabi -> Gunblade -> Black Cleaver. Ended before my last item
: Once you have tear Q spam isn't that bad, it's his other abilities that drain his mana. But yeah, this can be really strong. They should definitely change so it only gives a stack if you hit something.
If they changed it to on-hit, it becomes crazy on anyone with hurricane.
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: Much like kog maw's damage being reduced but not his on-hit effects, and Caytlin's deceased efficiency with attack speed, the idea was that some champions are better suited for certain builds than others. And, ultimately, he's still an AD carry
Umm, I don't see how this is particularly relevant. It'd be a pretty noticeable nerf to AP Corki, as his Lich bane would deal much of its damage as physical he doesn't have pen for, but asides from that it's pretty power neutral change that furthers and clarifies his identity. Building on-hit effect besides trinity would still be pretty non-optimal for him.
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: Corki and Sheen
I can confirm that for the entirety of patch 5.22 on PBE his passive hasn't converted sheen to 55 phys/ 55 magic like intended. I've tested Sheen and Trinity Force on him multiple times since they released 5.22 on the PBE, and both have never converted. Unsure how he interacts with Iceborn Gauntlet, Runeglaive, or Lich Bane, but I'm assuming they still their standard damage type. It'd actually be really cool if he converted magic damage on-hit, like Lich Bane and Nashor's, into 55% physical and magic damage. Upvoted and reported in the "Report a Bug" forum for visibility.
: Corki and Sheen
it's pretty clearly a bug, as they've said multiple times since they announced his new passive that sheen would convert. It never has, which is really disappointing.
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: > [{quoted}](name=MealReadytoEat,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=cEe1L6EO,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-08T19:22:55.618+0000) > > Considering you can only have one potion at a time, needing to sell that hp potion you have in your inventory to pick up a refillable/hunters/corrupting potion is pretty disappointing. That kind of sends the message that one is better that the other (even though 1 potion actually heals for more than 1 charge of Refillable Potion) when its supposed to be more of a choice/option thing.
While Refillable Potion charge heals less than an HP potion, two charges heals more, and it heals at the same rate, 10 hp per second. Hunter's Potion, which builds out of the Refillable Potion, not only heals less than the Refillable potion per charge, but actually heals less per second, at 7.5 per second.
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: How about if you get a crit + headshot? Alternatively, just make it random.
late game thats the same thing. And hurricane makes it so she won't ever STOP staying it.
: Please stop making Caitlyn say "Boom, headshot," after every headshot
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: It's similar to Tiamat "Cleave will not trigger if it has triggered on a different target in the last 0.05 seconds. This affects abilities such as Shyvana's Twin Bite (Dragon form). There is no cooldown on triggering the effect on a single target, such as Double Strike or Shyvana's Twin Bite (Human Form)."
It's longer than .05 seconds, but that could very well be the mechanic, with a longer timer than that.
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: > [{quoted}](name=MealReadytoEat,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=gE64jGha,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-11-07T21:33:40.866+0000) > > They can't really do that. If it gives more than 15-20 ad, many champions will actually lose AD if they get gauge, especially early on. This feels awful, and is something Riot specifically dislikes. The explain {{item:3022}} lol. Builds out of Fist toboot.
: Then make it give AD on stack as well.
They can't really do that. If it gives more than 15-20 ad, many champions will actually lose AD if they get gauge, especially early on. This feels awful, and is something Riot specifically dislikes.
: Mordekaiser and Gunblade
Just imagining things, it's still considered AoE :/. Morde is pretty hosed this patch, every ADC can shit on him now, and the itemization options for him are all worse. Looking forward to them buffing his solo capabilities like they said they would (Jungle is what I'm after, myself.)
: Graves' aa's becoming huge and illustrious
I've seen this, usually it's yellow but I guess pool party graves makes it blue. I haven't noticed any FPS drops or freezing because of it, but that's likely because my video card either renders it more efficiently than yours, or is just better.
: I am certain they can solve that, they will notice the queue times line up and the team he's on will notice he's trolling. When they investigate they will see the common thread that links his games together: the enemy team being on his friends list. tldr: They'll pull season rewards from all of them. -LostFr0st
Plus, on live the sample size for queue is large enough that you'll still most likely not queue into the same game.
: > [{quoted}](name=MealReadytoEat,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=jl4maEIY,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-11-07T02:51:56.787+0000) > > Ehh, true. But she got lovetap, which makes her auto's stronger. They _**tangentially**_ make her autos stronger. Very tangentially too. I guess for the purposes of Solo laning it is fine depending on the matchup though. I overall love your posts so keep em coming. They are very insightful.
I'm not sure how it's tangential. It's _**entirely **_ why they could lower her AD without trashing her. I've been playing her quite a bit on PBE, she pretty brutal once you figure out how to work her.
: > All marksmen have 5 to 9 more AD at level one, and roughly an equal amount less at level 18 Addendum: All marksman _**with the exception of Miss Fortune, who's AD growth per level was changed to 1 per level from 3 and whos base AD was lowered from 50 to 46.**_
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