: I dont know if 4 cloud drakes can happen...
After looking around for a bit, found that you can only have 2 of a drake type. That being said, I think it is absolutely absurd that, if Tryndamere has 2 cloud drakes under his belt, and 45% cdr with 5 stacks of ultimate hunter, his ult is on a 21 second cooldown. The amount of pressure you can put on the board with having that is inane.
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: ARURF Available for Testing!
Kind of a small thing to be honest, but I think it's a fair suggestion. {{champion:82}} wasn't exactly good in URF previously, but he feels exceptionally underwhelming in his updated form. Most champs kill you faster than you can do anything, and most games are usually over before you feel playable. As with some of the other juggernauts and low mobility champs, I feel he could use a damage and defense buff, as he just doesn't stack up against the majority of the URF roster.
: Could be due to converting AS/Crit to the AD which still would count as AS/Crit not bonus AD. And as far as I've read on wikia for Jhin -> "The attack damage multiplier doesn't stack with Dragon Slayer buff" Working the whole dragon slayer buff passive to work only on the base AD without affecting his passive would be kinda monkaS
True. But I did try it out on other champions, and the Dragon bonus still doesn't provide bonus DR to the Spear passive, even without the whole weird passive scaling thing. I'm just curious if either is intentional for the purpose of the item. For example, Darius passive still grants bonus value to the Spear passive, but Jhins doesn't. I feel like it's wrong to intentionally disallow one specific champion to gain function from the item due to a not so clear definition on his passive.
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