: Maybe the RP is too small every day.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Xayah
i dont know what i'm doing here since everyone forgot the sg skins already but i will stick to my hopes that one day riot will make their uncorrupted forms {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Feedback on URF
I personally LOVE arurf because its not balanced at all c: {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Xayah
So its too late to make the light forms huh ok then i wont buy these skins ( it hurts T-T )
: Honestly, I am quite pleased with this new direction of Star Guardian. The internal struggle between good and evil in a character is quite appealing. The dark and light effects look really great, and It gives the characters more depth than just a generic sparkly anime character, so everyone should just stop whining and actually appreciate that they did something different this year, although having a game mode would've been nice, but PVE content usually gets boring in a couple of days, so I can understand why they would rather put their resources elsewhere.
I dont think anyone said that they dont like the new direction of star guardians we only want a variant skin like leone's eclipse skins or pajama guardians or simply a toggle
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ydq-HPNzGk people are already modding the game to have light guardians cuz riot wont do it... lol this really is a missed opportunity for money on riots part
: So after the explanation, i have some new ideas that will fit with the lore since suddenly skins lore is a big deal in league. In the lore they die and they are resurrected by Zoe right? 1. They can get they light form after casting their ults and they stay in it until they die. Then they respawn with dark form just like in the lore. 2. They always start the game with light form and respawn in dark form after their first death. After that they stay in dark for for the rest of the game. I think this will be great twist, since they are not really legendary tier skins right now.. Btw, 230 comments about the damn light forms, you just cant ignore this. And luckily there is a mod that lets you play with light form only, so if u don't change anything everyone will use that.
wow the second one is cool but unsatisfying {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: The streaks in Xay and Rakan's hair look too busy. I think the hair would look better a solid color, like it is in the art. Maybe have half the chromas with streaks and half without?
xayah's face overall is a mess i still like it ...
: rename the dark skins or add the light variants as purchasable chromas,,,,, gonna give them 3 ugly ass dark chromas when i doubt anyone really wanted them?? are you gonna go back and give the other**_ actual_** star guardians chromas too then? lame. k then,,,, keep "listening to player feedback" {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
i really doubt that they read any of this remember they're ''listening to players feedback''
: I hope you don't force us to pay extra for subpar chromas just to get features you know people actually want such as border and icons. We know your tricks, Riot! And it's unprofessional.
: I see everyone complaining, but I'm sitting over here just loving everything about the skin. I feel like the fallen star guardians was a really refreshing approach to the skin line, I also do love how they portrayed her internal struggle between being good and evil, with evil overall winning. It just feels so fitting for Xayah, seeing how she's always been very edgy, it just doesn't feel like she would fit the normal star guardian thematic, even in her base skin. Apparently I'm just a lot edgier than I thought I was...
Yeah i love the skin too But. I dont remember telling riot to change the skin we simply want an uncorrupted form as a variant skin or a toggle that's all we want
: Her vfx and everything are really beautiful. I just thing a few changes can be made to really make this skin amazing. First off, her dance is really stiff. She looks really awkward and less fluid than she does in any of her other animations so please fix! Second, I think that Rakan and her dance should get a spotlight, like both Eclipse Leona’s, or some sort of dance floor like SG Xayah and SG Rakan get I’m their dances, except bigger. Finally, I think that Xayah should turn back into her normal corrupted form only after she’s used W. But I can live without that. But the first two please do something about! Thank you
uhh..ok i understand your point and i support it
: I remember last year you guys were trying to charge 1350 for pajama guardians and the community was pissed so you had to lower the price. Why do you keep messing with star guardians skinline? we never asked for pajama guardians or the xayah rakan chromas you gave us. we want normal star guardians (the light forms) AND their dark form! this should have been OBVIOUS! what about this is hard to understand? just give us a chroma. all of the excuses we've heard make no sense. please dont ignore what the fans are asking for. this really will be a huge mistake.
: Hi, I really like this skin for xayah but the lighter version just doesn’t compete to her darker version. I feel like riot should make an event this year with a concept of all the star guardians that were released before this year attempting to save xayah and Rakan from Zoe’s evil power. As an achievement for saving them both you get the chroma of the lighter star guardian versions of their skins.
yeah but they simply wont they hate us :c
: If you guys aren't going to add a toggle version, at least make the uncorrupted versions last longer. You pushed the skins to make them legendary bc they transform as the game goes but we would see their light version in like... 1 minute combined? In a match that usually lasts 25+ minutes. It's a good option since you guys don't want to release them later and we don't feel like the skins are legendaries at all since even though the idea is to show both of the forms, we only see one in the majority of the time. Don't make them a downgrade of a 1350 skin, make them worth the price, just like Lunar Eclipse Leona was.
I will rlly appreciate having a variant skin but sadly they dont care about our feedback anymore {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: "we're gonna milk star guardians for all their worth with chromas, prestige and little legends but a light form of xayah and rakan??? nonono thats too much to ask for" - RIOT 2019
: You really had one job... All you had to do is to make those skins suitable to be legendary skins ... All u did is change 20% of the animation change the VO a bit and that's all ... Don't get ne wrong i like the cosept and I like the skin gnarly but I dont like the VO ... I don't like the idea that there still the basic VO... I really expected a lot a lot from the interactions between Xayah and Rakan... As a Rakan main I wanted to see more affection towards Xayah like the recall animation shows .... The walking animation looks almost the same as the classic xayah rakan ... (Unlike ahri who got lots of different quotes and really amazing kit of animation to her ) I really think you should delay the skins and make the changes... (I think the light versions of the skins are a great idea just make them like the pejama guardians) and im kinda disappointed that the invaition wont be live .. The whole community was waiting for me PvE ... I hope you reconsider
wow that's a lot of good feedback {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} and i agree with u about the walking animation and MOSTLY the light forms
: this is a former Stag guardian who keeps saying she'll destroy Star Guardians, can we change her name to fallen star xayah or something please? also can we get a real star guardian variant in the future, please (it could be like a precuel in lore, how she was before getting herself killed)
I dont think they will listen to what we say anymore they want to make what THEY think is better {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
: I mean at this point I agree that a chroma isn't satisfying but since these are 1850 skins you could have put a toggle in to begin with. One transformation does not make something "ultimate" tier, hell, apparently three transformations doesn't count as ultimate anymore if you look at how Gun Goddess MF got price cut. If you wanted to make these really special they would have had a toggle and light VFX from the beginning. Since you *didn't* do that what you need to do is create a full variant with recolored VFX and sell it for a discount similar to the Blitzcrank Lancers, Leona Eclipses, and Pajama Guardians. Like, Chroma is not going to fix your problem. Your problem was only releasing one actual Star Guardian (Neeko) and a bunch of edgelords. Making villains for the Star Guardian line up is cool, but people want... Actual Star Guardians... not just a pack of villains.
Riot refuses to receive the message THEY DONT WANT TO UNDERSTAND US {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: a-ha chromas are problematic? sg- and project skins are completely ruined now that they have CHROMAS. it's easy for me - i'm not buying these DARK STAR 2.0 xayah/rakan skins. i 100% agree with the people that ask you to add the shiny-sparkly-twinkle-(standart) forms. yes - you will earn lots of money with the dark skins, yes - there are people loving the dark skins - BUT!!!!! - you can make even more money if you release the origin forms. everyone would appreciate that. this thread is filled with unhappy sg fans - MAKE SG GREAT AGAIN!!! RELEASE - SKIN - VARIANTS - JUST - LIKE - YOU - DID - WITH - LEO - BLITZ - AND - PYJAMA GUARDIANS (did i miss something? O_Ô) EVERYONE WOULD BE HAPPY - you can't lose this - you'll only earn more MONEY! that is what you truly desire - so work for it (it's easy, you already have the original models) additional feedback: - stop the "every event has a prestige skin" spam. it makes prestige worthless. - get rid of that "that tasted purple - everything is purple now - purple is evil" ideology - i have over 100 prestige coins/points (whatever) and can't even use them for (some of the/most of the) upcoming prestige skins. no - i have to pay extra money for them instead (;D) - just use the dark star peeps as ultimate bad guys - MY GOD - if you can't release sg urgot (didn't like the idea either - meme is getting old) - just release stickers and icons (easy) - that'll bring an end to this madness (instead of xayah being wretched with that voice line) - why do you create different versions of SHISA as lil legend o_O what the flippedy - flippin - heck is wrong with you and most IMPORTANTLY LISTEN - TO - YOUR - FANS/COMMUNITY CUSTOMER = KING/QUEEN ♔ peace
O-M-G this is the best comment yet I agree with everything you just said {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Hi, just a few things I've been wanting to point out. 1.) Why have a PBE if you're going to ignore the players opinions? Might as well get rid of it, if our opinions as quality and bug testers dont matter (also garen in urf is disgusting please fix it). 2.) People are LITERALLY telling you they will only buy the skin if it's in their light form, what are you losing by not making an alternate like the leona skins? Everyone would be pleased. You know that people are unhappy yet you're going to still run with just dark star guardians for whatever reason. You're going to waste resources and time on skins that are going to flop, I just dont get it. People are literally giving you the key to these skins success and you refuse to listen. 4.) Why are all of the corrupted star guardians, except zoe, and including neeko have green? Werent they supposed to be blue, green, and yellow?Neeko needs to be yellow and honestly making her prestige yellow and pink is confusing because shes not the leader of her group, Ahri is and shes already yellow and pink...fix their colors please for the love of God atleast do that and keep the uniforms consistent throughout generations. 5.) Finally, you make chromas that dont match with skins particle effects anyways (I'm looking at you prestige BLOOD moon aatrox and blue Project Pyke) so why cant we have OG form star guardian chromas with the dark effects. Dont you think that will help define the internal dark and light struggles even more????
As usual they will say '' iT wOnT FiT tHe lOrE'' Like we're going to play the lore {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Xayah
Riot please.. there's massive community outcry sadly for just a light form for both xayah and rakan Please we're not going to play the lore. PLEASE UNDERSTAND US {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: day 14352622 of waiting for uncorrupted chromas/toggles/anything. my heart is still broken. i love sg xayah and rakan, don’t get me wrong. but those uncorrupted forms are just too beautiful to pass on as well. 🥺
Same... I just can't forget about them. They are so beautifull {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Hey folks, During a recent caching technology test on PBE, the summonerIconInventory cache was unable to write summoner Icons to the DataBase because of a serialization issue. Unfortunately this resulted in some inventories losing their summoner icons. We realize that this is a potentially painful loss and are sorry for the unintended impact to those affected. That said, thank you for your efforts in helping to test technologies at a larger scale and actively preventing these issues from impacting many more players on Live.
Can we have an uncorrupted Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan as a sorry? Please. you make them as: * A chroma * A toggle * a variant skin (just like leona's eclipse skins - pajama guardians)
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: SG Xayah's Face
i get your point, i hope they fix it ASAP Also, i still care about their light forms (uncorrupted) i'm so sick of trying 20 times a day to communicate with them about how excited we are about it I really wish they just gives as options of what we want to buy {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: @Riot LoveStrut @Riot Beardilocks @Riot The main issue with light form is that it doesn't last long enough for you to enjoy or notice it most of the time. So I recommend these slight alterations: Xayahs uncorrupted form should last until she dies or uses W. Rakan's uncorrupted form should last until he dies or uses ult or uses W. Please give us a reply to this suggestion as a few people are okay with a longer light form being the fix.
Or we could just have a variant skin of their uncorrupted forms (Like leone's eclipse skins-Pajama guardians) Anyway... I love what u just suggested
: Icons are back, but only the default icons. I currently have an icon equipped which i do not have in the list. Likely all Icons I bought on PBE are gone.
same here i do not have this icon that i'm equiping at this moment
: I am going to keep commenting until riot gives us something better than this (or I get tired). {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} There are many ideas to improve these skins. Here is an organized list; **_ * Give us a simple recolor chroma that swaps the colors on the base skin * Extend the time in light form from ulti until death * Give us a toggle to choose which form we, THE PLAYERS, want to be in * Give us a completely new side skin using old animations, recalls and VO but with the light star guardian colors ((low effort)) * Give us a new side skin exactly like this one, but the complete opposite in colors (from dark to light) with new particles and old VO ((mild effort)) * If you change nothing, Reduce the price of these skins (because the community is pissed) * Give us a variant like the Pajama guardians but of Xayah and Rakans light forms (Called Origin Guardians or something) * Delay the xayah/rakan skins, take them back and work on them until you can put something out that the community is pleased with (not cancel them, but FIX them) * Change the names from Star Guardians to Fallen Guardians, because these do NOT feel like star guardians _** literally we are all willing to pay money for a light version LET US GIVE YOU MONEY {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
I Totaly agree with u {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Xayah
Please riot can we have an uncorrupted version of SG xayah and rakan ...these skins have so much potential .Yet..the most beautiful and wonderful skins (in my opinion) i dont rlly know why you think it wont fit the lore does this mean ahri wont save them?{{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: I suggested this in the Xayah forum but i dont think anyone upvoted it. Basically Xayahs uncorrupted form should last until she dies or uses W.
And that's a very good solution still riot wont make it..why? Bcz they think it will break the philosophy or it will not make sense to the lore they need to give us options...
: Riot probably would say something about breaking the skin philosophy of "struggle" between light and shadow after lvl 6-11. This case would need new voice lines after their "purification" and this will make these skins more than just legendary.
they why not make it when xayah is near rakan she becomes uncorrupted?
: There's a problem, because the enemy would easily know when your ultimate is available.
then why not make it when xayah hits lvl 6-11 she becomes uncorrupted?
: Unavailable skins
: Xayah and Rakan Star Guardian - Solution Suggestion
i find that very intresting but i still want them as a chroma or a toggle they need to give us options of what we want to buy.... still...what u said is a very good solution Also...4-6 sec is not enough at all
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: problem on PBE

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