: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Demon Vi!
After playing with it a bit, i think the tips of the hands and horns should morph into a yellow making it more flame-like just my opinion like that other vi concept everyone keeps showing
: Kindred Official Feedback Thread
I truly believe the Q should target enemy champions priority over anything else.
: [Lulu] 'Help Pix' E. Not activating but going on CD and using Mana
Well good news i posted something similar to this bug a while ago and a rito employee responded so its under investigation :) (Well my other account for some reason i couldnt log in to this one earlier)
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: There's a thread for gameplay suggestions guys...
yeah sorry is there a way to move it?
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: Not Red pls, just teamcolour.
Yeah teamcolor is fine but i think what they have now is too bright it needs to be darker to define it
: Ekko Bug Report Thread
Big problem, but it was reported by enemy team so i didnt see it. So basically i was playing ekko and i built the homeguard boots and the enemy vayne came up to me and tried to kill me, i escaped successfully recalling. Homeguard instantly fills my health and i ult back to where vayne was and dont kill her but she says she saw me ult back, but i was invisable. She could se my particles and attack me but i wasnt on her screen. Maybe it thinks i was dead or something?
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