: I can handle wolves, it's the second I have to face either the chickens or the stones (since at this point I only have about 1/5th of my HP left) that I struggle. I either die to the big stone, or to the little chickens immediately after destroying the big one, and I _know_ I wouldn't be able to handle red. I'll definitely have to try your strategy though, I've never done it before. By the way, I'm not a Diana main, I just love using her. I don't even play jungle often, I main Karma support :3
Well hope it was useful, as both a jungle and Diana main I could give you this; Start W at either Blue or Red, do the basic lvl 3 route (the one i mentionned above) level up Q lvl 2 and after that its up to you level 3 you can go E for ganking, W for healthier clear or Q for a faster clear (although its only 1 second down per rank so i would advise in the jungle only to max W first expecially since it will cost 20 less mana in the next patch)
: Oh wow, you clear different things than me. Usually I do Blue, then Gromp, then Wolves, then either chickens or the stone monsters I don't remember the names of, then back w 950 to buy my blue jungle item and some boots. I need to try your order of things, maybe that's why my early game is always garbage xd
So you end up struggling to clear Wolves after doing Blue and Gromp? Might want to check how you clear because without a leash I could clear Red Wolves and Blue with ease. Diana has a hard time early with AoE camps like Chicken and Krugs even though she has 3 AoE spells they dont have much base damage which is the reason why she stuggles
: having a stun on her e would change everything... It would give her gank potential in top/mid/jungle giving her a similar strength to something like ekko. The other thing we wanted was movement speed that quickly decays on her w to give her an easier time of getting into position to combo someone. I wouldn't mind seeing the r-q again considering the damn thing hates resetting under normal circumstances xD
It would not change much since she still does not have the tools to get close enough to CC someone with her E. I could see some sort of mouvespeed buff after casting her E so she can position properly not on her W. The main issue with Diana,s ganking power is her ability to gap close having no speed boost or dash/blinks pre 6. Even though you made a good comparison with Ekko, he, on the other hand, has a gap closer pre 6 (his E) and a telegraphed AoE stun. I could see Riot trying to make some interaction with her abilities and Moonlight, but to be honest the easier way to fix this right now would be the give her a big movespeed buff towards champions with Moonlight. P.S. Can you link me the Reddit post/place where you saw the discussion, I am interested in what people were saying about Diana and how they would approche her kit
: general consensus is, that people would like them to just leave the passive attack speed alone, and have her e just flat increase it for 3 or something xD feels so bad in lane... Jungle might be different though if that's where they're trying to push her, but I think if that's their intent they should seriously consider the change we've been pushing for having her e consume moonlight and stun the target. We'll see what they continue to do though
While i can agree on the flat 20% attack speed and the +30% after a cast. I dont think a stun after her E would change alot. I would prefer giving her more stick potential and a pre 6 gank potential. A 0.5 or 0.25 second stun on ult cast with moonlight on the target along side the CD reset could be a possibility only if you can allow her to have her ult pre 6 dealing 0 damage. I would also like to see the old interaction of being able to Q while dashing but only if you have it frame perfect. In a sense that old mechanic fits well the aspect she has to have to cast every spell at frame perfect to have her maximum burst potential. (Having to W while casting R to get the 3 orbs to all deal damage instantly or casting E while casting R to have it knock people mid dash)
: My thoughts on the Diana changes
Hi! Fellow Diana main here!! I dont know if you wrote your comment before or after the second changes. I have tested the new changes on pbe, (Not the whole attack speed on her E passive but the one with 20% on her passive and a boost to 50%-90% on her E) and to be fair it is good. It doesnt change her early clear AT ALL given the fact that her old passive was 20% BONUS attack speed, so unless you ran attack speed runes and masteries it doesnt change her early clear at all. As a plus, she now gains 4 mana every third auto attack which is pretty good the more ap you build (15%AP as mana restored). Now you might want to get her E third in the jungle compared to the either W Q W or W Q Q. The only bad thing i noticed is later into the game, its clunky the way her attack speed works because their is a lockout after you cast an ability so you cant instantly get an auto attack (around 0.5 second or something). In the end, you do her clear like Lee Sin, you Cast a spell, do 3 aa, then cast another. It would go like Q, 3 aa, W, 3 aa. Hope it helps you understand a bit more how it changed her. (Slighlty more base attack speed early could be good for cooldowns, but not too much or she will become a power house in the jungle clearing departement) P.S. I could do a basic clear aka Red/Blue - Wolf - Blue/Red


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