: Now that he is acaullty playable, the only thing that I find werid after just a few seconds is the 'ammo' bar under his HP. It looks like swains ult bar and it just looks werid and isn't even a very good counter. Also, there should be some way to show his off-hand weapon instead of the main weapon.
the off-hand weapon sits on his back/left shoulder?
: Aphelios PBE Thread
Are there supposed to be different particles for Runaan's with the chakram? Like there are for all of the other weapons? Seems like they're missing, but the ones for the rifle, flamethrower, cannon, and pistol are all there. They seem a little visually noisy but otherwise, it's a nice touch. Maybe they could be paler, smaller, or otherwise diminished to differentiate them as Runaan's procs? Also, in an issue that may be unrelated, I am currently playing with him in Practice Tool and noticed that the rift didn't change after the second dragon was killed, no dragon soul was announced, and I cannot manually spawn another dragon with the Practice Tool controls. Note: All of the above happened in games with both base skin and Nightbringer
: I like the plume and the recolor they did! I imagine it was removed for visual clarity, since she's got so much going on with her in later levels (wings, glowing, etc). Looks great from the front view, but it might have made it busy from the top-down sort of perspective.
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: Are you guys still experiencing these massive ping spikes? Please post which server your main account plays on and how long ago you finished your game.
Usually play on NA with 35ms, and I can sometimes get that out of PBE but it seems at the beginning of patch cycles when all of the exciting new content comes out is when I personally see my ping spiking the most... Maybe it's a capacity issue? EDIT: my spikes reach as high as anyone else's, around 900ms, but generally stay near 500-700ms range. Just finished a game within 5 minutes of this comment.
: the one thats happening in a tiny bit you mean?, cuz its basically night right now LOL
Time zones {{sticker:leblanc-funny}} You'll see the RP hit your account after the maintenance completes, but note that the times are presented in Pacific Daylight Time, or UTC-8
: 10/18 PBE STATUS & FAQ
Hey, you might want to update to clarify that the RP has changed to 3300 from 3000 to allow players to purchase Ultimate skins {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: I got a session expired, I clicked on 'Home' then back on 'Store' and it's working now.
It's still fairly easy to get Session Expired messages while browsing the store {{sticker:sg-soraka}} I understand a fix is in progress? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: My account was created before the maintenance from yesterday and yesterday i did get my BE and RP. But like i stated my BE has been reset because i've spend my 5 BE yesterday and when i logged in today my BE was back from 0 to 5, but my RP haven't been reset i had 35 RP left yesterday and since my BE was reset shouldn't it be logical for my RP to also be reset?
Lucky. Logged in yesterday prior to maintenance and only got BE, no RP {{sticker:sg-janna}}

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