: Cross Map Consistency Pass
So Pillager and oracle are the only items to spot the deadly-evil-shrooms-of-doom now?
: [Fountain Laser] - Does Physical Damage instead of ignoring resistances
: Lol. No one disagrees that the beta would be more efficient if there were less trolls, but you're sorely overestimating how messed up the data would be from non-positive players. Don't treat the people who work to bring you this game like idiots. If it was no longer being productive for them to be using the beta server for information they would simply take it down. They would have no need to keep the infrastructure and manpower in place if it did not continue to benefit them. And perhaps at some given time they're simply trying to increase the number of people that may encounter bugs/performance issues (like with the current map testing possibly). Flamers in that case have even less of an impact on the feedback they are hunting for. In many cases the leavers you're encountering are actually *caused* by that bug(s) they are hunting for, which makes it even **more** important to keep testing. Riot filters people in and out of the server they see fit. And not everyone has had the experience you have had. As a general rule of thumb, if you are encountering less than desirable people in every round, or at a rate much higher than other players, then you're either having a bout of bad luck or you're part of the problem. Oh look caps lock. Then this guy, "I'm going to be a drama queen if I want to be a drama queen." Yeah, definitely part of the problem. That's the mentality that creates the ragers in the first place. Seriously, please evaluate that mentality before you enter games, pbe or live. Muted, gonna go continue testing. Better luck in future games ^__^
Woah, was not expecting that conversation LOL. Here's my point of view. Personally, League is the game that i enjoy playing the most. I know this game very well and i like to come on PBE to see the upcoming stuff and talk about my opinion and reports issues about anything. Unfortunately, there are a lot of drama queens that brings the moral of multiple people down. So of course, mute the trolls and continue to **play** the game while trying new stuff.
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: This. I have actually done that. I dropped a turret half hp using ult. But on an inhibitor I did no damage? Regardless if the ult is not suppose do extra damage, by no means should you be doing absolutely no damage to the inhibitor. Lets be real, does that even sound legit to you MaxWrecko?
To be honest, it makes no sense to me too. But i think that it is an intended behavior. I remember one day, during the LCS, there was a Twitch attacking the Nexus and the caster said that Twitch's ultimate doesn't affect the Nexus. Don't get me wrong, i agree with you that when Twitch uses his ultimate, he should be able to attack every structures (if he can damage the turrets, why not the innibs/nexus?!?), but i think that it is intended.
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: PBE ranked queues
I kinda always play ranked games on PBE, and most of the time, there is one person raging. But in general, it's good.
: Underworld Wukong Stick
This is the normal behaviour on every wukong skins if i'm not wrong.
: Nothing really 'cancels' Ez's ult. Same thing with Lux ult, it's not actually channeled, it's just the animation if I remember correctly.
: [Champion] Twitch inhibitor glitch/bug
It's actually not a bug, Twitch's ultimate deals no damage to innibs and the nexuc (probably the turrets too).
: [Gragas body slam] - Gragas E doesn't interrupt Leona's Zenith Blade properly
Actually, i think it's a bug from Gragas' W. Today i saw a video from ProtatoMonster (top 5 plays of the week) where a fizz could Q through Gragas' belly slam. I think that his Hit Box is missing at some point or something.
: [Feedback] Pantheon's ulti change
Pantheon jungle can ult from anywhere. Having a smaller range will prevent him to ult from a super far area. To compare with Twisted Fate, he can be pressured in lane and be punished for using his ult in an other lane.
: [4.5] Pantheon Changes
I like the changes to his ult. Jungle Pantheon has too much pressure and map presence right now.
: Night Hunter Rengar Ferocity bugs
Read the patch notes. He builds up his ferocity after his stealth/when he attacks an enemy. He doesn't build up his ferocity while stealth. Also his Q doesn't give attack speed anymore.
: awesome writeups guys - i have linked these to the rengar QA analyst
Thanks for the answer, if they have any question i'm up to investigate ;)
: Adding to this list. 1. Rengar's E often goes on cooldown without being used if you throw it while moving Also happens when you throw it into an area you don't have vision of sometimes. **[FIXED] ** 2. There's the known bug about having 3 stacks on bonetooth causing your movespeed to drop **[FIXED] ** 3. Q does not proc on towers (Could be intentional) HOWEVER using Q then jumping to a tower consumes the Q 4. With the HeadHunter skin, you cannot see the bola from your E after it travels about halfway through it's range.**[FIXED]** 5. People who are standing within leap range of your ult have a "!" mark over their head much like being in range with Evelynn's passive. (Could be intentional, also don't know if enemy can see you/gets warned) 6. Ult reveal range sort not always revealing **[FIXED] ** 7. The sound effect that is played after getting 5 ferocity does not play anymore. EDIT: After the new skin was released, his bonetooth now does not have an icon.
Thanks for adding the notes, i ignored 2 bugs since i knew that they were already reported, but since you had a lot more, that's always good ;)
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: @Riot - Vel'Koz Glitch/Bug
Riot doesn't answer to every single bug reports, especially if they know that the bug already exist. One thing that you should mention about the Sheen effect is if it applies it. If it does, the bug is low and is not a must fix, if it doesn't, it breaks the gameplay of the item and becomes a must fix.
: Wukong running animation freeze
Can confirm, I played with the same skin yesterday and forgot to report the bug. Happens after walking a few seconds, it's kinda part of his walking animation.
: [Planned 4.3] Itemization Changes (Boots / Duo Lane Gold Items / DShield / Ruby Crystal)
My detailed opinion on most of the changes. - I like the current changes to the CDR items like Spirit visage and Boots of lucidity. CDR becomes more like an option than something easy to get. Next is Athene unholy grail and Morellomonicon? - Boots of mobility: I think that the changes from 1000 to 800 is a good idea. However, to reduce the movement speed to the regular boots seems a little bit too much since the other boots gives stats (armor, magic resist, attack speed, etc). My opinion would be: price 1000gold; movement speed out of combat to 800; movement speed in combat 35. It's still a nerf to the boots but this is a very strong item and needs a nerf. - Doran shield's HP Regen seems to be a bit low right now. I still want to try it, might be fine. - I like the changes to the Ruby, it gives more possibilities. - I haven't really play support to give a proper opinion to the support items, sorry :D
: [River on Summoner's Rift] - Both Baron and Drag rivers are black
It looks like a visual bug just like the nexus has no texture sometimes. Might be from the loading of the game, the nexus bug appear around 1/5 games to me.
: Team Builder Bugs!
I know it's already reported, but here are my details. Our top laner Udyr was not displayed on the mini map during the "team select". I was playing Marksman as a solo player. When i entered the queue, i was the third player to join, there was already top laner Udyr and our mid laner, no idea if they were a duo, but they were talking in the chat. (The picks were chosen, nothing concerning Team Builder's match making) I tried to reproduce without any success. Screenshot : [Imgur](http://i.imgur.com/4t4uPNO.png)
: [Visual] Caitlyn's Ult Appearing Under Models
Actually it's from his Q, it's a placeholder effect that shwos the debuff on the champion.
: Yasuo Quotes When Dead
I think it's a quote between riven and yasuo, which is implemented like this.
: I found out that pressing F6 does not point to the 6th champion.
Shouldn't it be F5 instead?
: Bug with Rengar's ultimate
I know what you are talking about (i play Rengar a lot since Season 2). The bug is, when Rengar uses his ultimate, he can flash to get closer to a target. When he does that, Rengar stops to move for a bried moment (~1 second) when his next action is to use his passive to reach the target. This bug is old, not sure if it's known.
: blue buff has no hp bar
Press the L key on your keyboard, multiple times if needed. It removes/add health bars of champions/minions. It might be your problem.
: Ranked solo queue takes loooong time
: I suppose that makes sense, it does make ulting to chase a bit harder though. Can't wait to see how things change with it though!
As a main Rengar player, i can tell you that this change makes him extremely stronger as an assassin.
: [Scorched Earth Renekton] - Q has no sound 21/01/2014
It's the audio engine, this occurs to every champions right now (unless i missed a patch today).
: Zed's shadow glitch (its back)
Do you know how to reproduce the bug? Another champ causing the bug, timing, items, etc. That would help the devs to fix it instead of just be aware that there is something.
: the unkillable susan
In my opinion, i don't get why he is still that strong today. He is extremely boring to play against.
: Small issue with Renekton's new skin
I played Renekton with the skin a few times and everything was fine. Depending of where you are from you might have a delay because there is only one server for PBE, not like NA, EUW, OCE, etc.
: [Lucian] - A unit's textures will appear graphically corrupt when hit by The Culling.
Always been like that since he's released, looks more like a design.
: Rengar ult bug
I reported it earlier this week, I also investigated the ult a lot. If you want the full details, here is my post http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/FONxEjFn-rengars-ultimate-bug-not-working-as-intended-looks-pre-rework
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: I had this bug as well, same thing happened every time I ulted, although to me it seemed like I was moving slower although it didn't show in my stats. Either way his ult is definitely not working correctly.
I seriously think that it is intended. After a few games, i noticed that it's always the same behavior. Scarizard said a few things about Rengar's future rework and i think that we have a preview of the rework :D However, it's far from final and some things are probably not working as intended.
One issue about Riven, in my opinion, is that we are forced to max her Q first. Exemple: Lee Sin can max his 3 spells depending on the situation. I think that Riven could have something like that, but the scaling or her Q is way too important right now. A change like that would create different Riven playstyle and could be interesting.
: (major bug) rengar q and r is bugged
I reported the bug earlier. I investigated it and have every deatils about his ultimate. http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/FONxEjFn-rengars-ultimate-bug-not-working-as-intended-looks-pre-rework I'm not at home right now so i can't confirm the changes to his Q.
: i can confirm this,also,i have seen a bug with his q,can u add it? if rengar use his q(just press q,without aaing some1) he gain some as that i believe is bigger each level in ur q and this last for 6-7 sec
: well i knew about the rework but this is not what the rework should do to the ult also they didnt said they realased the rework to the pbe
Exactly, that's why i report this. Some thing are not implemented as intended/not completed and there are no notes about this.
: this is wierd,i need to chack to confirm,what map is was?
It was on Summoner's Rift, but it's not a map specific thing. http://www.surrenderat20.net/2013/08/red-post-collection-big-update-on.html
: It seems every time you make a big change, bug come with it. When u do vision change, we can see enemy in fog of war; when u do audio change, we lose all sound in game...now my game still have no sound
That's what PBE is for.
: No Champs voices and Announce in korean sub.
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: And ezreal, fiddlesticks, orianna,
For Fiddlestick it's the intended goal. Fiddle channels his ult and can be canceled, denying his entire ultimate. I don't know about Ezreal, but Orianna's ult goes on cooldown when she dies, just like Jinx and the previous Lux.
: [Minor bug] Audio not working for Xerath.
Champions and announcer have no audio. Known bug.
: I'm not so quick to agree, especially for {{champion:22}}, {{champion:81}} and {{champion:222}} on the account that these are global ults that can miss unless the enemy Champion is running in a straight line up the lane, or if they're {{champion:157}} /{{champion:38}} , because Wall/Ult It would be infinitely frustrating in the case of global ults when you do fire it, and it's likely to kill the target, but failed because you were killed by that {{champion:107}} that jumped at you from nowhere as it was traveling.
I'm not sure to understand your point. My point is that, if you use your ultimate as Jinx {{champion:222}} and that your spell goes on cooldown, the spell is supposed to be used. If you die during the channel time, your ultimate doesn't go off, so why would you have it on cooldown? If the change is applied to lux, i think the same change should be applied to Jinx.
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: Custom ARAM - Slowmotion [Lunar Godess Diana]
I just tried it and everything was fine. A little lag spike when the game started but it probably comes from my computer loading stuff.
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