: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
Can't see the new map I see the old one and without the bushes.
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: Summoner's Rift Update
i cant see the new mapi play in the old one and not even the bushes are there
: Store is down
you are not alone, same here
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: [Team Builder] - Should be optional
i heard it was gonna be apart Ex. -normal -draft -ranked -team builder
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: PVP net shut down on PBE?
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: Champion voices not working?
well i have played many champs in pbe since i got in (like a week ago) Still haven't heard any of the voices, neither my champ, my allies or the other team. no voices at all So sad cause i wanted to hear Ez quoting dbz as i played him XD
: Team Builder
While it is true that the search can be longer we have to think on the quality of the game. I think this is a smart idea because if a player is gonna play a role they don't want with a negative attitude i prefer them not to play for they can easily throw the game. Also now the support role is not as hated as before so there are more support players like me rising. I really enjoyed this mode and I also can't wait for it to hit public server.

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