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: Press the attack sounds awful on Jhin due to how slow he attacks, it sounds good on MF though, besides the fact how love tap works.
It seems bad on mf too. Your damage is heavily frontloaded so you don't gain any meaningful damage boost during trades, your passive needs you to switch targets frequently to gain maximum damage and will provide way more damage than press the assault, and (as I haven't tested this) your q either doesn't apply stacks on the second bounce (which sucks) or does apply stacks and will cause you to lose 3/4ths of your stacks whenever you get a double-up q that hits two champions (which _really_ sucks).
: So Miss Fortune and Jhin's Keystone options....
Dark harvest is pretty legit on MF. She can proc it with double up's bounce or just run up with w movespeed and right click + q them for a hilarious amount of damage.
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: My feeling about burst rune options
Comet is really cool visually, but functionally could probably use something to make it feel special. Here's a set of changes that I think would make it feel amazingly cool as a keystone: Increase the aoe range of the meteors Increase the max travel time of the meteors, so that they require fast dash/blink abilities to dodge at close range but can be dodged fairly reliably at long ranges with good reflexes. This may require making meteors slightly lead their targets so that if someone is getting sniped they have to consciously sidestep instead of just walking in the same direction. Moderately increase the damage of longer travel time meteors to compensate for their significantly reduced reliability Lower the scaling (both ap/ad ratio and per level bonus) Lower the cooldown at later levels (20 seconds early is fine, but drop the cooldown to say 5 seconds at level 18; it has to be more than 4 to avoid proccing twice on a lot of dots) Change the cooldown of meteor to be per-champ instead of flat (with damage reduction for getting multiple times in quick succession) This would transform arcane comet from just occasionally shooting out a comet that does minor aoe damage to almost a barrage effect in late game teamfights and sieges. Early on the effect would be mostly the same; it'd be slightly more reliable at close ranges and do slightly higher damage (but be easier to dodge) at longer ranges, but overall you'd probably expect it to do pretty similar stuff to what it's doing currently. Later on though the changes would be much more significant. The wider aoe means that in larger engagements meteors are actually likely to hit multiple people simultaneously, and the proccing on multiple people allows for some potentially crazy bonus damage from something like a 5 man orianna ultimate or something cool like following up your big ziggs ult with a huge comet barrage. With the lower scaling, especially at close ranges your 1v1 burst will be significantly weaker than some of the other options, but your sustained dps and your potential aoe burst will be potentially hugely improved by your keystone choice. Currently for mages there aren't really a lot of great options for the sustained dps or aoe wombo, and being capable to constantly fire these meteors at people would be amazingly cool.


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