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: First of all, allow me to ask, why the Heca are all those discussions held on NA forums, where players from other regions can't contribute? And second and the most important: Please IronStylus, do not listen to all those NA haters! The skin is absolutely lovely and I'm considering buying it... if it stays like it's now. Remember, for every hater there are 10 other people who are OK with it and just do not feel the need to rant about it on forums. Let Diana have a not-so-armored skin as well. I'm sure even she can get tired wearing that armor all day ;)
I do agree on the NA forums part, since I play on the Brazilian server myself and don't really see a point in making an NA account. And well, we can all share our opinions, can't we? Looking at the back side, Diana's skin looks amazing. I still can't get over the front though. EDIT: those particles look amazing!
: In-progress Lunar Revel skins on the PBE
Tryndamere's skin is really cool. I loved the details. Made him look like a tough Chinese General. Riven's hair is kinda weird, but overall she's pretty nice too. Now about Diana... I and my friends couldn't really like her. I liked the hairdo, but I can't get past those clothes. It really doesn't fit the weapon she's carrying. Maybe if she had some more armor, specially on the legs. Also, she could be a little paler.
: In-progress Snowdown skins on the PBE
Am I the only who thinks Snowstorm Sivir's in-game model is very underwhelming compared to her art? Maybe she could use some better colors. And a haircut lol.


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